Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday #12 - It's Wednesday Again Already?

It's seriously Wednesday again already... Gasp!
Lots of yummy foods have been consumed in the past 7-8 days.
Some fun things have happened within the past 7-8 days, too.
I'm also that same Insanity addict that I was last week. And the week before.
Aaaand I'm a very happy and content girl, to say the least! 

Now, onto WIAW: fun, food and fitness!! Thank you, Jenn, for hosting this as always! I look forward to seeing everyone's lovely meals every week! (I know I'm a weird 17-year-old!)

Since this month has to do with food, fitness AND fun, I might as well post some things I did in the past week!
7/18/12 - Fun! I didn't post this last Wednesday, but that day, I went to the mall with a friend and got two new tongue barbells (buy one, get one 50% off! Haha), and a green rope bracelet (and I got my mom a matching pink one)! Then my friend gave me a bracelet he got me in Hawaii. And I also received my order from Forever 21! I got all four items for less than $30 total (without shipping)... How awesome is that!? 
7/19/12 - WORKOUT! Insanity Max Interval Sports Training + a 6:27 plank!
7/19/12 - Breakfast: I'm also that same French toast addict that I was last week!
Post-workout "Almond Joy" protein stuffed French toast, with my usual egg white scramble.
7/19/12 - Snack: these. were. so. incredible. And SO healthy for you, too!
*WARNING; These are addicting.
7/20/12 - Breakfast: plain Greek yogurt with milk chocolate protein powder, a few peach/banana/apple slices, cinnamon, granola, and some leftover protein brownie. Alongside is a 1 egg + 1 egg white scramble.
Those protein brownies were just as good, if not better, the day after.
7/21/12 - WORKOUT! I normally don't workout on Saturdays, but I did Insanity Pure Cardio (favorite!) + a 6:02 plank so I could give myself off the following Monday, for my birthday!
7/21/12 - Breakfast: healthy cinnamon "sugar" whole wheat stuffed French toast with banana and apple slices + plain Greek yogurt + natural peanut butter... with my usual side!
7/21/12 - Fun! Saturday was a long, fun day with my mom! I went to Target with her and purchased new floral sneakers ($9!), a gigantic container of strawberries (I think they were $2.37 or something), gum, a mint green watch, two gigantic salad/popcorn bowls for me and my mom, WHITE CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER! (AKA HEAVEN!), and a $30 big brown purse for my mom (just because)!
7/22/12 - WORKOUT! Insanity Max Interval Plyo + a 6:04 plank.
7/22/12 - Breakfast: one of my all-time favorite things ever -- OIAJ! Cinnamon egg white oats cooked with banana and raisins, then layered with granola + cinnamon toast cereal (hehe) + banana and apple slices + plain Greek yogurt + white chocolate peanut butter❤ + cinnamon… And a side of THE ripest strawberries EVER! This was incredibleeeeeee!! (And I only used half the serving of oats, and it was more than enough because of the added egg white and what not... I could barely fit it all in the jar! Haha. So. Good.)
7/22/12 - Fun! I went back to Target (aka the store that will make me go broke!) with my mom, and bought three pairs of jean shorts! (In my defense, I DID need new jean shorts!)
I'm in love with all three pairs.
A better look at this deliciousness!
I posted all about all three of these meals, and all about my birthday fun, here!
7/24/12 - WORKOUT! I was happily surprised with the amount of calories I burned during Insanity... AND my plank! I love my new heart-rate monitor so much!
{Insanity Max Cardio Conditioning + a 6:02 plank!)
7/24/12 - Breakfast: stuffed protein French toast using a cinnamon raisin bagel thin! Stuffed with white chocolate peanut butter<3 + plain Greek yogurt mixed with milk chocolate protein powder + banana, strawberry, and blueberry + cinnamon... with my usual side. Mmmmmmmm!!
7/25/12 - WORKOUT! Insanity Plyometric Cardio Circuit + a 6:05 plank!
This Insanity is nearly impossible for me to complete without taking small breaks... Even though it's one of the "shorter" ones from the first month!
7/25/12 - Breakfast: a delicious oatmeal "parfait". I thoroughly believe oatmeal is best when eaten out of a mug or jar! I only used half a serving of oats again, because I added in egg whites and what not, and I could barely even fit it all in the giant mug!
Chocolate protein egg white oats with plain Greek yogurt + banana slices + strawberry slices + granola + random cereals + white chocolate peanut butter + cinnamon.
One more look...

Sometimes life happens and I eat things that aren't too good for the body, but are still pretty dang good for the soul.
Life is nothing without balance and moderation!

Happy WIAW everyone!! Have a fabulous day! Make the most of it, and stay positive! 

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