Monday, February 11, 2013

A Promise to Myself

Hello, my little lovebugs.

Recently, we purchased a new scale. Not that we weigh ourselves often, but our old scale was getting pretty old, and this new one was only $14.99 and claimed to measure body fat percentage, bone mass, and even your daily caloric needs.

Well, after a few days of having it, I decided to try it out. The result surprised me.
{Either our old scale was extremely inaccurate, or our new scale is just showing how cheap it was.}

I felt disgusted... I talked to my mom about it, and her response was something you would consider "tough love." Even though I'm at the middle/higher end of a "healthy weight" for my height, she threatened to get me into "rehab" because of my "obsession". I never thought she would actually consider that, but she wasn't joking.

She made some valid points, though. The scale says I've gained x amount of weight and that I weight x amount of pounds, but 1. I workout and burn calories like crazy... normally about 400-600 calories, plus school and work, burned 5 days a week. And 2. absolutely everything I own still fits me 100% fine... from my jeans to my dang underwear. (I don't even feel like I LOOK different.) So, if I really gained x amount of weight/more-so fat in such a short period of time, how would these two things be possible?

The answer could be one of two things. Either I've gained {mostly} muscle (which would be fantastic), or the scale IS really as worthless as it is said to be...
(Can 'all of the above' be an option?)

So, anyways, onto the real point of this post!

This post is a new promise to myself.

A promise only I can fulfill on my own. A promise to love myself no matter what I weigh.
{My newest tattoo! I got it on January 31st, 2013. It's on my inner right forearm, and the reasoning behind it is here}

A promise to not let a number control my life.
{That's more like it!}

A promise that I will not weigh myself obsessively. The next time I will step on that scale won't be until I KNOW I'm comfortable with it again. I'm not gonna force myself anymore. If that time happens to be summer, then so be it.

A promise that I will not fall back into old, restrictive habits. I will enjoy life, nourish my body, and exercise as I please. If I have to miss a day, that's okay, too. No more skipping out on social outings because I HAVE to workout. That's not living now, is it?

Also, to end on an even more positive note, I finally feel like I'm growing a booty! That's a plus, right?! I don't mean a flabby, fat booty like my past self, or a flabby, bony booty for my last year self, but a firm, actual booty! {Too much information? More like not enough information.} (Just kidding!)

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  1. I'm so proud of you for being able to climb above this and not give into restriction! What always helps me want to get rid of the scales is thinking about people from the middle ages watching us weigh ourselves on scales and being utterly confused. They probably think there is absoutely no point, which, let's face it, there isn't! x