Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday #14 - Change It Up!

Sometimes, I feel like I eat the same things too often. Routines may be {sort of?} fun, but only for so long. So, I like to change it up... And in the past 7 days, I've changed it up lots of times! 
A summer staple for me is most definitely salad! (Actually, it's more of an all year staple...)
8/1/12 - Dinner: taco salad! I make these every Wednesday (sometimes it's a different day depending on my schedule) for my family, and I use 93/7 lean ground beef... One of my all-time favorite dinners! I top mine with all the things!
8/2/12 - Dinner: healthy eggplant Parmesan over a lovely rainbow salad!
8/6/12 - Dinner: one biiiiiiiig grilled chicken salad with a slice of toasted wheat ciabatta bread! This was so good that I made almost the exact same thing for my lunch yesterday. Yep. No regrets.
This contains: Artisan lettuce & spinach, lots of vegetables (corn + peas + broccoli + carrots + tomatoes + mushrooms + cucumbers), yellow pepper, pickles, leftover grilled chicken, chickpeas, salsa + plain Greek yogurt + a drizzle of hot sauce, and a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese.
8/7/12 - Dinner: another BIG salad with tons of toppings; the best one being homemade Italian breaded tilapia!! The best (and me and my mom purposely saved leftovers for a remake of this for lunch today! Yeeeeeess!!).

Trust me, these were all big. ass. salads! And they weren't the only ones consumed within the past week... I have one nearly every single night, but they're almost all the same! Lettuce & spinach with all the toppings Go big or go home, right?!

Other than salads, I've also consumed...
8/1/12 - Snack: a warmed up mini oatmeal raisin walnut Clif bar, immediately topped with a tiny bit of dark chocolate peanut butter (which melted beautifully), and mixed plain Greek yogurt with milk chocolate protein powder and some granola on the side... All combined in the end.
This was one delicious, protein-packed, quick snack.
8/2/12 - Breakfast: post-workout chocolate protein egg white oats with granola + random cereals + plain Greek yogurt + cinnamon + a few banana and apple slices + both dark chocolate and white chocolate peanut butter... Heavenly. And super protein-packed!
8/2/12 - Snack: 1.5 lightly salted gluten-free whole grain rice cakes topped with a small slather of both dark and white chocolate peanut butter + plain Greek yogurt + a few banana and apple slices + a dash of cinnamon + cinnamon granola.
8/3/12 - Breakfast: cinnamon roll pumpkin stuffed protein French toast with dark and white chocolate peanut butter + banana and apple slices + granola... and my usual egg white scramble on the side!
Btw, I've been adding cinnamon roll flavored protein powder to my Green tea, hence why it looks so odd... But it just tastes so. good.
8/4/12 - Breakfast: a small plain Greek yogurt (mixed with chocolate and cinnamon roll protein powder) parfait with granola + a few pieces of Cookie Crisp (hehe...) + a few banana and apple slices + cinnamon + dark and white chocolate peanut butter, with a toasted cinnamon raisin bagel thin topped with a small slather of both peanut butters + plain Greek yogurt + banana and apple slices + cinnamon + granola. Soooooooooo good!
8/5/12 - Breakfast: my love, OIAJ... In my favorite peanut butter's jar! I cleared out this jar the best I could just so I could eat out of it that morning. Yep.
Post-workout cinnamon roll protein egg white oats with granola + Cinnamon Toast Crunch squares + plain Greek yogurt + cinnamon + banana slices + a bit of dark chocolate peanut butter + some slivered almonds... All inside a nearly-empty white chocolate peanut butter jar.
8/5/12 - Snack: this is what I get for listening to my body by eating intuitively; very odd cravings... Which lead into a very odd midday snack! Haha. But, really, don't knock it till ya try it!
1/2 a small Crispin apple with plain Greek yogurt and some gluten-free cinnamon Chex squares and peanut butter Cheerios (both are sickeningly addicting). Mmmm.
8/6/12 - Breakfast: what's better than OIAJ once a week? OIAJ two days in a row!!
My little sister's peanut butter jar was nearly empty, and I could NOT let it go to waste!
Chocolate protein egg white oatmeal with granola + cinnamon gluten-free Chex cereal + peanut butter Cheerios + plain Greek yogurt + cinnamon + banana slices + yes, a little bit of both dark & white chocolate peanut butter. So. Freaking. Delicious. I wish I could eat OIAJ every day. I'd be forever content.
8/6/12 - Lunch: a low carb high fiber wrap filled with light cheese + spinach + tomato + pickles + yellow pepper + leftover grilled chicken + salsa + a bit of honey barbecue sauce, along with steamed (fresh) broccoli and carrots with plain Greek yogurt + ranch powder to dip!
8/7/12 - Breakfast: post-workout stuffed French toast!
I decided that I need to start challenging myself more. I cannot keep giving in to these disordered/restrictive thoughts and habits anymore. Sooo... I challenged myself for breakfast! I used a more calorie-dense whole wheat bread (which is my favorite!), and I stuffed it with some dark & white peanut butter + plain Greek yogurt + cinnamon + banana slices + some peanut butter Cheerios and granola just because that’s what I wanted today! Alongside is my usual egg white scramble over lettuce & spinach leaves.
This is a HUGE challenge and step for me, but I’m so proud of myself.
8/7/12 - Snack: an oats 'n honey Nature Valley bar dipped in a big mug of cinnamon roll protein green tea.
This absolutely hit the spot.
8/8/12 - Breakfast: post-workout protein oatmeal... Which I am eating as I type this!
Banana bread protein egg white oatmeal with granola + cereals + plain Greek yogurt + cinnamon + banana + dark & white chocolate peanut butter + slivered almonds. Peeeeerfect!!

P.S. You guessed it, I'm that same Insanity fanatic as I was the past month or so... But, you can find my full workout diary here!
P.P.S. Thank you to the lovely Jenn for always hosting WIAW!

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