Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Welcome to Life Like Fruit Salad!

Welcome to Life Like Fruit Salad! My name's Alissa, and I'm currently a 16 (soon to be 17!) year old optimistic girl residing in New Jersey, who has a pretty newly found passion for health and fitness! I love cooking, I love blogging, and I love the little things in life.

My reason behind LLFS is pretty simple! I’ve been somebody who’s LOVED blogging since I was about 12 or 13 years old... I’ve had websites upon websites, and I loved every minute of posting about my life. I always loved having the memories there to look back on, you know? Documenting my life, whether it'd be documenting the boring things, or the most exciting things, is a good feeling to me. And, recently, I’ve missed the world of blogging. I soon became inspired by quite a few different blogs, whether they’re fitness/nutrition related, or just personal blogs, to make a new one! Some of those blogs include Cait's, Molly's, Paige's, and Jenn's!

Another reason I made Life Like Fruit Salad, is to help me appreciate things more! And also to help me share and document my life and my discoveries more, of course! (Including recipes, tips, etc.) How? By posting the good things that happen, to remind me of the little things in life. And also by posting personal recipes, accomplishments, goals... All different things! :) Oh, and I'm also hoping having this blog will help motivate me to achieve goals and try out new things!

Oh, and if anyone is wondering the reason behind the name Life Like Fruit Salad, it’s simply that life is really like a fruit salad! No matter what you throw in it (as in, no matter what you go through), it’s always good in some way! Also, I really love fruit, so I thought it was pretty darn appropriate for me ;)

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