Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What I Ate Wednesday #33 - Long Time, No WIAW?!

Hello sugarplums!

I know, I know, long time no WIAW! I'm just as sad as y'all are... 
(But really, I am!!!!)

With work and school and just life in general, I haven't been able to post a WIAW in weeks!  And, since it's been, nearly a month since my last WIAW, I'm just gonna share some of my favorite eats as of... the past 2-3 weeks!

As always, Thank you to the lovely Jenn for hosting What I Ate Wednesday!

Favorite breakfasts as of lately:
1/05/13: chocolate chip peanut butter and banana protein pancakes layered with a sweet chocolate banana protein ‘cream’, all topped with PB2 & clean chocolate "fudge", and a small drizzle of light maple syrup! These aren't only amazing for you, but they came out to be SO fluffy with over 30g of protein! So awesome!
1/06/13: Pancake Sunday? Nah… More like protein SMOOTHIE SUNDAY! 
Inspired by Heather's delicious looking blueberry protein smoothie, I made my first (using a FULL SCOOP!! Yay, 'fear food' conquered!) protein-packed smoothie post-workout!
In a smiling bowl to make it all even better! Haha. Chocolate peanut butter banana protein smoothie-in-a-bowl topped with a swirl of PB2 “fudge” + organic peanut butter puffs + a sprinkle of peanut butter Cheerios + a smidge of natural peppermint whipped cream + melted Biscoff to top it all off! There’s some hidden spinach (and flaxseed!) in that smoothie as well... Gotta have my greenz (and fats!)
This was seriously my first real smoothie, and I fell in LOVE!
 1/07/13: thick “baked” (microwaved) oatmeal protein cake that tastes like a fudge brownie?! Uh... YES!
Topped with Biscoff-infused Greek yogurt + 1/2 of my PB2 black bean brownies (I ate the other half prior!) + clean peanut butter & chocolate "fudge" + organic Cinnamon Toast Crunch + snowflake sprinkles + two leftover banana slices! One of the best power-breakfasts EVER! So good!
1/08/13: look at that... another oatcake for breakfast! 
Pumpkin cheesecake egg white “baked” oatcake with a protein cheesecake “frosting” + chocolate PB2 sauce + organic Cinnamon Toast Crunch & pumpkin flax granola!
1/10/13: cake batter for breakfast? Hell-to-the-yeah! Haha.
The most voluminous protein egg white cake batter oatmeal with 1/2 tsp sprinkles on top!
Peanut butter, banana, clean chocolate… Can a simple bowl of oats be any better!
TIP: add 1/2 tsp or so of baking powder to your oats while/before cooking... Adds pancake-y texture and VOLUME! Especially when done on the stove top!
1/11/13: fluffy voluminous chocolate peanut butter egg white flaxseed oatmeal with some organic Cinnamon Toast Crunch  + banana slices + a bit of plain Greek yogurt topped with some PB2 black bean brownie crumbles + pretzel pieces + a few clean M&Ms + clean PB2 sauce, all inside a nearly-empty Biscoff jar!
1/15/13: holy. overflowing. OIAJ.
Legitimately the biggest, fluffiest apple pie flaxseed & protein egg white oatmeal with layers of diced apple + butterscotch Greek yogurt mixture + one of my clean low calorie, high nutrient peanut butter filled banana bread muffins (recipe to come? Hmm...) + some organic Cinnamon Toast Crunch + PB2 “fudge”, topped with a mixture of Biscoff spread & White Chocolate Wonderful… Alllllll inside a nearly (and basically)-empty Cinnamon Raisin Swirl jar!
1/16/13: SUPER THICK blueberry-banana cheesecake egg white & flaxseed oatmeal with banana slices & frozen blueberries + organic Cinnamon Toast Crunch + one of my ah-may-zing PB2 black bean brownies + chocolate peanut butter PB2 “sauce” + White Chocolate Wonderful + cheesecake pudding-infused Greek yogurt!
1/18/13: TGIF secret ingredient green monster peanut butter voluminous egg white flaxseed oatmeal! With some organic Cinnamon Toast Crunch + a dollop of plain Greek yogurt, topped with Cinnamon Raisin Swirl peanut butter + clean chocolate PB2 sauce + a freshly baked PB2 black bean brownie + some banana slices.
1/19/13: holy goodness, I love me some protein pancakes!
Blueberry pie protein pancakes layered with a peanut butter & banana brownie protein cream & a few pieces of organic cereal, all topped with clean chocolate PB2 sauce + a drizzle of some maple syrup + defrosted blueberries!
1/21/13:  overflowing OIAJ part 2, yes? Yes. 
Mixed berry egg white oatmeal with added flaxseed, layered with organic CTC + plain Greek yogurt + some crumbles from my clean peanut butter chocolate fudge brownies & muffins (another recipe to come?! I've been on a baking kick lately! You'll see them in full-effect later in this post) + some healthy chocolate + chocolate PB2 sauce, all inside a nearly-empty White Chocolate Wonderful jar!
1/22/13: pretty much the best thing ever.
Post-workout unintentional smiley face power-oats! ❤ Super thick stove-top chocolate protein egg white flaxseed oatmeal topped with protein “frosting” + crumbles of my clean flax and protein PB2 black bean brownies & muffin-s (plus more eaten while cooking...) + a dollop of Biscoff spread + peanut butter PB2 sauce + a banana smiley face! (It really was unintentional, but boy did it make me smile!

