Monday, August 27, 2012

Easy, Fast DIY Fringe Top!

Have you ever saw one of those overly-priced fringed tops in a store? But, you didn't buy it because of the insane price? ($30 for a distressed t-shirt... REALLY?! Call me cheap but no thank-you!)

Well, never fear! You can get the same effect on an old shirt (or any shirt you want!) in a short amount of time for FREE! (Well, aside from the shirt itself... Unless you get it from someone!! REUSE AND RECYCLEEEEE!)

This was my first try. I used an XL 30 Seconds To Mars t-shirt I got back in late 2010 (I'm a size small now!), and I absolutely love the result!
Anddddd then, my mom saw my DIY-ed fringe shirt, and loved it! She wanted me to to fringe some of her shirts, so I did!

What You'll Need:
An old shirt (the thinner the material, the better result. As you can see, the striped t-shirt I did has a bit thicker of a fringe because the material was too thick to stretch. Don't use too thin, but don't use too thick, either! Too thin = breakage easily.)
Scissors (use fabric scissors if wanted... I didn't!)

Lay out your shirt super flat.
Cut off the bottom seam of the shirt...
Apply a piece of tape to where you want the fringes to end on the shirt.
Start cutting 1-inch (or whatever size you want) strands up to the piece of tape.
Gently tug at the strands to stretch them out and make them thinner...
And... VOILA!
You have your lovely, cheap, DIY fringed shirt! Be careful with the tugging, though, because if you tug too hard, you may rip off a strand... It happens. 

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