Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Parfait Form

Parfaits are lovely. Oatmeal is lovely. Oatmeal in parfait form? Bursting with pure loveliness! 
What's in this beauty, you ask?
Egg white chocolate almond and banana protein oatmeal...
Layered with honey almond flax cluster granola, s'mores cereal (I don't care about nutrition when it comes to cereals most of the time because I rarely have them anymore! And since I like my cereal plain most of the time, I like it very flavored and yummy! Haha. Everything in moderation, right?), banana slices, cinnamon, and a bit of natural peanut butter...
All in a gigantic mug I found in our cabinets this morning.

Perfect post-workout and pre-work breakfast, if I do say so myself! 

P.S. Tomorrow's already WIAW again?! I definitely lost track of time!

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