Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What I Ate Wednesday #36

Guess what time it is?!

That's right! WIAW time! 

I've been a veggie-obsessed teenager lately... Pretty much nothing new, really.

2/13/13 - Dessert/Snack: fluffy peanut butter protein microwave mug cake stuffed with cubes/pieces of banana nut muffin flavored Quest bar, topped with clean chocolate PB2 & plain melted natural peanut butter sauce with a side of blueberry Greek yogurt topped with rainbow sprinkles... oh, and a diced apple mixed with some healthy/organic cereal for a crunch! Holy deliciousness! I 100% recommend adding cubes of Quest Bars to your mug cakes. SUCH A GOOD IDEA.

(Oh, and I also had a mug of my new warm white chocolate tea in my favorite Santa mug! I'd rate the tea a 6/10 on flavor. No white chocolate taste, in my opinion, unless you load it with Stevia. Not that I mind that...)
2/14/13 - Breakfast: Valentines Day consisted of treats on treats and I still have no regrets.
It all started with this incredible breakfast.
Chocolate-covered strawberry fluffy protein egg white & flaxseed oatmeal with a sprinkling of healthy/organic cereals + plain Greek yogurt + frozen strawberries, all topped with chocolate PB2 & a giant chocolate-covered strawberry! All inside a nearly-empty White Chocolate Wonderful jar.

I post about them all the time, but seriously, I love you so much, Peanut Butter & Co. You geniuses, you.
2/14/13 - Snack?: decided to randomly try out Jamie Eason’s famous cinnamon swirl protein "bread"/cake... Changed a few ingredients to fit what I have, and just... WOW, I am in LOVE! ❤ My house smelled like freshly baked cinnamon rolls. Too, too good...
2/14/13 - Treats!: I may have eaten a... uh... good four too many mini cookies today… But, that’s okay. I don’t eat stuff like this literally EVER, so sometimes… I deserve it! And so do YOU!
Sometimes, even though it normally messes with my tummy, I DO want it. And that’s also okay. Alternatives can only last so long! But I have no reason to feel guilty about it… And I hate that I often do. But, today, I enjoyed myself… Enjoyed the holiday… Had some of my all-time FAVORITE treats (❤white chocolate macadamia nut cookie❤)… And guess what? I’m still alive, and I’m not 10 pounds heavier. Crazy, right?! But, honestly, days like these are needed and normal. I ate very well 80% of the day, and indulged with some treats the rest.
P.S. That thing in the left corner? Yeah, that's a double chocolate chunk cookie dipped in vanilla-chocolate FONDUE! In the special education class I work with, they had a little V-Day party, and I enjoyed myself... quite a lot! 

Gifts my mommy got me for Valentines Day! Isn't she the bestest?!
She knows me (and my gum addiction) too well! She's my best friend in the entire world.

