Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday #15 - I Love Me Some Food!

To start off this blog: I'm really bad at titles.
But, I hope we can all look past my terrible titles, and focus on the body of the posts themselves in return! 

Anywaaaaays!! I cannot believe how fast this summer is going. Like, it's really mid August already?! It's really almost fall... aka one of the greatest times of year?!  I'm happy it's almost fall, but I'm also kinda... sad?... that time seems to be flyin' so fast. I'm going into my last year of high school, in just less than a month, and thinking about it... It's kinda scary! I literally remember little details from 6th grade... and that was  nearly six years ago already. Whoa.

Okay, time to move onto more relevant things like... hmm... FOOD! Because, well, I love me some food

Within the past seven days, aside from about a bajillion chicken salads (and some tilapia and steak ones!), I've consumed...
8/8/12 - Snack: a bit of a twist on my peanut butter swirl protein brownies! These were good, but not as good as the first batch. Less moist. But, these ones contained both white and dark chocolate peanut butter, and a few slivered almonds!
8/9/12 - Breakfast: chocolate protein egg white oatmeal with granola + three kinds of Cheerios (I love them! Haha. Peanut butter, banana nut and cinnamon!) + banana slices + dark and white chocolate peanut butter + cinnamon + a crumbled up leftover warmed up peanut butter swirl protein brownie.
Yep. This was as delicious as it looks and sounds!
8/9/12 - Snack/Dessert: this happens to be one of the greatest things to ever enter my body.
Healthy for the body? Not necessarily. Healthy for the mind and soul? Absolutely.
Me, my mom, and my little sister decided to go out for frozen yogurt for the first time. We went to Yo Way, and it was just overwhelming with goodness.
This is cake batter, cookie dough and chocolate peanut butter frozen yogurt topped with Butterfinger & Snickers & Reese’s pieces, cookie dough & cheesecake pieces, crunchy chocolate crumbles (like on ice cream cakes!), Cinnamon Toast Crunch, fresh blueberries, and peanut butter sauce... And... Yep, I THINK that's all! I ate this ENTIRE thing, and I didn’t even restrict prior to going to "save calories", and I definitely don’t plan on doing so later either! (Those are both things I most definitely would have done in the past.) I'm SO proud of this, especially because I got everything I truthfully wanted, didn’t pick just "safe" options, and I actually ate all of it! Even after lunch! And, to top it all off,  I didn't feel fat or overly full after. It was absolutely delicious and worth every bite!
Btw, cake batter and cookie dough had a sign saying they're actually sweetened with Stevia! Makes 'em even better! 
P.S. I spy a summer staple!
8/9/12 - Dinner: summer staple #2, yes? Yes.
Huge salads are my favorite of all thingz.
In the salad: hard boiled eggs + vegetables (tomato, carrots, broccoli, mushrooms, corn & peas) + chickpeas + lean honey roasted turkey + a few pieces of grilled chicken + a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese! I topped it with salsa & plain Greek yogurt... And I also sprinkled in some Chex Mix because yes, I am addicted.
Oh, and on the side I had a delicious slice of onion rye bread. Mmmmmmmmm!
8/10/12 - Breakfast: protein pumpkin and apple pie pancakes topped with plain Greek yogurt + cinnamon + dark and white chocolate peanut butter + banana slices + a few slivered almonds + granola + a drizzle of light maple syrup + pumpkin pie spice. I just have half an apple warmed up with cinnamon and sweetener on the side!
8/11/12 - Breakfast: cinnamon roll protein egg white oats with granola + peanut butter Cheerios + Cookie Crisp + a mini banana + cinnamon + BISCOFF. COOKIE. SPREAD. (which is why I added Cookie Crisp!)... AKA ONE OF THE BEST NATURAL THINGS TO EVER ENTER MY MOUTH. O M G.
If you love cookies, and you love peanut/nut butter, and you've never tried cookie butter/spread... GO GETCHO SELF TO THE GROCERY STORE IMMEDIATELY, AND BUY SOME NOW! You have not lived until you've spread cookie on your toast... or rice/wheat cake... or all up in yo' oatmeal!
8/12/12 - Breakfast: I wish I was kidding when I say I cleared out our white chocolate peanut butter jar by giving my mom and sister sandwiches with their breakfasts so I could eat out of the jar post-workout... We're all obsessed with this PB, so we go through it fast anyways! Hahahahaha. But, inside of this nearly empty jar was chocolate protein egg white oatmeal with granola + cinnamon and banana nut Cheerios + banana slices + cinnamon! This jar contained at LEAST 1 tbsp of PB left inside... which was kind of a “fear” for me... but I enjoyed every bit of it with no regrets or restrictions later on that day!
Before you tell yourself you would never in a million years make this, go make it. It will change your life!
8/14/12 - Breakfast: s’mores protein egg white oatmeal with granola + s’mores cereal (hehe...) + plain Greek yogurt + mini banana (I have such a love for miniature bananas!!) + cinnamon + a bit of marshmallow Fluff and dark chocolate peanut butter! 
8/14/12 - Snack: while reading some more of my summer read book (which was actually mandatory this year...) on this mostly gloomy day, I snacked on some plain Greek yogurt with chopped up fruit + granola + peanut butter Cheerios + cinnamon, and a lightly salted gluten-free rice cake with Biscoff cookie spread + cinnamon! I'm nearly done with this book, and I'm actually so proud of myself for reading a book without being completely forced to! I know that sounds dumb, but I actually really like reading now! I never thought I would, but I've always wanted to like it. I never finished books on my own before, haha. Not only is this book SO good, but I actually feel willing to read another book when I'm done! Yay for new hobbies!!
8/15/12 - Breakfast: banana bread oat/whole wheat pancakes with an egg white scramble alongside!
 I decided to not be lazy and actually put some more effort into my post-workout breakfast today... Hehe.
{Currently nommin' on all of this as I speak type...}

My workouts as of lately have been Insanity... Insanity... more Insanity... Oh, and some Blogilates, too! You can check them all out either on my Instagram, or by simply clicking here

Happy WIAW, lovelies, and thank you to Jenn for always hosting WIAW!


  1. I love your plate... and white chocolate wonderful is my favorite!

    1. Thank you hehe! Made it over 15 years ago!
      I'm stuck between White Chocolate Wonderful PB and Biscoff cookie spread... Both are SO addictive-ly good!