Monday, June 25, 2012

Third Time's A Charm

I almost always seem to have breakfast on the plate I made a good fourteen years ago! But, it has my name on it!! And my nearly three-year-old self's drawings! That's a valid excuse, right?

Anyways! This morning, after my workout and before my job interview, I decided I wanted to have Neapolitan pancakes!
These were so fun to make! This is definitely reason why I really do love healthy eating - I love experimenting in the kitchen and I love being creative; with my food especially!
I topped my strawberry pancake with a defrosted strawberry (I only had frozen ones to work with), my vanilla pancakes with banana and shredded coconut, and my chocolate (PROTEIN!) pancake with mini chocolate chips... Then I topped them all with a dash of cinnamon, a drizzle of light maple syrup, and granola! And I also dipped them in plain Greek yogurt because, well, why not

These came out even better than expected, and they were yet another on-the-spot recipe! It made my tummy veeeery happy!

Oh, also! This was a completely vegetarian-friendly meal! (Well, aside from my egg whites used... Do vegetarians eat egg whites? I think some do, right?) Even though I'm the farthest thing from one (sorry y'all, but I cannot live without my grilled chicken and lean turkey!), today was day 25 of Kasey's June Instagram challenge, which was "meatless meal"! So, instead of using lean meats in my egg white scramble like usual, I used garbanzo beans and mushrooms as my other sources of protein!

This was an amazing breakfast that kept me satisfied for hours!
Right after I finished eating, I showered and got ready... Then, I left for my third job interview this year. This time, for a singing/performing ice cream and fudge shop... And I got the job! ON THE SPOT! How awesome is that!? Third time really is a charm, I guess! But, my first job is at a performing ice cream and fudge shop (called The Music Man) where you have to be all smiles and happy, otherwise they don't want you working there... Ah, I'm excited! (And I'm also working with my friend, Nick, who I've been close with for a good 13 years now!) And I start on ThursdayThe only downside to the job is that they're making me take out my nose piercing... Which shouldn't be a problem, since I got it nearly two years ago now... But, it still hurts a bit when I remove it! Ugh! Oh well, though... The more I take it out, the less it'll hurt... (Or so I hope!) At least the shop is down the street from a cute farmers market! My favorite!!

But, after hours of running around getting my working papers signed and what not, I finally came home and got to have lunch! First, I had lots of watermelon... Then, I had this beauty:
A chubby sweet potato microwaved with butter spray + a sprinkle of garlic salt, then stuffed with leftover grilled chicken + pinto beans + salsa + freshly diced tomato + plain Greek yogurt + yellow pepper + edamame + no salt seasoning. On the side, I had my usual steamed fresh veggies with plain Greek yogurt + ranch powder to dip! I finished all of this... Aside from some potato skin and a few pinto beans...
(Inspired by Jenn, of course!)

So, overall, today has been pretty dang lovely! I worked out early, as it was completely DOWN-POURING outside, then had an amazing day following! And it also got beautiful out! Ahhh, I'm just so happy!
Oh, and on top of it all... Kasey asked for my recipe (for my Neapolitan pancakes) to feature! I was honored to give it to her.

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