Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday #10 - Insanity Fanatic

The title doesn't lie... I am a total Insanity fanatic!

Just like last week's WIAW, all my workouts since have been, of course, Insanity! Shaun T. just has this way of motivating me and leaving me actually looking forward to working out.
The thing with me is, if I don't find it fun... I won't want to do it. And I probably won't do it in the end. So, being a complete lover of Insanity, it's easy to motivate myself to do it 5 days a week!

But, now I shall move on to some recent eats and detailed workouts in the past week! Thank you, Jenn, for always hosting this lovely, lovely event! 

7/5/12 - WORKOUT! One of my all-time FAVORITES; Insanity Max Interval Sports Training!
7/5/12 - Breakfast: incredibly delicious pumpkin apple pie oat/whole wheat pancakes with my usual egg white scramble on the side. I made this all in a wok.Yes, a wok. Our skillet broke, and I found out we had a wok... So, I compromised! 
7/5/12 - Snack: posted all about this beauty here!
7/6/12 - Breakfast: whoever says you can't have cake for breakfast, has obviously never had cake for breakfast!  This was leftover deliciously moist banana (with natural peanut butter) on top of plain Greek yogurt with banana & apple slices + cinnamon + granola, alongside an egg/egg white scramble! This cake taste even better the second day, and I'm happy and proud to have changed up my breakfast!
7/6/12 - Lunch pt. 2: (please, ignore the super gross close up of my happy and proud face! Haha.) My mom ordered pizza from a pizza place we had never had pizza from before (we've had salad from there though), and I REALLY wanted to try it... My mind was telling me "no", but I ignored it proudly. Why? Well, aside from the fact I rarely eat actual pizza anymore (I know, I'm so lame...), I knew how much I wanted it, even though I already ate lunch (a savory stuffed sweet potato & steamed veggies with plain Greek yogurt + ranch powder, of course). It was a mini slice, and it satisfied me. I always make my own pita or wrap "pizza" on Fridays, hence why I didn't wanna wait till dinnertime to try it! Plus, I have a 4.5 hour work shift (without a scheduled break!) by myself starting in a few minutes, so I needed the extra fuel!  Btw, that pizza was just as delicious as it looks... And so completely worth every bite. (My puppy ate my crust, though. Hehe.) Everything is perfectly OKAY in moderation, and I'm glad I'm finally starting to realize that. Intuitive eating ftw!
7/7/12 - Breakfast: funny thing about this breakfast... It was completely a last minute option and breakfast. After quite a frustrating morning in the kitchen (2 or 3 failed pancake batches… GAH), I ended up with leftover plain Greek yogurt with chopped banana + apple + grapes, granola, organic cereal, a few cinnamon squares, cinnamon and a sprinkle of milk chocolate protein powder. Alongside was my usual 1 egg white + added liquid egg substitute protein + veggie scramble, and half a whole wheat pita (which I only ate half of... I only added it because this was a pretty low calorie meal. There’s only about 1/4 cup of Greek yogurt in the container)! Quite delicious for a last minute random breakfast, though! I'd have it again!
7/7/12 - Lunch: mozzarella, tomato, spinach and turkey grilled cheese (on a super yummy looking multi-grain sandwich thin!), steamed fresh veggies with plain Greek yogurt + ranch powder, pickles and some extra lean turkey for protein!
I love grilled cheeses more than I love a lot of things.

7/8/12 - WORKOUT! Insanity Max Interval Plyo + 6:02 plank.

7/8/12 - Breakfast: DELICIOUS (and healthy!) cinnamon raisin French toast, and my usual side.
7/9/12 - WORKOUT! Insanity Plyometric Cardio Circuit + 6:04 plank.
I always underestimate this workout before I do it! I forget how hard it is.
7/9/12 - Breakfast: same thing as yesterday! Healthy cinnamon raisin French toast with my usual side. Cannot get enough of this!
7/9/12 - OOTD! I don't do these too often, but today was my senior picture day! I honestly can't believe I'm going into my last year of high school... It's a scary and unbelievable thought! Haha. But, I felt pretty here, and I got this beautiful blue dress for only $14... So, I thought it was worth sharing!
7/9/12 - Snack: I got genuinely hungry 40 minutes after lunch, so, instead of ignoring my hunger and cravings like I would’ve before... I decided to treat myself to a SUPER delicious oatmeal raisin cookie. Seriously, this thing was SO delicious! Haha. And there's absolutely no regrets here! I’m very, very proud to say that, too.

Honestly, you’re not living a healthy lifestyle if you don’t practice moderation and balance. It’s not all about "healthy" foods, or even exercising everyday. It’s about enjoying the little things and doing your best along the way... And cookies are definitely one of those “little things” that should always be appreciated! (Btw, there weren’t any nutrition facts on the container, either... Which would’ve completely stopped me from eating them in the past... So, YAY! MORE PROGRESS!)

P.S. Please, Ignore how dumb I look smiling with a cookie shoved in my mouth…
7/10/12 - WORKOUT! The hardest Insanity of them all... Insanity Max Interval Circuit + 6:05 plank.
Seriously... I can't believe I survived this workout again! I did the best I could and I was literally drenched in sweat afterward. It was a good and accomplishing feeling.
7/10/12 - Breakfast: cinnamon oat/whole wheat pancakes topped with warm cinnamon sugar apple slices, and my usual side, of course.
7/10/12 - Snack: again, instead of ignoring my hunger cravings between lunch and dinner like I would've in the past (especially after having extra sweet potato with my lunch, making it a larger-ish lunch than usual!)... I accepted them and had a super yummy apple after going swimming for a little bit with my little sister (and after tanning with my mom)!
7/11/12 - WORKOUT! A sweaty early morning Insanity Pure Cardio session, followed by a 6:07 plank.
7/11/12 - Breakfast: literally the best thing ever: OATS IN A JAR!
Milk chocolate protein oatmeal with plain Greek yogurt, egg white, banana slices, granola, random cereals (only a few pieces, but they're in there!), cinnamon, shredded coconut, and part of a mini chocolate covered pretzel... All inside a nearly-empty natural peanut butter jar... That contained more peanut butter than I expected... But, I ain't complainin'!
This totally made my morning ten times better. (I was having a bit of a rough one.)

Lunch today wasn't really lunch... I had two mini grilled chicken tenders while at work, then when I got home  (7 hours later...) I happily inhaled a big homemade taco salad for dinner!

This morning sucked, but the day progressively got better. Positivity really is key. 


  1. Oats in the Jar are awesome. I can't eat oatmeal anymore, but I had to have a replacement so I cam up with CIAJ. Cereal in a Jar. :)

    1. Haha, LOVE IT! That is totally a must-try! :)