Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Most Random of All WIAW (#27)

I'm dubbing this 'the most random WIAW' because I have no intro, this post is filled with goodies from all throughout the past week, AND because this is a quicky post! 

11/6/12 - Snack/Dessert: celebrated having power and heat back for the first time in nearly 9 full days with a healthy MICROWAVE CAKE, of course!
Strawberry-coconut microwave oat (flour-less!) cake on top of a chopped apple + chocolate granola + cereals, topped with peanut butters & cinnamon roll #protein cream and homemade healthy "Almond Joy" almond milk ice cream, all topped with clean chocolate sauce!! 
11/7/12 - Breakfast: healthy banana split egg white oatmeal inside a nearly empty Dark Chocolate Dreams jar.
11/7/12 - Dinner: brinner. Breakfast food at dinnertime... The best of both worlds!
Pumpkin pancakes topped with peanut butter + cinnamon roll protein cream + cinnamon + banana slices + cereals/chocolate granola + clean chocolate sauce + light maple syrup and an egg white protein scramble over lettuce & hot sauce! And a mug of protein hot chocolate with 5 mini marshmallows. Mmmm!
11/8/12 - Breakfast: this was quite delicious!
Gingerbread tea infused egg white oatmeal with chocolate granola + cereals + apple slices (from the smallest and cutest apple ever!) + plain Greek yogurt + cinnamon + Biscoff spread + cinnamon roll protein cream + a mini gingerbread man! Oh, and an extra dash of unsweetened vanilla almond coconut Almond Breeze milk!
11/8/12 - Snack: nothing too special here... Just showing off our awesome $1 apple corer AND slicer!! Best invention for the lazy... aka me.
11/8/12 - Snack/Dessert: (this went with the apple!)
Banan anut oat microwave muffin stuffed with a pumpkin spice Hershey Kiss (topped with PB & cinnamon roll protein frosting) over diced apples + cereal/granola, with homemade "Almond Joy" almond milk ice cream, allllll topped with healthy chocolate sauce!!!
It's all about balance and moderation, lovelies!
11/9/12 - Breakfast: 100% clean 'coffee cake'/'crumb cake' egg white oatmeal with crushed up protein cereal + granola + lots of peanut butter (my one true love!) + banana + plain Greek yogurt + cinnamon “crust”/bottom, topped with a healthy peanut butter crumb topping + cinnamon + crushed protein cereal & an extra dash of unsweetened vanilla almond coconut Almond Breeze milk!
This actually came out REALLY good! {Let me know if you want a recipe!}
11/9/12 - Snack/Dessert: nutrient-packed snack of microwave pumpkin cake on top of 2 small diced apples + a few banana slices (and some granola + cereal) topped with peanut butters and cinnamon roll protein frosting, with homemade chocolate protein almond milk ice cream, all topped with healthy chocolate sauce (that was a bit too liquid-y...)!
 11/10/12 - Breakfast: I love pancake Saturday.
rotein #pancakes (using a FULL SERVING! of protein powder!!!!) layered with peanut butters + cinnamon roll protein cream + banana slices + chocolate granola (gluten-free & nut-free) + a bit of cereal, all topped with some shredded coconut, cinnamon and a drizzle of light maple syrup.
A better look at these beauties...
11/10/12 - Dinner: went all out and made my family a super healthy and clean dinner!
An amazing church gave us a HUGE homegrown cabbage and a HUGE bag of fresh russet potatoes for free, so I decided to put it all to good use.
I baked mini 93/7 lean Italian hamburgers in cupcake tins then put them in a pot of sautéed beef soup broth & mushrooms, garlic & onion steamed cabbage, and microwaved “baked” potatoes! We also have some canned veggies, and I also added some salsa and garlic & onion diced tomatoes to my plate! Loads of nutrients going on (I had TONS of greens at lunch prior, btw), and calories were not being cared about at ALL! I even had BUTTER on my NON-SWEET potato with no regrets! (Including my other true love, feta❤, and some plain Greek yogurt.)
