Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday #13 - August Is Here?!

Is this summer already almost over?! Is it really August 1, 2012 already?! 
How is it possible that I'm already on my 13th WIAW?! I remember just starting it! That was thirteen weeks ago??!!

Okay, enough with the rhetorical questions and onto WIAW! 

This month's WIAW theme is "summer staples"... Jenn, you are getting creative with these themes!
When I think of "summer staples", I think of big salads, freshly grilled chicken, popcorn, ice cream, and the best -- fresh fruit! Especially watermelon...Which I can eat until I explode...
Seriously. I wish I was kidding.
ANYWAYS! Here are some recent eats:
7/26/12 - Breakfast: post-workout stuffed French toast with my usual side!
Cinnamon roll cinnamon raisin stuffed French toast with white chocolate peanut butter + plain Greek yogurt + cinnamon + banana and apple slices. Nom.
7/26/12 - Snack/treat: a "kiddy cup" of birthday cake ice cream with banana wheels.
This was SO good... (And 20% off because it was from my job! Hehe. I brought my mom and little sister to my job to get ice cream!)
P.S... I spy a summer staple!
7/27/12 - Breakfast: chocolate almond protein egg white oats with granola + random cereals + plain Greek yogurt + cinnamon + banana slices + my favorite, white chocolate peanut butter... With a side of fresh fruit!
7/27/12 - Snack: made up this new recipe for chocolate peanut butter oatmeal protein bread!
1/9th of the loaf = 91 calories and 5g protein. So good. So healthy.
7/27/12 - {Balanced!} Lunch: even though I hadn't eaten 100% "clean" last week, I treated myself again... with no regrets. I had a small piece of pizza (which was delicious) with lean turkey for extra protein, and veggies/steamed fresh veggies with plain Greek yogurt + ranch powder. (This, plus watermelon cubes and a slice of my protein bread because I had to try it!)
7/28/12 - Breakfast: post-workout {power} oatmeal! Mocha protein egg white oats with granola + random cereals + plain Greek yogurt + cinnamon + banana slices + white chocolate peanut butter + a piece of my chocolate peanut butter protein oatmeal bread.
This really was as fabulous as it looks.
That's a promise.
7/28/12 - Lunch: an egg bagel from Dunkin Donuts with light cheese spread, lettuce, lean turkey, tomato, salsa + plain Greek yogurt, and spinach. Along with my usual steamed fresh veggies with plain Greek yogurt + ranch powder on the side...
ANOTHER ~FEAR FOOD~  (normal-sized bagels) HAS BEEN CONQUERED! Yes!
After being stuck inside a food store for nearly an hour without any power during a near hurricane, having to drive (with my mom!) on streets without working lights, going to ANOTHER food store, having trouble calling in late for work (since I was supposed to be in at 3:00 pm, and I got home at nearly 4:00 pm... Then, after getting ready to leave, they got somebody to cover my shift…!!!!!) cause my phone kept breaking up (AND THEN IT DIED…), THEN finding out my brother’s car basically broke down and having to leave the food store in a rush to get home... While also forgetting lots of things... I finally got back home... 3.5 hours later! Haha. And all I had since my post-workout breakfast, was a Nature Valley granola bar and some watermelon, so this super late "lunch" was EARNED! It filled me up, but not too much, and it made my tummy happy! I’m so proud of myself. Last week, I not only treated myself multiple times, but I had also upped my intake, and haven’t felt any regret, or any hatred towards for body by doing so. This meal was also a more calorie-dense meal, but I 100% could care less! I need those calories, and I finally realize that. And I honestly love eating more (and listening to my body) now! I don’t eat 100% healthy, and I don’t even care. To me, eating 80%-90% healthily, rather than 100%, truly means I AM living healthy... and actually living.
7/29/12 - Breakfast: post-workout protein stuffed French toast with my usual side!
Cinnamon roll protein (using my new protein powder!) French toast, stuffed with plain greek yogurt mixed with cinnamon roll protein powder + white chocolate peanut butter + banana and apple slices + granola.
7/29/12 - Snack: I clearly have an addiction to white chocolate peanut butter... And now dark chocolate, too!
