Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday #7 - Randomness!

I can't believe it's Wednesday again already!

Because of the #junepowermealaday challenge on Instagram I'm doing (hosted by the wonderful Powercakes!), I actually have some new-ish sensible snacks!

6/14/12 - Breakfast: fluffy strawberry cheesecake pancakes with my usual egg white + egg substitute protein scramble.
6/14/12 - Snack: #junepowermealaday Day 14: "clean treat" -- these still need some tweaking, but they are 40-45 calorie chocolate protein muffins! Half of them had a banana slice + natural peanut butter in the center (and some of those also had shredded coconut), and the other half had mini marshmallow + crushed graham cracker (making them "s'mores" protein muffins)!
6/15/12 - Breakfast: literally some of the most delicious pancakes I've made so far! Whole wheat, SUPER fluffy and cinnamon-y apple pie pancakes alongside my, again, usual protein egg white + egg substitute scramble!
6/15/12 - Snack: #junepowermealaday Day 15: "nighttime powersnack" -- Golden Delicious apple slices with natural peanut butter! (I only had one or two slices with natural peanut butter, though. Haha.)
6/16/12 - Snack: #junepowermealaday Day 16: "powersmoothie" -- since I was already in the process of making my usual nighttime snack of popcorn and a side of fruit, I made myself a small smoothie! Banana + apple + watermelon + blueberry + plain Greek yogurt + ice... It was actually SO delicious. (And I didn't even peel the apple slices!)
6/17/12 - Breakfast: fluffy, low calorie pumpkin pancakes with marshmallow and my usual side!
6/17/12 - Lunch: toasted whole wheat sandwich thin with lean turkey + lean ham + veggies + salsa, alongside the yummiest steamed veggies with plain Greek yogurt + ranch powder to dip in! Oh, and a mini pickle!
6/18/12 - Breakfast: pumpkin pancakes day #2... Except, these were without the marshmallows. They came out even better the second day! (And even fluffier!) I topped them with natural peanut butter + banana slices + cinnamon + granola + light maple syrup... And they were dipped in plain Greek yogurt, as well.
Mmmm... Sooo. Good.
6/18/12 - Dinner: #junepowermealaday Day 18: "side dish" -- I had a big rainbow veggie (with some chickpeas) salad alongside a whole wheat wrap filled with grilled chicken + lean turkey + veggies + salsa and plain Greek yogurt (which was also my salad topping). Oh, and I also put some light spread cheese on the wrap! (It's an off-brand Laughing Cow cheese, haha.)
6/19/12 - Breakfast: honestly one of the most delicious oatmeals I've made so far! Pumpkin, apple + peach "cobbler" egg white + egg substitute oats.
6/19/12 - Dinner: #junepowermealaday Day 19: "protein" -- literally the most delicious tilapia I've ever tasted on top of a big salad! This tilapia was all natural parmesan encrusted, and it was from WALMART! Yes, Walmart. Sometimes I'm amazed by what you can find there!
6/20/12 - Breakfast: after my kick-ass workout this morning (Insanity Max Interval Sports Training + 6:08 plank!), I had mint chocolate protein pancakes with my usual side (egg white + egg substitute protein scramble). They came out delicious... And I promise they were greener in person!
6/20/12 - Dinner: #junepowermealaday Day 20: "carb"! I had a REALLY good egg substitute sandwich with salsa + spinach + tomato + lean turkey + lean ham + a bit of shredded cheese/light spread cheese) alongside an all veggie + garbanzo bean salad! Sooo good!

Lunch today was the same as last night's dinner, but smaller and with a side of steamed veggies with plain Greek yogurt + ranch powder. (That lunch actually filled me up for nearly four hours...) I also had tons of watermelon for a sensible snack, along with my usual night snackies later on!

Happy WIAW, lovebugs!


  1. Wow you have some seriously impressivle healthy habits going on there, lady! Keep it up!