Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What I Ate Wednesday #34

This is a totally last-minute WIAW post because I don't wanna miss another week! Pathetic? Psh... No! 

Anyways! February's theme is "love your veggies", wish I absolutely adore! I'm an avid veggie-eater, so this will be an easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy month for me! 

As always, thank you, Jenn, for always hosting this blogger part-aaaay!
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Since it is "love your veggies" month, I think I'll dedicated this post to... veggies! Clever, right?

1/23/13 - Dinner... errr, Brinner: SUPER fluffy banana bread protein pancakes with a super spicy egg white, vegetable & protein scramble on da side! 
1/24/12 - Lunch: giant, SUPER FLUFFY sweet potato microwave protein “pancake” filled with proteins & healthy fats, on a bed of fresh steamed vegetables mixed with fresh cold cuts my dad brought home on sandwiches (which I took apart! Haha)! Topped with my FAVORITE spicy mustard and some plain Greek yogurt.
1/25/13 - Dinner: bento at work consisted of loads of protein, vegetables with flaxseed, and a mini slice of semi-"healthy" pizza my mommy got and made for us!
1/26/13: eeeeerm... sweet potato fries are a vegetable, right
This was a HUGE recovery "win" for me. Treat meal #1 since Christmas time.
I had gotten a gift card for Chilis two months ago from a secret Santa, and had been DYING for a BIG, juicy hamburger. I wanted their jalapeño burger at first, but opted for this other huge, delicious one because, even for a treat (no, NOT "cheat"! I hate that word!) meal, I’d rather not have America’s #1 ranked worst-for-you burger (it has 2.5 days worth of fat, almost 4 full days worth of sodium… and a days worth of calories... and that's for just ONE meal (or even HALF meal, actually, since it just included the hamburger). I’d rather consume that for numerous meals.) Plus, I had LOADS of breaded jalapeños alongside my legitimately mouth-wateringly incredible sweet potato fries. Chili's food isn't my favorite, but their sweet potato fries are a favorite. Oh, and they also gave me the most fries out of four orders of burgers and fries! Haha! And I was the only one given ketchup on the side, as well, even though I gave it to my mom!
 1/27/13 - Breakfast: surprisingly enough, yes, there IS a vegetable in there!
Blueberry muffin protein & flaxseed spinach smoothie topped with chocolate PB2 sauce + the remainder of my organic Cinnamon Toast Crunch + shredded coconut + frozen blueberries + a spoonful of natural creamy peanut butter.
This actually tasted like a blueberry muffin. So good.
1/28/13 - Lunch: how gorgeous does this post-workout lunch look?!
My first PERFECT fluffy omelet (yes, I used YOLKS. GASP! Haha. I love my yolks!) stuffed with Greek yogurt & salsa + sweet potato + fresh turkey (my uncle and his girlfriend has an over 20 pound turkey sitting in their freezer, and they didn’t want it so they gave it to us!) + feta on top of a vegetable-filled salad with a side of a HUGE plate of steamed fresh broccoli & carrots + a sliced tomato topped with a sprinkle of Parmesan & a squeeeeeze of mustard! I've had this loads of times since, for both lunch AND dinner. Though, I had to sub with just egg whites some of the times because I ate too many yolks...
1/29/13 - Dinner: bento at work; tuna & vegetable side with salsa & mustard & ground flaxseed, a microwave-"baked" sweet potato stuffed with salsa & fresh turkey with a drizzle of mustard, and some pickles & extra turkey on the side! Plus some water, Vitamin Water Zero, and a much-needed energy drink that actually wasn't that bad for you. I'd recommend it! Kinda tasted like a carbonated Capri Sun... (Without all the sugar!)
1/30/13 - Dinner: after getting my license, I was more than happy to reward myself with this beautiful dinner!
Peanut butter banana bread protein pancakes (with a few chocolate chips to celebrate getting my license!) with White Chocolate Wonderful + some plain Greek yogurt, all topped with PB2 sauce & a drizzle of maple syrup + some organic cereal crumbles. Alongside is an egg white protein scramble!
1/31/13 - Dinner: another work bento consisting of vegetables and a mini slice of pizza. Plus some plain Greek yogurt mixed with spicy mustard as a dip.
2/1/13 - Lunch: had such a long, busy day out and grocery shopping with my mom and little sister, so I recommended we stop for some Subway on the way home so we can eat lunch before dinner time! I got my FAVORITE, which is a steak, bacon & mozzarella (not much! Just a sprinkle) salad with all the toppings/vegetables, plus vinegar as a dressing! I also had some steamed fresh broccoli & carrots on the side with a mustard & Greek yogurt mixture to dip, as usual.
2/1/13 - Dinner: *drools* Can I have this all over again?!
Lobster fried rice, boneless spare rib tips, a pork egg roll, some General Pso’s chicken (and loads more beforehand… We got a whole entrée of it free!! Haha), and LOADS of steamed vegetables with some spicy mustard! Second treat meal with no regrets. So proud of myself.
2/2/13 - Breakfast: another hidden vegetable dish!
Reese's (chocolate-peanut butter & banana… Yes, a FULL scoop of protein powder and a WHOLE banana!) protein flaxseed & spinach smoothie bowl topped with almonds/sliced almonds + shredded coconut + some crushed organic cereal + a few peanuts & a scoop of creamy natural peanut butter!
I've really been loving my smoothie bowls as a post-workout Sunday breakfast!

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Workout {Picture} of the Week:

The rest can be found on my Instagram and Tumblr, as well!

Well... That's all for now, folks!  I'm so happy I got a new WIAW up! It was about time, right?! 

I hope you're all having the most loveliest of Wednesdays... Mine's been great, but according to my horoscope, it should be getting even better...

OH! P.S.! I got my license and a new tattoo within the past week!
I blame my hair and big chin for the horrible picture. (It was really hot that day, okay?!)
I mean, what is a license without a bad picture? Not a real license! 
I found this tattoo concept somewhere on the computer, and I really loved it. It was pretty simple and plain at first, but my tattoo artist, who’s fortunately one of my dad’s good friends, put some extra detail into it to make it personal… and I love it. And, if you’re wondering why I have a heart fading into the word “yourself”, it actually stands for “love yourself”, and it's on my inner right forearm. After struggling with eating too much, being overweight (basically obese at a BMI of 31), being bullied (A LOT) for being that way, eating way too little and becoming obsessed with every little calorie, dropping too much weight and obsessing over a number on a scale, and now looking to find that completely healthy medium again, this is something I continuously need to remind myself to do. I struggled too long by myself being too insecure to forever live like that. This is the first time I can honestly say I'm starting to love myself. I've never felt as confident before as I do now. But this tattoo isn’t only a reminder for ME, but for every single person who reads it/this. It’s facing outward for that reason — to spread the word to love yourself. The only person you truly need to love to live, is yourself. The only way to succeed, to be happy, to be healthy, is to LOVE YOURSELF. It’s so important to care about yourself and to love yourself. If you love and believe in yourself, even the slightest bit, you can and WILL get FAR. It’s time to stop caring what others think. It’s time to start loving yourself. ♥

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