Favorite lunches, as of lately:
{Note: I don't photograph most of my lunches because 90% of the time, they're the same. A huge salad with loads of proteins and vegetables, with a side of steamed veggies. I never get sick of it! I have to force myself to change it up sometimes, haha.}
1/10/13: my take on Stuft Mama’s idea of a microwave pizza dough - full of healthy fats and protein spicy microwave shrimp, turkey & feta “pizza" with LOADS of my FAVORITE; steamed vegetables with super spicy mustard!! (See, I eat & create more than just sweet healthy food!) I'm REALLY proud of this one! This is another recipe to come... (Oooooof! I'm so behind!)
1/14/13: (this plus more chicken I snacked on while cooking! Hehe.) A powerbowl inspired by Powercakes, of course — giant bowl of fresh steamed vegetables with super spicy mustard, topped with a GIANT microwave sweet potato protein “pancake”/pizza with salsa & plain Greek yogurt, spinach, baked chicken, onion & feta! (Yet another recipe I have yet to post! Hahahaha...)
1/23/13: another powerbowl with steamed vegetables, baked chicken + spicy mustard with a HUGE sweet potato & flaxseed microwave protein "pancake"! (Just like the one above... before being smothered with salsa & plain Greek yogurt! Haha.)

Favorite dinners (... as of lately!):
{Note: at least 2 days of the week, my dinner is at work, hence the lack of creativity and lack of pictures. Plus, just like my lunches, most of the time my dinners are VERY repetitive and unphotogenic!}

1/09/13: rainbow salad! Shrimp, chickpeas, vegetables, etc.
(See, I wasn't lying when I said I eat HUGE salads! I eat them out of serving bowls, haha.)
1/10/13: bento at work; spinach, black olive, tomato and feta pizza with a side of tuna + chickpeas + turkey + vegetables with spicy mustard, and a few shrimp & some lean ham! Oh, and some flaxseed on top of it all.
 1/12/13: made a super clean and healthy dinner for the family!
Onion, ricotta, spinach & peppercorn thick-cut bacon stuffed chicken cutlets with mashed cauliflower! Had with a microwave “baked” sweet potato topped with plain Greek yogurt & salsa, and a pickle!
Gotta eat to growwwwww! 

1/19/13: another power-salad! Made my family dinner again, this time ricotta-stuffed lean baked flaxseed & grated Parmesan-covered meatballs with a bit of creamy tomato sauce & some mashed cauliflower! Had mine over a HUGE salad with other nutritious thingz!

Favorite snacks/baking adventures:
 1/06/13: just call me the healthy Betty Crocker! Haha.
Literally surprised myself with these clean protein banana breads! The first one is cinnamon sugar cream cheese stuffed, and the second is full out peanut butter explosion! Along with my peanut butter (super freakin’ perfectly fudgy) black bean brownies. ALL of them are packed with proteins, healthy carbs, healthy fats, AND fiber! Plus, they all stayed super moist and delicious for days! (Well, as long as they lasted... Food doesn't last very long in my house!)
My momma was feeling really down and stressed those past two days, and she LOVED my cinnamon sugar cream cheesed stuffed cookies, and I was inspired to turn the recipe into a banana bread for some odd reason!
1/08/13: on clearance at work, I found these things called Unreal/Candy Unjunked, and I’ve been SO curious about them... So, since they were only $1.24 at the time, I decided to buy them and give them a shot! I actually sent the two candy bars to my Foodie PenPal of the month, but the M&M's are incredible! Like, I'm not even joking when I say they're actually BETTER than actual M&M's.

