Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday #5 - Intuitive Eats + Powercakes Challenge + More!

My first four WIAW are located here!

This is my first WIAW on Blogspot! Not gonna lie, I was leaning more towards Wordpress... But, I was having too many problems with my theme there!

Anywaaaaaaays! Time for a super late (better late than never though, right?!) what I ate Wednesday recently! :) BTW, in my defense, my snacks don't often change, so Jenn's "sensible snacking" banner isn't very relevant...

5/31/12 - Breakfast! Super yummy blueberry crumb cake oatmeal!
5/31/12 - Lunch! 1/2 a whole wheat pita with natural peanut butter + banana + apple + cinnamon + shredded coconut + vanilla almond crunch granola with a side of fresh fruit topped with cinnamon, and plain Greek yogurt with some dry cereal and graham cracker Goldfish! Heavenly!
6/1/12 - Breakfast! Cinnamon roll oatmeal with Greek yogurt + light cool whip "frosting" ;)
6/1/12 - Snack! And day #1 of June Instagram challenge! "Eat A Rainbow"
6/1/12 - Snack! Intuitive eats #1; a super yummy miniature size piece of Pizza Hut pizza!

6/2/12 - Breakfast! Not my usual Saturday breakfast because I had SATs Saturday morning, so all I had time for was a bowl of red velvet oatmeal with ALL THE THINGS inside! Day #2 of's challenge! "Red"
6/3/12 - Breakfast! The yummiest strawberry shortcake semi-protein pancakes with a big egg white + substitute scramble... with some leftover steak inside! >:)
6/2/12 - Lunch! I got home from SATs and food shopping with my mom pretty late, so my lunch was kinda light! 1/2 a whole wheat pita with a big egg substitute scramble inside, along with some fresh steamed veggies with plain Greek yogurt + ranch powder and some fresh strawberries!
6/3/12 - Dinner! Day #3 of challenge! "Orange" 
6/4/12 - Breakfast! Reese's Peanut Butter Cup protein oatmeal!
6/4/12 - Lunch pt. 1! Whole wheat sandwich thin with lean turkey + lean ham + veggies + salsa with a side of veggies and a mini pickle! Also...
6/4/12 - Lunch pt. 2! Intuitive eats #2 :D Had two of these mini chocolate chip cookies as a small dessert because, well, I wanted them! Hehe....
6/4/12 - Post-workout! Part of my post-workout snack was this pretty plate of yellow foods! Day #4 of's challenge! "Yellow"
6/5/12 - Breakfast! Chocolate chip cookie dough protein oatmeal... AKA one of my best oatmeal creations yet! And, yes, that is a leftover miniature chocolate chip cookie on top. And, yes, it was as good as it looks.
6/5/12 - Lunch! One of my favorite small lunches yet! Whole wheat sandwich thin with natural peanut butter + vanilla Chobani Greek yogurt + banana + strawberry + cinnamon + shredded coconut + vanilla almond crunch granola with a side of fresh fruit with cinnamon on top and a bit of vanilla Chobani underneath! :) My school lunch is at a SUPER early hour, hence why they're usually kinda light/small! (My school breakfast is at 6:45 am, though, so I guess my current "lunch" at 10:00 am is sorta reasonable...)
6/5/12 - Dinner! Day #5 of challenge! "Green"
6/6/12 (TODAY!) - Breakfast! Strawberry cheesecake oatmeal... Gotta work on this one's recipe! Not cheesecake-y enough!
6/6/12 - Snack(s)! Intuitive eats #3! Bought this bag of chocolate covered pretzels that nearly my entire English III class raved about... Had one and loved it! Then a kid in my Exploring Music class offered me a miniature chocolate drizzled croissant... Toooooooo yummy and cute! :)
6/6/12 - Post-workout! Part of my post-workout snack was lots of blueberries! Day #6 of challenge~ "Blue"
Now, it's 10:18 pm, tomorrow is my last real day (pre-finals) of junior year, and I have no time to nap! So, that means it's bed time! I'm so glad I got this blog up and running, though! I can't wait to see where I can go with it :) For now, that's all, folks loves!


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