Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What I Ate Wednesday #32


In today's WIAW, I'm gonna share some recent eats from the past week! Most of these were out-of-this-world fabulous. I love having time off from school so I can cook/bake. So sad to go back! 

12/26/12 - Breakfast: post-workout OIAJ... What's better?!
Chocolate 'brownie batter' protein egg white oatmeal with some healthy cereal + banana slices + sweet cinnamon roll protein cream + White Chocolate Wonderful + snowflake sprinkles, all inside a nearly-empty banana granola nut peanut butter jar! Mixing Coach's Oats with some regular oats makes for the thickest oatmeal! Love it!! ...All of it didn’t even fit in the jar… So I ate it on the side.
12/27/12 - Breakfast: whoever said you can't have dessert for breakfast never had dessert for breakfast!  Apple pie protein egg white oatmeal topped with homemade cinnamon roll protein almond milk "ice cream" & sugar/fat-free butterscotch protein pudding + a bit of White Chocolate Wonderful!
12/27/12 - Snack (at work): I was going to be one of those people who try and “avoid” not-so-healthy choices after holiday indulgences for awhile... Then life came along and offered me a homemade chocolate coconut bar. 
12/28/12 - Breakfast: National Chocolate Day + a rest day calls for a stack of  brownie batter protein pancakes stuffed with clean chocolate fudge mixed with Dark Chocolate Dreams + banana slices + a small sprinkle of healthy cereal, all topped with MORE chocolate fudge + a crushed mini candy cane + the smallest drizzle of maple syrup! Chocolate overload... Heaven!! 
12/28/12 - Snack: homemade mini cinnamon sugar pumpkin pie donuts.
12/28/12 - Dinner: a Vitacost (I think that’s the brand name... Same brand as VitaTops!) mini pizza (15g protein, 190 calories and not too bad on ingredients! Wish they weren’t so expensive though.), a chickpea + rotisserie chicken + turkey + vegetable “salad” mixed with plain Chobani and salsa, and a pickle!
This pizza was actually incredibly good... Quite surprising!
12/29/12 - Breakfast: stack of apple pie protein pancakes stuffed with sweet cinnamon roll protein cream & healthy crumble cereal, topped with some more apple slices + a bit of White Chocolate Wonderful + a drizzle of maple syrup + a sprinkle of cinnamon!
{Recipe is coming soon!}
12/29/12 - HAPPINESS!: I ordered PB2 the previous day, and it was here the next day.... Even though I didn’t order fast shipping! So weird, but I instantly fell in love with it. (Hashtag peanut butter addict)
12/30/12 - Breakfast: post-workout PERFECTION.
Fluffy gingerbread egg white oatmeal with a few fresh strawberries & apple slices + a sprinkling of healthy cereal + sweet protein “cream”, all topped with a few bits of one of my mini pumpkin protein donuts + PB2 peanut butter 'fudge' + a vanilla fox Snackimal, all inside a nearly-empty White Chocolate Wonderful jar.
12/30/12 - Snack: I've been so into baking lately, and these were both unbelievable.
I had just gotten ground flaxseed for the first time, and I really wanted to use it... So, I did!
Chocolate Covered Katie’s cream cheese filled cinnamon sugar “pillow” cookies (SO good, but the size is incredibly disappointing, haha), and some SUPER fudgy peanut butter protein and healthy fat filled BLACK BEAN brownies! Those brownies are the fudgiest brownies I've ever eaten. (And yes, "fudgiest" is now a word.)
12/30/12 - Dessert/Snack: who missed seeing my microwaved desserts?! *Raises hand*
PB2, flaxseed and strawberry microwave cake (that didn’t rise at all… Oopsies!) on top of some diced apple & sliced banana + some homemade protein almond milk "ice cream" with a sprinkling of healthy crumble cereal & a topping of clean chocolate peanut butter fudge & melted Biscoff spread… Inside a nearly-empty COOL WHIP CONTAINER! Hehe.
(...Theres also some crumbs from one of my EXTREMELY delicious clean peanut butter brownies in there...)
12/31/12 - Breakfast: literally some of the best oatmeal.
Thick, fluffy chocolate & PB2 egg white flaxseed oatmeal with a sprinkle of healthy cereal + fresh chopped strawberries + plain Greek yogurt (+ some of my mommy’s sugar/fat-free cheesecake pudding… just a baby spoonful!), all topped with some crumbles of one my literally orgasmic peanut butter fudge black bean brownies + clean chocolate & clean peanut butter fudge + a bit of Biscoff spread + some natural peppermint whipped cream.
12/31/12 - Dinner: chicken, tomato, lettuce & spinach sandwich with super spicy mustard & ranch Greek yogurt, with a chickpea and vegetable side “salad” and some extra chicken. I love chicken. 
12/31/12 - ... Snack?: this was my New Years Eve. With my mom and dad. (And my little sister, but she doesn't drink, obviously...) I tried Mike's Hard Lemonade for the first time, and I loved it... aside from the fizziness! My throat cannot handle anything fizzy.
1/01/13 - Breakfast: first meal of the new year was a stack of some of the fluffiest and greatest pancakes ever. Seriously... these tasted like they were pure buttermilk pancakes, and I don't even know why! I'm just glad they did.
Pumpkin cheesecake protein pancakes stuffed with protein cheesecake sweet “cream” (cheesecake flavor came from sugar/fat-free pudding mix) with a swirl of chocolate PB2 brownie “cream” with a mini slather of light cream cheese on each pancake. Holy GOODNESS.
{Recipe is coming soon!}
1/01/13 - Snack: round 2/remakes of my baking a few days prior...
Chocolate Covered Katie's cream cheese filled cinnamon sugar “pillow” cookies & my peanut butter fudge black bean brownies… Except this time, I did the cookies by my own recipe (inspired by a Skinny Taste one!), and they came out MUCH larger, SUPER fluffy, and just as yummy!
My mom LOVED them and asked me to make them again, so I did... But I thought the original size (recipe by Chocolate Covered Katie) was incredibly disappointing even for the nutrition information. (They were smaller than most cookies, healthy or unhealthy. TOO tiny! Haha.) Mine are about 65 calories with fiber and all clean ingredients. Recipe for them is on its way! 
1/01/13 - Dinner: I can't even put into words how amazing this salad was... And I eat 1-2 salads every day! Steak, mozzarella cheese, bacon, tons of fresh vegetables, chickpeas, and vinegar. I added some salsa and some more lettuce and tomato post-picture... and I want it all over again.
So many good meals to start the year off!! 
1/02/13 - Breakfast: peanut butter cookie flaxseed egg white oatmeal to start off my first day back to school in over a week! With banana slices + plain Greek yogurt + organic peanut butter puffs cereal + Cinnamon Raisin Swirl peanut butter, then topped with some chocolate peanut butter fudge & clean peanut butter fudge black bean brownie pieces! Then a bit of Cool Whip & extra unsweetened almond milk after the picture, haha. Pretty much just peanut butter with a side of oats. Just the way I like it.

Workout {pictures} of the Week:
I recently got a punching bag and sandbag for Christmas, and fell deeply in love with both of them.


  1. mmmm your pancake + oatmeal combinations look amazing! take so much inspiration from you for toppings etc and things i can add :) made raspberry egg white oats with all bran, greek yoghurt, healthy chocolate sauce and healthy peanut sauce this morning = amazingg!

    1. Thank you so much lovely! That sounds INCREDIBLE! I need to try some raspberry egg white oats :)