2/15/13 - Breakfast: decided to try out something new for breakfast post-workout! Kind of like Paleo no-oat oatmeal?! Banana-pumpkin egg white & flax scramble mixed with blueberry Chobani Greek yogurt & some plain Greek yogurt and healthy/organic cereals, then topped with clean chocolate "fudge" sauce & melted creamy natural peanut butter + slivered almonds + a delicious piece of my take on Jamie Eason’s cinnamon swirl protein cake + some chia & fruit clusters! So much protein and SO. MUCH. DELICIOUSNESS.
2/15/13 - Dinner: sun-dried tomato bagel thin with pepper jack cheese + ham + tuna + tomato + onion + spinach + cucumber + super spicy mustard + plain Greek yogurt & cottage cheese, with a small tuna/feta/vegetable side salad (red wine vinegar and some mustard for a dressing)!
2/15/13 - Dessert/Snack: super freakin’ fluffy coconut peanut butter protein & flax mug cake ( got coconut extract for cheap, and I’m in-freakin'-LOVE!) STUFFED WITH A MINI REESE'S CUP that I got from my mommy for Valentines Day, & topped with sweet banana Greek yogurt (flavored by me) + chocolate PB2 sauce + melted peanut butter + shredded coconut over a diced apple mixed with some healthy/organic cereals, and a side of “homemade” frozen blueberry Chobani Greek yogurt topped with chia fruit clusters.
2/16/13 - Breakfast: Fluffy coconut banana split flaxseed protein pancakes stuffed with peanut butter-infused Greek yogurt & cottage cheese + some crunchy gluten-free brown rice cereal, topped with clean chocolate fudge + defrosted strawberries + shredded coconut + slivered almonds + banana slices!
Do you guys want this recipe?
2/16/13 - Dinner: I love cooking so much.
I made my family INCREDIBLE turkey, spinach, pepper & feta burgers (inspired by a recipe found in Woman's Health magazine) on our new George Foreman! That thing = amazing.
I also made loads of spaghetti squash for me and my mom, and for the week ahead! (Which only ended up lasting 4 days... hehe.) The stir-fry was pre-packaged, but it was just a little side for my dad and sister.
I had my serving over a gigantic, vegetable-filled spicy salad.
2/15/13 - Dessert/Snack: I NEVER workout on Fridays or Saturdays. But, this week, I did both. I also worked out at night this night, which I despise doing, but it was a great workout and I felt amazing afterward! So, this was my post-workout dessert/snack! Well, this + the last of our chocolate-covered strawberries & some grapes... My inner beast comes out post-workout. Hahahaha. Anyways! This deliciousness: a coconut-banana bread fluffy protein & flaxseed mug cake stuffed with 1/4 a strawberry cheesecake Quest bar & topped with chocolate protein frosting + melted White Chocolate Wonderful + PB2 sauce + a vanilla flavored mint green marshmallow bunny!! (Marshmallows are actually pretty good to have post-workout to up your glycogen levels!) + shredded coconut + slivered almonds on top of a diced apple mixed with healthy/organic cereals with half-frozen blueberry Greek yogurt topped with chia fruit clusters.
2/17/13 - Breakfast: bad lighting on such a good thing! I had to get up super early for an early work shift, so a big bowl of oats was the way to go!
Fluffy chocolate protein egg white & flaxseed oatmeal with gluten-free brown rice cereal + plain & chocolate PB2 sauce + melted WCW + sweetened banana-peanut butter Greek yogurt + chia fruit clusters!
2/17/13 - Lunch: bento lunch at work consisted of 2 homemade leftover turkey burgers over garlic Parmesan & flaxseed-sprinkled spaghetti squash, with a small vinegar salad & 1/2 a small fat sweet potato stuffed with cottage cheese + plain Greek yogurt & spicy mustard!
2/17/13 - Snack?: I got home from work, and immediately got baking. And, wow... do you SEE that fluff?! I can't even describe how good these are/were! I changed up the protein cinnamon swirl cake I made the other night, and on-the-spot turned them into some of the BEST fluffy coconut cinnamon swirl protein & flaxseed-rich cake/bars EVER!! (I also made my usual PB2 fudge black bean brownies and some regular cinnamon roll bread for my family) Even my mom said these coconut cinnamon swirl bars = awesome. And that says a lot! Haha. I don’t wanna toot my own horn, but they’re THAT good. And they’re big, too! Plus, SO. FLUFFY.

