Monday, July 2, 2012


Pancakes are such a go-to breakfast item for me because I feel like I can do anything with them. Just like oatmeal!

I like being creative with my 'cakes, though... Which means, new breakfasts {nearly} every day!

Friday, June 29th breakfast: red velvet protein and oat pancakes.
Saturday, June 30th breakfast: Pumpkin protein and oat pancakes.
Monday, July 2nd breakfast: Coconut creme oat pancakes.

I know what you're thinking: "you didn't have pancakes on Sunday?!" But surprise, surprise - I did! I just had another batch of my chocolate chip banana bread oat pancakes.

And, if you haven't (or have!) caught on yet... I've also been loving adding dry oats to my pancake batter! They honestly make SUCH a huge difference, and I like the taste of them in the pancakes a lot more than plain old whole wheat flour or protein powder! 

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