Sunday, January 20, 2013

From Pizza to Push-Ups

Hello lovebugs!

Remember how I posted a few days ago about my love and respect for Kasey/Powercakes?

Well, this is another post dedicated to a fitness 'guru', so to speak, who I absolutely adore for many different reasons. Like Kasey, she's also one of my biggest "fit-sporations". Her name is Asheton... Better known as SMASHETON!

Spotlight: Asheton AKA SMASHETON!

This is Asheton. Not only does she have a killer body, but she also has a killer personality. She's super sweet, super supportive, and SUPER inspiring!

The reason I titled this 'spotlight' post as "From Pizza to Push-Ups", is because Asheton often "brags" (in a good way!) about how she, as most people like to call it (except me! I HATE this word!), "cheats" on her healthy living "diet" by eating an entire pizza!
Now, I don't want to sound like she has a horrible eating pattern, because she has far from one! She just eats what she wants, and when she wants. Plus, when she's not eating an entire pizza, she's killing it with her workouts! But, whether that'd be pizza or deli meats (which I personally love... unlike most fitness and health fanatics)  And the reason I mention this is because she doesn't deprive herself, like MANY fitness "gurus" out there. She doesn't feel guilty after. She knows she works out hard enough, and eats "clean" enough most of the time to treat herself sometimes. Asheton shows that fun side of real healthy living, and I find that really inspiring. Moderation is such an important factor in everyone's life, and unfortunately most people assume healthy living means depriving themselves.

Overall, Asheton Smasheton is just a beautiful and inspiring person, inside and out. Her posts on Tumblr and on Instagram help me and many other girls more than she knows! Thank you, Smash, for being so amazing and inspiring! Love youuuu! 

P.S. Smash also has a YouTube... Check it ouuuuuut!

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