THIS recipe is coming. I know I keep promising recipes and also keep forgetting to post them (PLEASEEEE tell me which ones you guys want!!), but THIS ONE IS COMING! I PROMISE!
2/17/13 - Dessert/Snack: best. pre-bedtime. bowl. EVER.
A powerbowl consisting of a diced apple mixed with gluten-free brown rice cereal, topped with blueberry Greek yogurt + chia fruit clusters + broken up pieces of my clean baked goodies + organic cinnamon cereal + milk chocolate protein “fudge”/sauce, then all topped with melted White Chocolate Wonderful & a spoonful of banana nut granola peanut butter + slivered almonds.
2/18/13 - Breakfast: had breakfast out of a smiley bowl to start my week & my Monday off fabulously! 
White chocolate tea-infused egg white flaxseed oatmeal with healthy/organic cereals + pieces (that I didn’t already consume on the side…) of my clean baked goods + coconut-infused plain Greek yogurt + chocolate PB2 + melted White Chocolate Wonderful + defrosted frozen blueberries.
2/18/13 - Dinner: okay, so, I had SUCH a great work night this night! First a customer called me “ms. smiley (which continued to make me smile, lol), then another told me numerous times how I’m the “nicest Rite Aid employee ever”... and then a SUPER CUTE, tattooed (my favorite!) boy who originally came in with (who I assume was) his girlfriend and bought stuff left, and immediately came back in by himself for ONE pack of gum and to tell me he thinks I’m “really cute"... That just completed my night and made me have a smile on for the rest of the evening.  He said it so cute, too. It was honestly so unexpected and I mean, I wish I had a better reaction, but I felt bad because I had no idea if that really was his girlfriend or not. I didn't want to be that girl, ya know? Hopefully he comes back soon, though! Hahaha... I also got to work with my absolute favorite person at my job, who I NEVER get to work with anymore. It was just a fun night at Rite Aid, haha.
Okay, anyways!! Odd picture of my delicious bento dinner at work, but it's the best I could do! a 100% whole wheat pita wrap stuffed with vegetables + a homemade turkey burger + cottage cheese + spicy mustard with baked shredded chicken mixed with sweet potato & topped with spicy mustard, a bit of spaghetti squash, spinach & corn, and pickles!
2/19/13 - Breakfast: more fluffaaaay!! Hehe. Fluffy coconut cream pie egg white & flaxseed oatmeal topped with gluten-free brown rice cereal + PB2 sweetened Greek yogurt “cream” + 1/2 a piece of one of my coconut cinnamon swirl protein cake + melted White Chocolate Wonderful + shredded coconut + slivered almonds! Yum yum.
2/19/13 - Dinner: veggies on veggies on VEGGIES!!
Delicious, vegetable-filled and protein-packed DINNER! A small 100% whole wheat pita pizza topped with a cottage cheese/Greek yogurt/salsa base + 1 egg & extra whites (which came out super thick and delicious! It wasn't burnt, though... Promise!) + lots of chicken + vegetables on vegetables + feta & Parmesan + a dash of hot sauce, and a HUGE salad! No, I don’t go light on my salads... Never have, NEVER WILL!!
2/19/13 - Dessert/Snack: I've been on-point with these mug cakes lately! So fluffy. So good.
Fluffy strawberry microwave protein flaxseed mug cake stuffed with a frozen (now defrosted...) strawberry & topped with chocolate PB2 Greek yogurt + milk chocolate protein sauce + half melted WCW & creamy natural peanut butter + another defrosted frozen strawberry + a vanilla flavored mini bunny marshmallow on top of a diced apple mixed with healthy/organic cereals, and half-frozen strawberry Greek yogurt topped with chia fruit clusters & slivered almonds on the side.
2/20/13 - Breakfast: super fluffy "Chunky Monkey" egg white flaxseed oatmeal topped with a swirl of PB2 Greek yogurt + clean chocolate fudge sauce + a crumbled up clean homemade peanut butter fudge black bean brownie + slivered almonds + banana nut granola peanut butter!
Totally my delicious take on this ice cream:
2/20/13 - Lunch: omg... SO, SO good!
Post-workout powerlunch! Whole wheat pita “chips”, a mixture of a small piece of chicken + a veggie burger + 1 egg & extra whites + sweet potato topped with jalapeños, and a side of steamed vegetables!

Workout {Pictures} of the Week:

Other workouts can be found here and here, as usual!

Goals for the Week:
  • Less salads. Sounds weird, but I actually eat way too many salads a week. I'm talking around 7-10! I ALWAYS say this, but this upcoming week, I'm aiming for meal changes. It's time to change it up and start only caring about NUTRITION! NOT calories. I eat salads way too often and when I make them, I tend to overdue it a bit with toppings/salsa/etc.
  • 1 new recipe. Whether it's a baking or a savory recipe
  • Blog more! Whether it's about food or life, I really want to blog more. I want to document more. Pictures and all.
  • No body shaming. This next week will be dedicated to gaining self-confidence and feeling love towards my body and what it has been through. It's strong, and that's all that matters.
Well, that's it! Sorry for the super lengthy WIAW this week, but I'm glad to be back on the WIAW train!  I hope you're all having a lovely week and a lovely Wednesday! Stay strong, stay positive, and stay YOU!

P.S. Look out for a new theme on LLFS very very soon!


  1. I really like how you have Goals Posted as well, that seriously is inspiring me to give those a go as well! I just found your blog through What I Ate Wednesday Love Your Veggies Month, and was really excited to find another blogger who's a bit younger as well. I wanna keep reading, thanks girl!

    1. I'm so glad my goals inspired you, lovely! It also makes me happy that you wanna keep up with my blog :) Thank YOU!

  2. Yummm! Your WIAW is always my favourite to see :).
    Your eats always looks delicious - loving the look of those Banana Split Pancakes; definitely a great idea - will be trying a flavour like that soon! Yummyyyy :D