Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sweet Sweet

After doing a killer (in a good way!) workout this morning, I was feelin' a sweet sweet potato for breakfast!

Ignore how rough I look... It was 8:45 am and I was tired!
I've been addicted to savory sweet potatoes lately, so I figured it's time to finally try an actual sweet potato!
Yes, it's okay to drool over and be jealous of a picture. It really is okay...
First microwaved with butter spray, cinnamon, brown sugar, and mini marshmallows...
Then topped with banana slices and natural peanut butter (which melted and spread in a lovely way)...
Then topped with plain Greek yogurt, shredded coconut, granola, more cinnamon, a sprinkle of milk chocolate protein powder... and four mini chocolate chips, for fun and energy, of course!

This turned out incredible... The perfect pre-first day of work breakfast! (I also had a few cubes of watermelon... Which there wasn't a point in photographing!)

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