Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My 17th Birthday Recap! (7/23/12)

Yesterday, July 23, 2012, was my 17th birthday! It was one of my best birthdays yet. From start to finish, I had nothing but a stress-free, lovely day.

We had put the black balloon on the mailbox, but it flew away midday. 
I had gotten these two days before my birthday, and I love 'em! I got two general 'happy birthday' balloons, an ice cream sundae balloon because I work at an ice cream shop and it's pretty dang relevant, and a giant smiling doughnut because, well, who DOESN'T love gigantic smiling doughnuts?! 
I woke up around 8:30 am and was rolling around in bed, trying to sleep in, for about 15-20 minutes... Until I finally decided to get up! When I finally did get up, I made my bed and my little sister's bed, and then gave her breakfast! Then, I opened my presents from my wonderful family! 
My mom (and dad) got me white converse, a water bobble, three nail polishes I wanted, A POLAR FT4 HEART-RATE MONITOR!, $30 cash, and a subscription to The Food Network magazine! 
My brother and sister got me a little bin of nail goodies (four nail polishes, nail polish remover, and cotton balls), and a bin of workout goodies (light weights, a resistance band, and workout/lifting gloves)!
I'm so grateful it's not even funny.
I woke up starving (#1 reason I could not stay asleep!) for some reason, so immediately after opening my wonderful gifts, I made me and my mom breakfast!
I had healthy stuffed French toast using cinnamon raisin bread. I stuffed mine with white chocolate peanut butter (aka my new love), plain Greek yogurt, cinnamon, banana slices, and strawberry slices. Then, on the side, was my usual egg white scramble.
... It was incredible.
After eating breakfast, I reorganized and cleaned up some things in my room, and then got dressed and ready for the day! I'm still absolutely in love with this outfit, and I kind of wanna wear it on the first day of school... Haha. 
After getting ready and relaxing for awhile, I cut up some watermelon, and then my cousin came over! Then, I made me, my mom, and my cousin lunch! I had probably my favorite sandwich so far; an everything bagel thin with spinach, grilled chicken, shredded mozzarella cheese, and tomato... All toasted up with butter spray. Incredibly flavorful, healthy, and delicious. (I had my usual steamed fresh vegetables with plain Greek yogurt + ranch powder alongside!)
After eating lunch, I opened my presents from my aunt and cousins! They got me two gorgeous bracelets from Francesca's (in Christmas... or watermelon... colors! AND in me and my mom's birthstone colors, all unintentionally... Such weird coincidences! Haha), a beautiful white scarf, two nail polishes, two a lip gloss, perfume/body sprays, and $30 cash!
Again, I am so grateful.
After opening my other presents, me and my cousin head out for a bit. We dropped off her phone charger with her 'boyfriend' person (I have absolutely no idea what to call him or refer to him as, haha), went back to her house, picked up her puppy, and then went to PetCo to get his nails clipped. Then, she dropped me off home, and then she went to work.
When I got home, I decided I wanted Chinese for dinner, so my mom ordered our dinner, I had a few mini pieces of grilled chicken (I was oddly craving it!), and then I painted my nails while waiting for it to come!
{These pictures do not do this color justice, but it's one of my absolute favorites now! "Gargantuan Green Grape" by O.P.I!}
My cousin wanted me to wait for her to get off of work to eat dinner. So, I waited until 6:00 pm, but to hold me over, I had some amazing broccoli (along with about one carrot and one super mini slice of chicken, haha) from an extra Chinese order to hold me over.
Then, when she came back... I pigged out! Hehe. I happily ordered exactly what I wanted, which was a pint of vegetable fried rice, boneless spare ribs, and an egg roll. (And I also had a mini piece of chicken from my cousin's dish since she wanted me to try it... and I wanted to, too. Haha.) I happily ate every bite without any stressin' or regrettin', and I couldn't be more proud of myself.
After stuffing our faces, we head out to get ice cream with my little sister! (Well, first we got gas, and then we head there!) We went to Cold Stone Creamery, which is approximately 30 minutes or so there, and then the same back depending on traffic. I got my whole family ice cream, and then ordered myself a medium peanut butter with Twix pieces, white chocolate chips, and hot fudge. I ate it when she dropped me and my little sister off at home (she had to go back to work), and even a little melt-y, it was literally one of the best things to ever enter my body. 
This was all a big F U to whatever disorder decided to enter my life!

Even though I felt stuffed for hours after eating dinner and dessert, I still had my usual nighttime snack with my mom because I wanted it that bad, haha. I had some popcorn mixed with a little bit of Chex Mix, and some apple and plum slices! (Oh, and I also had a few cubes of watermelon, haha.)

I went to bed feeling a bit nauseous from all the food, but it was worth it! Besides the fact it was super sunny and beautiful out... which it rarely is ever on my birthday... I had one of my best birthdays thus far, and I couldn't be more grateful or appreciative. I'm also so, incredibly proud of myself for allowing myself to eat what I wanted, even without exercise. I needed a day like this... It made me feel like myself again.

I woke up today (July 24, 2012) feeling body-positive, happy, and motivated. I'm definitely incorporating days like this into my life way more often!

I'm happy.

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