Sunday, June 24, 2012

Three Days, Five Meals

In the past few days, I've been having fun thinking of new breakfast ideas!
Even though it's been just a tad frustrating deciding what to have and when...

But, within the past three days, I've had three new breakfasts, and two new lunches!

Friday was breakfast-on-the-go since I had to go out with my mom and sister as soon as I woke up -
Egg white/substitute pumpkin oatmeal "parfait" with sliced banana + apple + nectarine,  granola, and natural peanut butter...

Then, I had exactly what I wanted with absolutely no regrets or cares about calories (yay for a complete intuitive eating win!) -
A big and nutritious lunch for a hungry tummy on a thunderstorm-y Friday! 1 egg (yolks are no longer a "fear food"!) + egg white scrambled with salsa + light cheese/cheese powder + a few pieces of baby shrimp, grilled chicken, lean turkey and lean ham on top of some antipasto Italian salad (which was also a "fear food" at one point because of the dressing... But, not anymore!!) my mom ordered with some more lean turkey, alongside steamed veggies with plain Greek yogurt + ranch powder! Oh, and two mini whole wheat toasts... For more fun and yums ;)

Saturday's breakfast was pumpkin cinnamon roll pancakes with my usual egg white protein scramble on the side -
I didn't add enough flour to the batter, making these the most embarrassing pancakes ever... But, at least they looked normal and pretty with my Greek yogurt "frosting"! ;) This also kept me satisfied for nearly four hours...

Lunch was my first ever sweet savory potato, completely inspired by Jenn @ peasandcrayons!
I microwaved (I was in a rush!) a mini sweet potato slit open with butter spray and a sprinkle of garlic salt for a total of about 3-4 minutes, then topped it with lean turkey + freshly diced tomato + salsa + plain Greek yogurt + yellow pepper + edamame + a mini piece of broccoli + no salt seasoning (I had pickle and steamed fresh veggies with plain Greek yogurt + ranch powder on the side!)... And let me just say, this was one of the best things that I've ever made/eaten! Jenn is a genius!

Today's breakfast was what I was craving after my killer workout -
This Insanity video is definitely the most insane! It's 61 minutes long... 39 of those minutes being HIIT... And, even though I had to take a few "breaks" (otherwise, death was in my near future), I definitely got one of the BEST workouts I've ever done! I also did a 6:02 plank following... Which felt like death post-Insanity.

But, moving onto my post-workout breakfast! -
Natural peanut butter + banana + coconut + cinnamon stuffed protein French toast with an egg white veggie and protein scramble... Um, can you say perfect?! This was delicious.

And now, I shall continue my Sunday with a happy tummy and lunch in mind! Have a great day, everyone!

P.S. Happy third birthday to one of my favorite blogs, CaitsPlate!

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