Sunday, June 17, 2012

Autumn in the Summer

While at Walmart yesterday with my mom, I spotted all natural pure canned pumpkin and I knew I had to get it!
Why did I have to get it, you ask? (Pretend you actually asked!) Well, I've been planning on trying out a pumpkin flavored oatmeal, but I haven't been able to find canned pumpkin at any close store! Plus, it was like... $1.34, so it was worth the money nonetheless!

I decided to try out cinnamon pumpkin pancakes this morning, though...
And let me tell you, it felt like fall was just around the corner! Fall is probably my favorite time of year; the holidays, the weather, and the food... ALL. ARE. SO. AMAZING. But, to lessen the pure pumpkin flavor, aside from cinnamon, I added some mini marshmallows! The ones pictured are the super miniature Goldfish-shaped marshmallows you get with the s'mores flavored Goldfish crackers.
I also added some normal mini marshmallows... You know, for fun!

They were just as fluffy as they look!

And this was one serving. I got five fluffy, nicely sized pancakes for around 100 calories more/less...
(I promise they're not burnt!)
I ended up topping mine with a small slather of natural peanut butter, a few banana slices, extra cinnamon, a drizzle of light maple syrup, and granola! I also dipped them in plain Greek yogurt... Sooo good! I had my usual egg white/egg substitute protein scramble alongside. And my usual green tea, of course.

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