Monday, November 19, 2012

Meet my newest family member: Landon!

I have some exciting news to share with you all!

Yesterday, November 18 2012, we adopted our first family kitten! We've been saying we want one for so long, but since my pup is so spoiled, we always avoided getting one... Until this past weekend!

Ever since hurricane/'superstorm' Sandy, there's unfortunately been an unhealthy amount of animals homeless. Because of this, my mom figured it would be the right time to finally adopt a kitten who really needed a home. (We figured a kitten would be better than an adult cat since my pup is already nearly 8-years-old, we'd rather train the kitty to grow up and love my pup, ya know?)

After searches upon searches on Saturday, we narrowed it down to a few we loved and saw online. On Sunday, me, my dad, and my little sister head out around 11:00 am to go to the pet store about 20 minutes away. The first pet store had nothing. The second had a group of animal rescuers with some pets they recently rescued, and my excitement started to arise even more! There were these two brother kitties, named Sampson and Fred, who were pure black cats (though Fred was a bit pale), and were basically inseparable. I loved them, but I had another kitten in mind so I/we didn't settle right away.

One of the group members, Scott, took us (plus a young couple) to a nearby pet store that had a kitten me and my brother were looking for. My mom wanted a boy kitten, though, because they tend to be a bit more laid-back... Plus my pup is a boy, so we figured they'd get along better!

The kitten we went for ended up being a girl, and she was ADORABLE! All the kittens there were unbelievably cute, but my eye was stuck on this semi-quiet orange and white kitten in the cage opposite to the one with the girl kitty.

His name was Sal, and he had just gotten rescued from a flooded home. He just arrived the day prior, as well, so his nails were still super long, and he was super restless. Scott picked him up out of the cage, gave him to me, and I fell in love. I didn't even mind that he dug his horribly long nails into my chest and my shirt and scarf... I didn't want to let him go!
(My first picture of the baby!)
I gave him to my dad while I talked to Scott as he over and over questioned me about if I really wanted him. And I did. I felt like he was made for me/us! When I think of a cat, I think of an orange and white cat. I always have. I've always wanted one, and I didn't want to give him up. I felt like he was exactly what we wanted.

And he is. He's 3 months old, about 2.5 pounds, and the SWEETEST cat you'll ever meet.
After nearly 3 straight hours of kitty shopping, we got to bring him home! I named him Landon. Why Landon, you ask? Well, one of my favorite YouTube artists is named Landon Austin, and I absolutely love how unique and original his name is! I didn't want a boring normal cat name... I wanted him to stand out! All the people who asked what his name was said it was the cutest thing ever, too! I think I picked a good one. 

He's already Mr. Spoiled, too! He's so tiny that he needs to basically have his "own room" for awhile, so we basically designated our downstairs bathroom to him for the time being. It's cute and I love it for him! He takes up a total of .000000000000000005% of the room.

As soon as I go in there to visit him, he crawls on me and purrs. He's such a sweet cat! He hates being locked up... He's constantly by the door crying to come out, but since we also have an {adorable} almost 8-year-old pup, too, we can't just let him out. Plus, he'd most definitely get lost immediately! He's a troublemaker in the making! (We originally tried to put pillows up to block under my dad's bed so he could roam in there, and the legit second we let him out of his carrier, he squeezed under the bed!)
I'm certain we (I!) picked the perfect kitten/cat, and I'm so, so happy.

P.S. I can't post this without introducing my perfect pup as well!
Here's Snowball, our almost 8-year-old Bichon-Poodle:
(These are both a few months old, but y'all get the picture!)

Both of my baby boys are so cuddly and sweet. They're the equivalent to the perfect pet.

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