Thursday, July 5, 2012


We accidentally bought an extra bunch of bananas last weekend, and I'm pretty much the only person who has at least 1/4 of a banana daily... So, it's safe to say we have quite a lot still.
And they're all browning! 

Now, I don't mind brown bananas. I actually love them! But, instead of leave them all to get overly brown and mushy... I decided to use two big ones in a recipe today! A moist, yummy, blueberry banana/plain banana cake!

I adapted the recipe from a banana "bread" recipe I did a few months ago... The result:
Moist (emphasis on "moist"!). And. Delicious.
I baked it in a bundt tin, but it didn't come out like a bundt cake because it was so moist!
1/10 of the cake? About 72 delicious and nutritious calories!
Mine only came out to 9 pieces, but I didn't mind!
Plain banana
Blueberry banana
I put frozen blueberries in half of it, though... Which added extra moisture -- hence why the blueberry side kind of fell apart. (But, hey, it was still delicious!)

Nothing better than a successful random recipe!

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