Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday #29

Guys... in three days, December is here.
You know what that means?
(Well, aside from the fact that it's already freakin DECEMBER!!...)

But, even when it's (sadly) over on television...
It won't be for me!  (Thank you, mommy!)

Okay, now I think it's time to list some eats from recently, yes? (That's probably why you're all here anyways! Sorry for the blabbin'!!)

Post-Thanksgiving eats:
11/23/12 - Breakfast: healthy double chocolate protein egg white oatmeal with all natural gluten-free/nut-free chocolate granola + 100% whole grain cereal + banana slices + plain Greek yogurt + loads of White Chocolate Wonderful/Biscoff spread, topped with cinnamon roll protein cream + 100% clean chocolate sauce + an extra dash of unsweetened almond milk.
11/23/12 - Dessert/Snack: clean chocolate almond brownie microwave cake topped with peanut butter + cinnamon roll protein cream/frosting + banana slices + Christmas sprinkles! + strawberry sauce + chocolate granola, on top of small chopped apples + whole grain cereal + a bit of light Cool Whip (I’m addicted) + homemade gingerbread almond milk "ice cream".
11/24/12 - Breakfast: holy cow were these amazing! And SO healthy, too!
100% clean snickerdoodle (inspired by Chocolate Covered Katie!) protein pancakes layered with Biscoff spread + chocolate protein cream + banana slices + pumpkin flax granola, all topped with cinnamon sugar (cinnamon + PureVia) + light maple syrup + gingerbread sauce.
{Recipe is coming soon for those curious!}
11/24/12 - Dinner: can you say POWERMEAL?!
I decided to make my family a super delicious and healthy homemade dinner!
Mini lean beef (93/7) hamburgers/Salisbury steaks in sautéed mushrooms (in a mushroom/onion cream) with Skinny Taste's INCREDIBLE baked eggplant sticks/”fries” (spicy-fied!), and mashed cauliflower “potatoes”. I had my “fries” with a side of marinara, my "burgers" on top of some fresh spinach, and a microwaved sweet potato with diced garlic & onion tomatoes + plain Greek yogurt + feta!
This was delicious x100000000. I'll probably make it all over again soon!
11/24/12 - Snack: popcorn. And loads of it! Hehe.
I had some air-popped mixed with some of this.
11/25/12 - Breakfast: post-workout OIAJ!
Super thick & fluffy pumpkin protein/egg white oatmeal with a bit of natural chocolate granola + healthy cereal (and a sprinkle of caramel Cheerios) + banana slices + slivered almonds + plain Greek yogurt + cinnamon + a bit of Dark Chocolate Dreams + clean chocolate sauce + an extra dash of unsweetened almond milk, inside a nearly-empty White Chocolate Wonderful jar.
11/25/12 - Dessert/Snack: healthy gingerbread microwave cake layered with Biscoff spread & peanut butter + cinnamon roll protein cream, on top of small chopped apples + healthy cereals + homemade almond milk "ice cream", all topped with clean chocolate sauce & healthy strawberry sauce.
11/26/12 - Breakfast: strawberry "cream pie" egg white/protein oatmeal with some healthy cereals + banana slices + plain Greek yogurt + cinnamon + Biscoff spread + prepared vanilla pudding + slivered almonds + shredded coconut + clean chocolate sauce (added after the picture... It made it look ugly, haha) + an extra dash of unsweetened almond milk.
11/26/12 - ...Dinner? Snack?: my snack-ish dinner thing for my first day at work... Haha. It held me over, though, which is good! I love hard-boiled eggs. My first day working at Rite Aid was Monday, and all I had to do was watch horrible CBT videos (there is a total of 18 freaking videos, 10-40 minutes EACH!!!! HELL!). But, since I get paid for watching them, it technically counts as my first day! Haha.
And, normally, I’d use the opportunity of missing dinner time to restrict and skip dinner overall, but that's not me anymore.
P.S. I finally got a name tag and it makes me feel so official!!
Third time job's a charm, I guess!
11/27/12 - Breakfast: "Phish Food"-inspired (By Ben & Jerry's!) protein egg white oatmeal!
Chocolate protein oats with caramel Cheerios + mini marshmallows + chocolate Goldfish + a bit of Biscoff & regular PB (I can never eat oatmeal without PB! Haha) + caramel Greek yogurt + an extra splash of unsweetened almond milk! SO delicious!
11/27/12 - Dessert/Snack: microwave clean/healthy fluffy pumpkin-nut mug cake stuffed with peanut butter + chocolate protein cream + banana slices, on top of small chopped apples + healthy cereals + homemade chocolate protein almond milk "ice cream", alllll topped with healthy chocolate & strawberry sauce! Oh, and just a litttttle plop of Fluff... Delicious is (or was?) a complete understatement.
11/28/12 - Breakfast: definitely one of those “looks gross but tastes incredible” bowls, haha.
Fluffy chocolate protein egg white oatmeal with healthy cereal + banana slices + slivered almonds + plain Greek yogurt + cinnamon roll protein cream + an extra dash of unsweetened almond milk, all inside a nearly-empty super creamy peanut butter jar. SO delicious.

Workout {Picture} of the Week:
(Can I make that a thing for now? It's a thing.)
The rest of my workouts can be found here!

P.S. Look forward to seeing my brand new theme coming soon! 


  1. thats such a good idea to make ben n jerrys inspired oatmeal..definitely gonna have to try this!

    1. It came out SO good! I love making new oatmeal combos :)

  2. Those brownies and pancakes look super good! I love clean desserts/baked goods!