Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday #6 - Today + Honorable Mentions and #JUNEPOWERMEALADAY Entries!

Happy WIAW, everyone!

I know I'm a pro at posting these super late in the day, but today I had a legit REASON!

Well... Kinda...

It's been a long day, to say the least! Even though it was my first official day of summer break, I woke up early at 6:50 am, worked out (Insanity Cardio Power & Resistance + 6:08 plank), and then immediately went tanning and to Rite Aid with my mom after! Then, I was finally able to get some breakfast in me! I finally got to shower and relax for a few hours after that... Until I was rushed to get ready to go to my cousin's graduation... Which was outside... In the humidity and rain. Yeah, it wasn't fun to sit through... But, it was nice nonetheless! Gotta make the most of everything, right!?
Well, after my cousin's graduation, I came home with my mom, re-straightened my hair, and then head to my cousin's house for dinner and dessert... Which wasn't on my "agenda", but, that's life for ya! I like random plans and switches in my routine!
But, yeah, after going to my family's for an hour or so, I finally was able to ACTUALLY relax for the night! So, anywaaaaaaays... ON TO TODAY'S EATS! ... PLUS HONORABLE MENTIONS!

I know Jenn's theme for June is "sensible snacking" but, honestly, when I do snack... It's usually the same thing everyday! I need to start changing it up... ASAP! (And I also need to start snackin' more throughout the day!)


Pre-workout was my usual and favorite powersnack! 16 calorie apple cinnamon wheat cake topped with natural peanut butter + vanilla (or sometimes plain) Greek yogurt + banana slices + cinnamon + shredded coconut + granola! Sooo good and energy-supplying! (And it's also a great sensible snack... Hehehehe.)

Breakfast was blueberry chocolate cheesecake protein pancakes with an egg white/egg substitute scramble. Yes, you heard right. Blueberry chocolate cheesecake protein pancakes. And, yes, that is one serving.

Lunch was an egg substitute "omelet" inside lettuce cups/wraps with grilled chicken + steamed broccoli and carrots with plain Greek yogurt with ranch powder + two mini pickles! I also had some watermelon beforehand. :P

Afternoon snack was something I through together super quickly before heading out to my cousin's graduation! The rest of my vanilla Chobani Greek yogurt with sliced watermelon + cinnamon + shredded coconut + granola... I obviously love that topping combination! (Also... SENSIBLE SNACKIN' FTW!)
#junepowermealaday Day 13: "powersnack"!

Dinner + dessert was 1/2 a slice of Italian bread with mozzarella + tomato + basil, salad, pasta, followed by an embarrassingly huge wedge of watermelon my aunt picked just for me (thank you, Aunt Judy!), followed by two more wedges of watermelon... and 1/2 a mini slice of cake! I had exactly what I wanted, and I didn't deprive myself or force myself to eat anything... Go me! Intuitive eating ftw!
After dinner snack was the usuaaaal! Popcorn with a bit of Chex Mix with a side of some sliced apple and peach! One of my favorite SENSIBLE SNACKS!

Oh, and in the beginning of today... We also got a new microwave!
I thought it deserved it's own mention because it works that well. Also, hello legs!

Honorable mentions + #junepowermealaday entries!
6/7/12 - Post-workout: along with some other fresh foods, I had these lovely fruits post-workout!
#junepowermealday Day 6: "purple" -- since blue + red = purple, technically blueberries + strawberries = purple, right?
6/8/12 - Breakfast: after taking my Algebra II final on a pretty much empty stomach, and then going tanning, I came home and made these amazing chocolate chip cookie dough protein pancakes alongside an egg white/egg substitute scramble! This was SO good!
#junepowermealaday Day 8: "pre-workout" -- since I normally don't workout on Fridays, I just counted this as my powermeal for the day!
6/9/12 - Breakfast: whole wheat banana cinnamon raisin pancakes alongside an egg white scramble. I obviously love pancakes. And egg whites...?
#junepowermealday Day 9: "post-workout" -- I don't normally workout on Saturdays either, but I did do an 8:11 plank and a short yoga session as soon as I woke up, and then made this after, so I guess this is technically a post-workout meal...?!

6/10/12 - Breakfast: Reese's Cup protein pancakes with banana!
#junepowermealaday Day 10: "powerbreakfast"!

6/11/12 - Lunch: weird combination of steamed broccoli and carrots with plain Greek yogurt with ranch powder + an egg substitute scramble + leftover grilled chicken + a 16 calorie onion garlic wheat cake.
#junepowermealaday Day 11: "powerlunch"!
6/12/12 - Dinner: a HUGE salad topped with my usual vegetables, along with chickpeas + diced leftover grilled chicken + a vegan veggie burger! This was SO good! My "dressing" was a delicious mixture of artichoke bruschetta + salsa + plain Greek yogurt.
#junepowermealaday Day 12: "powerdinner"!
6/11/12 - (Post-workout) Breakfast: literally the greatest oatmeal ever. This was my first time having oatmeal-in-a-jar... And it was one of the greatest things I've ever eaten! I was actually looking forward to finishing that jar of natural peanut butter JUST for this purpose! It contained chocolate almond protein and egg white/egg substitute oats (also mixed with some vanilla Chobani Greek yogurt) with layers of banana + blueberries + shredded coconut + vanilla almond crunch granola + cinnamon + one small chocolate pretzel to top because... Well... Why not? I got the idea to top my oatmeal with pretzels from Laura! I LOVE it!
6/11/12 - Afternoon snack: vanilla Chobani Greek yogurt + lots of different sliced fruits + organic cereal + shredded coconut + granola + cinnamon. Super great, and definitely another favorite sensible snack!
6/12/12 - Breakfast: my oatmeal take on Ben&Jerry's "Phish Food" ice cream!
6/12/12 - Dessert: a completely guilt-free ice cream cone with the BEST extra creamy vanilla ice cream ever! I didn't finish the entire cone because I was in the process of making popcorn, though. :P (Btw, ice cream was a "fear food" of mine for awhile... But, I'm no longer allowing myself to "fear" ANY type of food, especially ones I once loved. It was just as delicious as I remember and I can't picture myself ever giving it up! Unless I became terribly allergic because then, well, I think I'd have to...)

And... I think that is all for today! Thank God tomorrow's Thursday... My legs are feeling this week's workouts, so my Friday and Saturday rest days are definitely earned! It's now 10:31 pm, and I'm exhausted and ready to get a good night's sleep to wake up early and workout again! Maybe not 6:50 am early, though...

Goodnight lovelies!

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  1. you sure photographed a lot of food for wiaw! i'm impressed. i always end up forgetting something because i'm too excited or hungry to eat.

    those pancakes look awesome. i might have to try out some banana raisin pancakes soon. thanks for the idea.