Monday, December 31, 2012

2013 - New Year, New Goals

Just like most other bloggers/people on this planet, this post is all about my new year's resolutions

Usually if I type out my goals, I stick to them... I know, I'm weird. (Life of a 5-year Internet addict!) But, this year, I decided against the 50000 unlikely-to-be-filled resolutions, and am set on just a select few.

I want 2013 to be a more positive year. Not that 2012 wasn't, but I just wasn't as happy or focused most of the year because of my newly-discovered "eating disorder". (I put that in quotations because I have never been diagnosed, and I'm not even sure what to classify myself as since no one takes orthorexia too seriously.) I don't want this year to be focused on my body, being "fat", skinny or fit. I want this year to be spontaneous, optimistic, and free.

My main resolutions/goals for this year are...
  • Get my license before summer! It's okay if I don't pass the first time. I will not beat myself up about it
  • Get a car... preferably a Beetle/Buggy! 
  • Do more yoga/use my beautiful new yoga mat more... Also learn how to do a handstand!
  • Stress less, especially about little things. Learn to make the most of any situation whenever possible. No more stressing about going to work... (Be grateful you even have a job, Alissa!)
  • Absolutely no calorie counting. No macro counting, no food-weighing. It's time to take on intuitive eating full-blast. My goal is to be done with this by summer.
  • Keep up the workout schedule of 4-5 days a week. (But, do NOT stress about it and do NOT skip out on fun activities and times because you "need to workout". If something comes up, that's okay. You don't NEED to have a set schedule EVERY week. Listen to your body and listen to your heart.)
  • Tone up! More strength, less cardio. This also means less worrying about calories burned, and more focusing on how I feel.
I'm also doing something I like to call a positivity jar. I found this idea online and I fell in love!
Everyday in 2013, I will find at least one good thing about that day. I will write it down on a piece of paper, fold it up, and put it in this mason jar. At the end of 2013, I can then look back and realize how good life really is. I will look back and see all the little things that made the year worth living.

Now, instead of dreaming of 2013, let's reminisce a bit on 2012...
I tried tea for the first time... and am now an avid drinker!
(LOVE me some sugar cookie tea!)
I also tried oatmeal, sweet potato, and the majority of vegetables for the first time...
And it's safe to say I'm an addict fan.
I got my first tattoo... and my second.
(Autism awareness butterfly under my left shoulder and a cross on my left wrist.)
I got bloodwork done for the first time... and nearly passed out.
One of my simple art projects in school got put in a local youth art exhibit!
I got my first job at a singing/dancing/performing ice cream shop!
(No, I did not do any of the above! I was a cashier/ice cream scooper.)
... and I also got my second and third job. I'm currently at my favorite one to date, which is Rite Aid.
I won "most changed" for my class of 2013's senior superlatives!
I gained confidence, and also started wearing makeup more... including red lipstick!
I regained my love for peanut butter.
I survived 9 days without power and heat because of the lovely Hurricane Sandy...
... and still managed to get some killer workouts in!
I started planking, and reached my current longest of 11 minutes and 07 seconds!
We rescued/adopted a kitten!!!! His name is Landon and he is a complete blessing.
I found my love and passion for health and fitness... and also got a punching bag, which I absolutely adore!
I spent more days like this, worry-free about any calorie taken in, than I have in months.
Tummy aches followed were completely worth it.

Of course lots of other lovely things happened, but I don't have pictures of them all! (I totally regret saying "no" to a bunch of situations where pictures were being taken... Never again!) For instance, I re-found my absolute love for blogging, and I have no idea where I would be without all my fellow bloggers and supporters on Instagram!

Now, here's to an amazing new year!

Have a safe one, lovelies! Thank you for the continuous support this year. I promise to bring even more with the new year to come!

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