Wednesday, July 4, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday #9 - Happy 4th of July!

These weeks have been literally flying past! I think now that I'm working, time's going even faster...
Ah! Make it stop!! It's July 2012 already... Where has time gone? Am I really gonna be 17 in 19 days!?


Anyways, moving on!
I really love this month's WIAW theme! "Food and fitness"... Two of my most favorite things!
Now, in addition to my food pictures... I shall share my workouts from the past week with y'all, as well!

Thanks to Jenn for once again hosting this lovely "event"!

Aside from my sweet sweet potato, numerous different kind of pancakes, and a gigantic mug of protein oatmeal; here are some more eats from the past week!

6/29/12 - Lunch: after work on Friday, I hadn't eaten for hours... So, I came home starvin'! I had a mini savory stuffed sweet potato, steamed veggies with plain Greek yogurt + ranch powder, and half a slice of pizza because, well, I wanted it...
6/30/12 - Dinner: after work on Saturday, I wasn't done until nearly 8:00 pm, and my mom had to head to her best friend's at the time... So, we went! We had planned to eat dinner there, as well, and I hadn't eaten anything since a good six hours prior, so I was pretty starvin' again! Her best friend had ordered from this amazing pizza place, and she ordered me my own chicken salad (which was incredibly good!)... But I also had some extra food I could not pass up! (Btw, I accidentally spilled the dressing on my plate, haha. I don't normally use any dressing - I normally use salsa with plain Greek yogurt on top of my salads!)
7/1/12 - WORKOUT! Insanity Pure Cardio (my favorite Insanity!) and a 6:02 plank.
7/2/12 - WORKOUT! Insanity Max Interval Sports Training (another favorite! This one's SO fun!) and a 6:04 plank.
7/2/12 - Lunch: Even though I wanted to try and switch up my lunch... I was craving a sweet potato! So, that's what I had! A savory stuffed sweet potato and steamed veggies with plain Greek yogurt + ranch powder. The usual!

7/2/12 - Dinner: I grilled ALL of this chicken for my family, as well as made my mom, my dad, and myself salads! We really like chicken... (And still have some of this leftover to date!)
7/2/12 - Snack: I had 2/3 of this banana nut Quaker oatmeal cookie (my little sister wanted to finish it off for me, haha)... And oh my goodness... It was SO good, and actually quite filling! They're naturally flavored, are a good source of fiber, and have about 3g of protein per cookie! They're pretty big, too, and contain {basically all} healthy fats! I try to stay away from processed snacks, but this is one I'd actually recommend!
7/3/12 - WORKOUT! Insanity Max Cardio Conditioning and a 6:05 plank.
7/4/12 - Pre-workout: I had my usual pre-workout snack this morning, but this time I had it on a different flavored wheat cake and with my new favorite granola! Honey almond flax cluster granola cereal from Shop Rite >
7/4/12 - WORKOUT! Insanity Cardio Power & Resistance and a 6:11 plank.
7/4/12 - Breakfast: my Independence Day/4th of July inspired breakfast -- red (velvet), white (vanilla + banana) & blue(berry) pancakes with an egg white protein + veggie scramble alongside! (I prepared my pancakes last night to save time before work, btw!)
7/4/12 - Dinner: like yesterday, I worked a total of nearly 7 hours straight without an actual scheduled break. So, I only really have time for a miniature snack at some points, so I only had two mini chicken tenders that were leftover from Monday. So, it's safe to say I came home grumpy and hungry! My dad barbecued hamburgers, chicken cordon bleu, and this chicken stuffed with broccoli and cheese for us... So, I had a quarter of a chicken cordon bleu breast and a quarter of the other chicken breast on top of a big veggie-filled salad! This. Was. Delicious! I love chicken and I love salads...

So, that was my WIAW for today! I love this month's theme a lot, and as you can tell... I also love Insanity a lot! Haha. I don't follow the scheduled workout plan, though; I just do what workouts I want to do, when I want to do them! I workout about 5 days a week and take Fridays and Saturdays off (with exceptions) to relax and what not.

P.S. Do you guys like my 4th of July nails?!

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