Saturday, August 18, 2012

10 Positive Reminders On A Weekend

1. It's okay to mess up.
It's impossible to be perfect, and some people aren't very accepting of that! If you never have slip-ups or down moments, how will you ever acknowledge the good moments? You wouldn't be able to tell them apart! Messing up is a part of life you can never avoid... Accept, and move on!
2. The scale truthfully cannot tell you anything informational.
Scales are something that have become a little too popular nowadays. A scale cannot tell you enough information to prove that you are not a truthfully beautiful, talented, and strong person with a lot of love to give. (That's all that REALLY matters, too!)  Not to mention that scales also fluctuate, meaning you may weigh 130 lbs on an average day, but after drinking 32 oz of water, you may be 132 lbs. They're one of the biggest liars you'll come across in your lifetime! Don't fall for the trap! It's not worth it!!
3. Failure is just a chance and motivation to do better next time.
Fall seven times, get back up eight times. You cannot let one failure get you down. Failures are just mistakes, aka they're a learning experience! Take something positive from every failure and mistake you've ever made, and take it as motivation to do twice as good next time!
4. You DESERVE to be happy.
Let's be realistic here; we ALL have things to be unhappy about. And that's the thing; if we all have things to be unhappy about, that's proof you're not alone! Plus, if we all have things to be unhappy about, how come so many of us are still happy? Well, that's because with the things to be unhappy about, comes things we should to be happy about! First and foremost; you're alive and you're breathing on your own. Some people don't even have that much. You should appreciate just those two simple things. Plus, you have a computer or phone if you're currently reading this... LOTS of people don't have those things! Appreciate more and expect less. Appreciate the little things. Appreciate every person you have in your life, even if that's just  your mom or grandma or your step dad. Ignore anything that's trying to get you down. You'll be a lot happier in the end, and you'll embrace that happiness you truthfully deserve. Put your happiness before anything else. Make it your #1 priority, always!
5. Bad days are necessary in order to appreciate and acknowledge the good days.
This kind of goes hand-in-hand with #1; if you never have bad days (or even moments), how would you ever recognize good days and good moments? You wouldn't be so appreciative of those times, those moments, or those days. Good always follows bad.
6. Less talking, more listening.
Try to talk less and listen more. You'll be surprised how much more you'll learn, even about your friends or family. Ask more questions and listen to their answers.
7. Do what you enjoy and that's it.
You prefer being home than partying? That's perfectly okay. You prefer partying than being home? That's fine, too. Do what you enjoy and what you love and that's that. We all prefer different things, and that's what makes us so unique and different. Don't do what other people want you to do if you don't want to do it. You'll end up miserable rather than happy.
8. There is power in positivity!
With positivity comes the power to do anything you put your mind to! Be THAT person who is always happy. Be THAT person to brighten everyone's day with your beautiful smile. Make Monday's a fun day, and bake cupcakes and eat 10 for lunch! Do whatever you want, but always remember the power that comes with being optimistic and positive.
9. Enjoy the little things; for one day you may look back and realize those were the big things.
The best things in life aren't really things. They're moments, people, days. They're bigger and better than things. Enjoy every moment you have to enjoy. One day, you'll look back at your life, and realize those moments are the moments you need to forever savor.
10. Everything WILL be okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end!
Having a bad day? It'll end. Having a fight with somebody who means the world to you? It's not the end, it's okay. Things will get better, and that's a promise. Things got better for me, and things WILL get better for you. Truthfully, only YOU can determine how good or bad your day is gonna be. Nobody else can control that. It's also completely up to YOU to determine YOUR ending. Make it a happy one!
You, are 1/7,000,000,000 of the world. If you were gone, and the world was a puzzle, it would be missing a piece. You are worth more than you'll ever be able to understand. You have a purpose, whether you believe it or not. You are more than just another human, you are special and you are you. Be happy with the you that you are, and just be.

Have a happy, relaxing weekend, beautifuls! I hope this helps or inspires at least one person.
Do, eat, and be something you love.

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