11/11/12 - Breakfast: I discovered how amazing warm oatmeal + cold pudding went together this day.
'Boston cream pie' egg white oatmeal with gluten-free & nut-free natural chocolate granola + banana slices + healthy chocolate Greek yogurt mixture + vanilla pudding & White Chocolate Wonderful mixture + a sprinkle of shredded coconut and slivered almonds + a dash of unsweetened vanilla almond coconut milk.
11/11/12 - Snack/Experiment!: made really yummy clean and healthy egg-free, oil-free & flour-free peanut butter oatmeal cookies with natural gluten-free & nut-free chocolate granola since I had no chocolate chips!
I took inspiration from Chocolate Covered Katie, but I wish the batch came out to more!
My mom, dad AND little sister approve! I’d definitely add more peanut butter next time, though.
11/11/12 - Snack/Dessert: clean chocolate protein microwave mug cake topped with peanut butters & cinnamon roll protein frosting & cinnamon, on top of fruit, chocolate granola, and homemade chocolate protein almond milk ice cream!
11/12/12 - Breakfast: we also got a huge container of dry instant oats from that lovely church that I mentioned earlier, and I've never had them before, so I decided to try them out this morning...
Holy COW did this oatmeal come out big and FLUFFY! I don't know if it was the oats or not, but I'm gonna convince myself it was.
Healthy pumpkin CHEESECAKE egg white oatmeal with chocolate granola + banana slices + plain Greek yogurt + a drizzle of light maple syrup + prepared sugar-free/fat-free cheesecake pudding mix + cinnamon + a dash of extra unsweetened Almond Breeze + Biscoff spread (more added after the picture!)
Everyone needs to add prepared (the night before or a few hours before) pudding to their oats immediately, okay? Okay.
11/12/12 - Breakfast: this oatmeal bowl deserved an award.
I added 2 egg whites plus a scoop of pumpkin puree to the oats before cooking, along with my other ingredients, stirred really well, cooked it in the microwave for a few minutes... And, BAM! A HUGE bowl of SUPER thick and fluffy oats appeared! It looked like I doubled the amount of oats I made! So awesome, so filling, SO delicious!
THICKEST and FLUFFIEST healthy caramel apple protein egg white oatmeal with pumpkin flax granola + a little bit of cereal + plain Greek yogurt + cinnamon + drizzles of light maple syrup + 100% natural peanut butter + caramel Greek yogurt + an extra dash of unsweetened Almond Milk.
I'll take four more bowls of this, thank you.
11/14/12 - Breakfast: clean and healthy 'brownie batter' protein egg white oatmeal with plain Kix cereal (one of the healthiest cereals… Barely any ingredients! Really dry and bland on their own, though) + chocolate granola + banana slices + plain Greek yogurt + cinnamon + an extra dash of unsweetened Almond Breeze, all inside a nearly-empty White Chocolate Wonderful jar!

Here's a random workout diary featuring me, my naked face, and awkward "douche" pictures:
My other workouts can be found here and/or on my Instagram... which I post on a bit too much!

OH, and I didn't mention this to you guys yet, buuuuut...

My arms and "abs" have been sore for DAYS since then...  And it's such a great feeling.

I hope you all are having an amazing November, an amazing week, and an amazing day! Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK!! Can you guys believe it?!?! The holidays are HEEEEEERE!! YAY FOR FOOD, FAMILY, FRIENDS, DECORATIONS, HAPPINESS, HOLIDAY MUSIC, AND CHRISTMAS MOVIES!! 


  1. Love the chocolate granola with apples yum! Here's my WIAW :)

  2. Wow, all looks pretty darn tasty. How in the word did you make it up to 11 minutes with the plank?

    1. It was! :)
      I've been planking 5-7 days a week for almost an entire year; I was doing it daily for about 5 months, and I made it up to a 10 minute plank. So, I decided to challenge myself a few months later to see if I still 'got it', and I did it! Haha. :)