Behind the Blog

If you're here from Tumblr, you'd know I have at least two other blogs. (I say "at least" because I actually have more unused ones...)
But, there's actually a reasonable meaning behind Life Like Fruit Salad! This blog is meant to document my life. Yes, both of my Tumblrs are personal blogs… But, see, there IS a difference! I originally made iappreciatebrendonurie as a blog to, you know, blog on… aka a blog exactly like this one. But, then I started posting more irrelevant things (meaning things not related to me), and I started gaining more followers. With nearly 4000 followers now, I personally don’t consider it much of a “personal blog” anymore. I mean, I love it and I’m so grateful for everyone following, but I just don’t feel comfortable posting anything too personal there anymore.

I’ve been blogging since I was around 12 or 13 years old. I’ve had VARIOUS personal blogs on VARIOUS websites (I even had my own blog/website at one point… I kinda miss it...), but Tumblr has been the only website I've fully gotten used to in my blogging experiences. I want to expand and learn new things now, though! I wanna get back into the blogging world, and document more about me, my life, and things I enjoy and love to do! Life Like Fruit Salad was meant to help me appreciate the simple and little things in life, just a bit more. It was meant to help me document good (and sometimes bad) days and moments, and to help motivate me and push me to keep going! It was meant to not only help ME stay positive, but also whoever else comes across this blog. And it was also made to help me with my journey to a completely healthy lifestyle and mindset. (My journey from start to now is here – basically, I’m struggling with disordered thoughts and orthorexia.)

Aside from my life and journey, I have made this blog also to post recipes, tips, DIY projects, pictures, and whatever else my heart desires :) I’ve missed blogging, and I never get to do it anymore! I love food, I love health/fitness, I love blogging, and I love web designing... So, I decided to mix all four (or five?) this time around!

Oh, and if anyone is wondering the reason behind Life Like Fruit Salad’s name, it's simply that life is really like a fruit salad! Yes, that sounds super corny and lame, but it’s TRUE! No matter what you throw in it (as in, no matter what you go through), it’s always good in some way. Also, I really love fruit, so I thought it was appropriate for me! 

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