I went to Target with my mom and little sister, and bought myself dark chocolate peanut butter... along with other things, but, those aren't important right now! 
My mom bought us s’mores and chocolate brownie kid Clif bars since they were on sale at Target, and I got hungry an hour after lunch, so (instead of ignoring my hunger and waiting three hours or more like I would’ve in the past), I ate. But, I couldn’t decide which Clif bar to try, so I split both flavors (half and half, obviously!) with my mom... B U T! I didn't stop there! I decided to make it an even BETTER snack, by putting on a small slather of dark chocolate peanut butter on the brownie half, and then white chocolate on the s’mores half... AND THEN, I made a mini sandwich with them… Can you say HEAVENLY!?
7/30/12 - Breakfast: my pre-driving test (for my permit... which I got!) oatmeal!
Pumpkin pie protein egg white oatmeal with a few banana and apple slices + cinnamon granola (SO. GOOD.) + plain Greek yogurt + a dash of cinnamon + a few Cinnamon Toast Crunch squares + both dark AND white chocolate peanut butter.
7/30/12 - Snack: felt SUPER hungry after my driving test (I ate around 7:30-7:45 am, and got home at nearly 11:00 am!), so I had a small snack when I got home! A honey wheat cake with both dark and white chocolate peanut butter + plain Greek yogurt + banana and strawberry slices + cinnamon + cinnamon granola.
This was SO delicious. Like, so SO delicious!
7/30/12 - Dinner: I haden't eaten ANYTHING since lunch (about six hours prior), so this dinner was very much wanted after a long, busy work day! I had  a serving of whole grain macaroni and cheese shaped as Power Rangers (made a bit healthier, too!) over baby spinach with fresh tomato slices, steamed fresh vegetables with plain Greek yogurt + ranch powder to dip, and some grilled chicken!
This was honestly one of my favorite dinners yet.
I love food.
{Click the pictures to read better!}
And the nutrition and what not for the mac & cheese wasn't too bad either! (I used a yogurt-based butter and soy milk, AND only half the packet of cheese! Haha. Health-ified easy mac & cheese, ftw!)
7/31/12 - Breakfast: post-workout protein oatmeal!
Cinnamon chocolate protein egg white oatmeal with cinnamon granola (I'm addicted and I can't get enough...) + random cereals + a few banana and apple slices + plain Greek yogurt + cinnamon + both dark and white chocolate peanut butter... Alongside my fall-scented candle to make me crave fall even more!
This was super delicious, btw.
7/31/12 - Lunch: my planned lunch was a fail, so this was a last minute lunch... That turned out so yummy.
I think I like last minute lunches best because that's when I actually listen to my body. I don't like planning!
But, this was a toasted cinnamon raisin bagel thin with dark and white chocolate peanut butter + a few banana slices + cinnamon + cinnamon granola, an egg white (with SOME egg yolk!) scramble over lean turkey + lean ham and lettuce, and steamed fresh veggies in plain Greek yogurt + ranch powder. Random, but delicious... I promise!
7/31/12 - Dinner: a super quick salad (SUMMER STAPLE, FTW!) made up of spinach and lettuce leaves + chickpeas + tomato + pickles + carrots + broccoli + corn + peas + grilled chicken + mushrooms + a few pieces of Chex Mix (it's my drug, okay?!) + a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese + hot sauce, salsa, and plain Greek yogurt as a dressing! Y.U.M.
8/1/12 - Breakfast: post-workout POWER PANCAKES!
I haven't had pancakes in a few weeks because, well, I was getting frustrated with the fact they wouldn't come out right... BUT! These came out perfectly round, and SO fluffy and delicious!  I want 10 more!!
{Cinnamon roll pumpkin pie protein pancakes topped with dark & white chocolate peanut butter + plain Greek yogurt mixed with cinnamon roll protein powder + banana slices + cinnamon + cinnamon granola + a drizzle of light maple syrup + a bit of powdered sugar.
P.S. I really like cinnamon.}

My workouts as of lately have been, yes, Insanity. I am still that Insanity fanatic I was last week. And the week before. And the week before that, too. You can find all of them here!

Ahhh, a wonderful early morning workout and a deliciously healthy breakfast can really do your body and mind good! I have the whole day ahead of me now... Gonna make it a nice, relaxing, and {hopefully} productive one! Happy WIAW!!

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