Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Better Late Than Never...? I'm still a FPP!

Omg!! Guys, I'm SO sorry for being so late on posting my Foodie Pen Pal goodies from January!!!! 

I honestly had ALL intentions of posting it on the appropriate day (January 31st), but that day ended up being so incredibly busy! (I know, I know, excuses...) I got my license on Wednesday ( YAY! Finally! My driver even said my parallel parking was spot-on! I was freaking out over nothing! I only got it so late because I had to wait a year to get my permit) and then got a new tattoo on Thursday, then had work on Friday... It wasn't until I saw the NEW FPP email that reminded me I NEVER POSTED ABOUT MINE FROM JANUARY!! Ah! Don't hate me!!

But, now I shall shut up and get onto it! Drumroll please *daddaaddada*...

The Lean Green Bean

January 2013 Foodie Pen Pal
Sent by the lovely Angela! Again, thank you SO entirely much!
With a lovely note came all of these goodies from the one and only Las Vegas!

I don't know how Angela knew, but I had JUST run out of one of my all-time favorite nut butters - Peanut Butter & Co.'s Cinnamon Raisin Swirl - just a few days prior! I was happy to see a brand new jar when I opened up my FPP box that evening.
Also in the box was German pasta (which my family happily enjoyed a few nights later!), basil oil, a roasted mango chipotle sauce, and single-serving packs of Nutella (that my brother ate up in basically one sitting).

I'm very thankful for how generous Angela was, and I'm excited for February's FPP box! Thank you, again, Angela, for the delicious box of goodies!

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