Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fall Fever

I've seriously been obsessed with all things fall lately! I think I've caught fall fever... Even though summer {technically} just started yesterday...

Anyways! I was conflicted with what to have for breakfast this morning; considering I usually add banana to any go-to meal, and my little sister finished all the bananas yesterday, I was in complete confusion trying to think of what to have! I wasn't craving anything certain, either, which made the matter worse!

During my killer workout this morning (dear Insanity... I love you), almost ALL I thought about was what can I create for breakfast this morning?!

Since I haven't had french toast in a few months, and since I've been wanting to try out a new recipe I made up... French toast for breakfast it was!
Pumpkin and peach cobbler French toast with my usual egg white + egg substitute protein scramble.

It was fabulous, and I liked switching up my routine of either pancakes or oatmeal!

Happy Thursday! 

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