These are candies with no artificial ingredients, no hydrogenated oils, no corn syrup, no preservatives, no GMOs, and pretty easy-to-read ingredients! I’ve never seen them before Rite Aid, but they’re SO interesting! And they all contain 3g of fiber per serving!
1/12/13: microwave clean blueberry mug muffin with a diced apple & some almost melted (I didn’t let it freeze long enough!) homemade cinnamon-blueberry protein almond milk "ice cream!" All guarded by Harris the vanilla organic hippo!

Yes, I name my Snackimals!
1/13/13: Sunday funday clean and healthy baking is my favorite!
This was my like, 5th batch of peanut butter fudge black bean brownies in a good three weeks! I eat them so often, and my mom and family equally love them!! Haha. But, I also made high fiber & omega-3 (yay flaxseed!) rich SUPER moist banana bread muffins by my own recipe!! Half stuffed with defrosted strawberries, and the other half with chocolate PB2 & banana mixed!
The best part? Both of these dessert/snack foods are FULL of nutrients, including healthy fats, carbs AND proteins! Plus, each muffin is roughly only 72 calories each with the fillings! Recipes to come? Maybe..... 
1/16/13: sweet potato protein & flaxseed microwave mug cake stuffed with some PB + Greek yogurt + organic CTC + banana slices topped with chocolate PB2 “fudge” sauce + shredded coconut + cinnamon, on top of a big diced apple with a side of “homemade” blueberry Greek frozen yogurt with some rainbow sprinkles for a bit of happiness! All guarded by… Melvin the vanilla organic monkey Snackimal!
1/18/13: one of my favorite mug cakes to date!
Chocolate peanut butter protein & flaxseed mug cake stuffed with peanut butter “cream” & a few squares of organic Cinnamon Toast Crunch on top of a diced apple with some “homemade” blueberry Greek frozen yogurt, all topped with clean chocolate & peanut butter sauce + melted berries!
... Guarded by Raphael the organic vanilla elephant! (Orrrrr RAPH-ELEPHANT! I crack myself up...)
1/20/13: more Sunday funday baking!
 Double chocolate peanut butter stuffed whole wheat oat protein & flaxseed muffins (less than 70 calories, with the filling, with 4g protein!) & my usual peanut butter fudge black bean brownies that I eat way too much of (but really don’t care)! Haha. Both of these = success! I also made my family regular peanut butter cookies/peanut butter cookie muffins (from a mix... but I added a flax-egg! Shhhh ).
1/21/13: big peanut butter flaxseed mug cake stuffed with Cinnamon Raisin Swirl PB + banana + organic cereal topped with chocolate PB2 sauce, on top of a diced apple with some “homemade” Greek frozen yogurt with rainbow sprinkles! Guarded by Luke the organic vanilla lion!

Some recent workout diaries:

Other workouts can be found here and/or on my Instagram!

Oh, and here is something awesome that deserves to be mentioned:
1/09/13: Sean Light, one of the trainers of Body Rock TV/Daily HIITfollowed me on Instagram! That might not seem like a "big deal" to anyone else, but he doesn't follow everyone, and he's one of my inspirations! I love him and I LOVE his videos... Totally made my day! He even comments and likes my pictures now! 

WOW, what a long post! This took me an hour to write, but it was worth it because I missed participating in WIAW! I hope you all enjoyed and are having a lovely day! Stay positive and stay YOU!


  1. your breakfasts look so delicious! I am a huge breakfast person, so that is def a compliment haha. Also that bowl with the face on it is super cute. I need one.

  2. Seriously, ALL of your photos have me drooling!!! && yes, those m&ms are amazing. Have you tried the pb cups?

    1. ;)
      I have not! I have yet to re-find these beauties! :(

  3. Wow you're literally a culinary expert! I am definitely visiting your page more often for inspiration and recipes! Thanks!

    1. Oh my goodness, thank you so much! That means the world to me! Xoxo

  4. Can you come to my house in Australia and make me breakfast everyday? P.s., what's your instagram username?

    1. Absolutely! ;) :)