Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday #11 - I Really Like French Toast Edition

Like I said in my previous WIAW... My blog titles don't lie! I've become a stuffed French toast addict.
Hey, at least it's healthy stuffed French toast! (AKA it actually does have quite a lot of nutritious value!)

Oh, and I'm still the same Insanity addict as I was last week. Tsk, tsk...
ANYWAAAAAAAYS! I can't believe it's Wednesday already again... W h o a. I guess that means it's time to list some eats (and exercises), eh? It is "what I ate Wednesday" overall!

{Thanks to the beautiful Jenn for hosting this lovely event as always!}

7/12/12 - WORKOUT! Insanity Max Interval Sports Training + a 6:14 plank.
7/12/12 - Breakfast: s'mores stuffed protein French toast with my usual side.
This creation is what started the addiction...
7/12/12 - Lunch: Thursday was my cousin's 19th birthday, and I got to hangout with her the entire day for the first time in a LONG time! With my aunt, we went to Freehold Mall (which is pretty far from us, so it was great to go), and out to lunch. Instead of picking a "safe food" off the menu at P.F. Changs (this was my first time going there, too, btw), I picked exactly what I wanted. And not only that, but 1. I didn't stress over it, 2. I don't and didn't  regret it, and 3. I ate exactly what I wanted, and how much I wanted. This is such progress for me! I didn't even restrict at all prior, or the rest of the day! (Even after finding out the nutritional info!)
Our appetizer were these DELICIOUS chicken lettuce wraps... I only had one, to save my appetite for my lunch. I also had some super yummy salad alongside my main dish, which was sesame chicken with vegetables and brown rice... It was literally so, so good... Despite the horrid amount of sauce. Bleh! Too much sauce or dressing = no bueno!
Intuitive eating and recovery win! Go me!
7/13/12 - Breakfast: flour-less pumpkin cheesecake pancakes, layered with chocolate banana protein “frosting” + apple slices + cinnamon + granola + a drizzle of melted natural peanut butter and light maple syrup! (And my usual side...)
7/14/12 - Breakfast: exactly what I was craving that morning; a small plain greek yogurt ~parfait with banana slices + apple slices + honey almond flax granola + Trix cereal (hehe) + cinnamon + a tiny spoonful of natural peanut butter, and a 1 egg + added egg white scramble alongside.
7/15/12 - WORKOUT! Insanity Max Cardio Conditioning + a 6:02 plank!
7/15/12 - Breakfast: banana split stuffed protein French toast with my usual side (aside from spinach, because I had none)... Mmmmmm!
7/16/12 - WORKOUT! Insanity Max Interval Plyo + a 6:04 plank.
7/16/12 - Breakfast: another healthy stuffed French toast... This time it was blueberry cheesecake stuffed french toast (also containing banana and natural peanut butter), with my usual side.
Just look at it. So pretty. So. Delicious.
7/17/12 - WORKOUT! Sometimes, I underestimate how tough the first month of Insanity's workouts really are... Then they go and kick my ass! Haha. Insanity Cardio Power & Resistance + a 6:07 plank!
7/17/12 - Breakfast: yes, stuffed French toast again.
Apple pie stuffed French toast with my usual side.
As delicious as it sounds...
And looks.
(It's okay to drool over a picture. Really. I won't tell anyone if you don't!)
7/17/12 - Snack: perks of working at an ice cream and homemade fudge shop: FUUUUUDGE OF ALL KINDS! (And 20% off!)
I bought my family this box yesterday because, well, I'm just that nice.  Chocolate peanut butter, s'mores, mint chocolate swirl, cookies and cream, and my favorite; peanut butter explosion.
I treated myself to a small piece of PB explosion after dinner... And I feel absolutely no guilt. I feel proud and happy, actually... This is a huge step for me, too, so bear with me! Haha.
Intuitive eating and recovery win (#2)!
7/18/12 - WORKOUT! The hardest of them all... Insanity Max Interval Circuit! Followed by a 6:09 plank.
7/18/12 - Breakfast: yes, French toast again. No regrets.
Natural peanut butter, banana, and chocolate stuffed {protein!} French toast with my usual side.

My mom has gotten me in the mood for French toast lately... She loves it, and has been absolutely loving my healthier alternatives (she's been trying to lose weight and get healthier), so that's why I've been making them so often! But, I'm definitely not complaining... I've also been loving them, too. 

Whoever said eating healthy was boring has obviously never tried cooking for themselves!

Happy WIAW! 5 days until I'm 17! Ahhhhhh!!


  1. OMG ALL HAIL THE PLANK QUEEN! That is amazing, seriously wow! I can barely do 2 minutes planking.

    1. Haha! Thank you so much! :) It took a few months to be able to plank longer than 1:17, but I practice 5-6 days a week!