Sunday, August 19, 2012

Oats In A FLUFF Jar?!

Yes. You read that title correctly.
Marshmallow Fluff.

You know, that stuff your mom would spread on your peanut butter sammiches as a little kid...
Yes. That stuff.
Well, my family's jar of Fluff was nearly empty, and, because I am who I am, I cannot let any bit of it go to waste!
So, what do I do? I prepare myself some OIAJ... Only, this time, my oats are not in a peanut butter jar!
Chocolate banana & strawberry protein egg white oatmeal (made via stovetop and not microwave... SO much tastier that way!) with pumpkin flax granola, Cinnamon Toast Crunch squares, banana & strawberry slices, cinnamon, and melted Biscoff spread (and the tiniest bit of dark chocolate peanut butter)...
AKA Heaven. In. A. Jar.
The warm oats melted the marshmallow fluff and made the whole thing gooey and just fab-u-lous! I demand at least one of you to put just a spoonful (or four...) of Fluff into a warm bowl of oats. Trust me, you will not regret it! (Especially when it's in chocolate oats with peanut butter... MMMM! Perfection.)


  1. Haha oh my gosh that sounds heavenly! I'm also thinking like a chocolate protein shake would be good in there...

    1. Oh my goodness... YES! Future experiment?! I think so! ;)