Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday #25

Okay, so, in one week, it'll be the last day of October.
That means it's almost November. And that means... THE  BEST HOLIDAYS ARE ALMOST HEEEEERE!! WOOOO!

Once November hits, though, I hope time stops flyin'! I don't want the holiday season to come and go in the blink of an eye!

Haha okay, anyways, I almost always start off my WIAWs talking about how fast time is flying. (But it IS!!!!!!) So, I think I should move on to some eats from this past week, yes? 

Spooky Snacks and Healthy Halloween Treats
10/17/12 - Dessert/Snack: clean "cookie dough" microwave muffin with sliced apple & homemade "Almond Joy" almond milk ice cream! I used crushed chocolate cookies and cream Goldfish since I have no chocolate chips/carob chips... Still SO good.
10/18/12 - Breakfast: ugh... I just love OIAJ. Having a family who loves "butters" as much as I do is such a fabulous thing. OIAJ all da time!
Healthy "Funfetti' protein egg white oatmeal with a sprinkle of some granola & cereals + banana & apple slices/cubes + some pumpkin pie yogurt & plain Greek yogurt + cinnamon + some sprinkles! + a bit of Dark Chocolate Dreams, all inside a nearly-empty jar of the best "butter" EVAHHHH — Biscoff spread!!
All of my oats did not want to fit in the jar... But that didn't stop me from eating them all!
10/19/12 - Breakfast: peanut butter "Twix" protein egg white oatmeal with granolas & cereals (for the “cookie” layer) + banana slices (just because I love me some bananas!) + plain Greek yogurt + cinnamon + caramel Greek yogurt (caramel powder mixed with plain Fage!) + natural peanut butter! 
10/19/12 - Snack/Drink?: no picture, but a recipe instead!
Absolutely the best hot chocolate I've ever made!
... And it's healthy!
10/19/12 - Dessert/Snack: DELICIOUSLY SMELLING healthy and {mostly} clean dessert/nighttime snack - chocolate caramel microwave mini cake with homemade "Almond Joy" almond milk ice cream and sliced apple! (And some peanut butter, banana & granola/cereals, of course!)
Oh, and I stuffed 4 mini marshmallows in for fun (and mainly to see them expand! Hehe)... They’re good for the soul!
10/20/12 - Breakfast: PANCAKE SATURDAY!
Pumpkin protein pancakes layered with warm pumpkin spiced apple & banana slices (because the pancakes are so low cal, I have a whole apple with it!), plain & pumpkin flax granola, and natural peanut butter; all topped with healthy #chocolate protein “sauce” and maple syrup! Freaking amazing. Cannot believe these are healthy/clean. {Let me know if you guys want this recipe!}
10/20/12 - Lunch: lunch after a long day of food shopping with my mommy!
Pumpkin spice bagel thin (omg perfect) with Biscoff spread & natural peanut butter, banana, shredded coconut, fresh spinach & a banana-pumpkin egg white scramble! On the side, I have fresh tomato & steamed fresh broccoli and carrots in plain Greek yogurt + ranch powder!
This was one of my most delicious lunches in awhile.
10/20/12 - Dinner: made a healthy dinner for my family!
Prosciutto, spinach and provolone stuffed baked garlic-Italian chicken cutlets, with mashed garlic cauliflower “potatoes”! I had mine over a HUGE salad!
I got the inspiration for the chicken from Skinny Taste. It came out to be literally the best chicken I've ever baked/made.
10/20/12 - Snack: you know you’re vegetable obsessed when you put it in your gigantic tub of popcorn...
No dessert this night; just a huge ass bowl of delicious air-popped popcorn and a side of slices apples!
Haven't had this in too long!! It was nice to have it again!
10/21/12 - Breakfast: best post-workout breakfast!!!! That's my favorite time to have OIAJ.
Banana bread egg white oatmeal with plain & peanut butter granola + cereals + banana slices + some plain Greek yogurt + cinnamon + a bit of Biscoff spread + a splash of extra almond milk, all inside a nearly-empty Dark Chocolate Dreams jar!
Confession: I almost made less than a serving of oats out of anxiety and thoughts about later (going to a family's house for dinner and dessert)... aka I almost restricted... but I didn't. And I'm so proud of that.
10/21/12 - Dinner & Dessert: after I was done eating, I felt like I was pregnant and about to pop... But it was well worth it! My uncle's lovely girlfriend made us some AMAZING pasta and meatballs (and sausage, which I'm not a fan of), and I had a great plateful (that SHE put together for me!! I never let anyone else prepare my food!) with TWO pieces of WHITE(!!) Italian bread! Then, I had 2.5 pieces of THE BEST HOMEMADE PUDDING CAKE THING EVER!! OMG. Homemade crust, real chocolate pudding, and homemade whipped topping... Can't ask for any better! Homemade is always a good choice! Haha. But, I had exactly what I wanted, I had absolutely 0 regrets, and my anxiety (that I unfortunately had for days prior) went gone down immensely after eating and enjoying myself.
Life in a 100% Italian family is NOTHING without homemade Italian food! Moderation is yours and my best friend... I promise, everyone.
Oh, and this is kind of irrelevant to this post overall, but my uncle and his girlfriend’s new townhouse is SO cute! They live in a beautiful woodsy area. I’m in love with the scenery and the house.
10/22/12 - Breakfast: even though it was Monday, I woke up in a really positive mood! I also woke up dizzy and starving, though, since I hadn't eaten in almost 12 hours and my body isn't used to that anymore.
Anyways!! This delicious and healthy breakfast: fluffy pumpkin pie egg white oatmeal with plain & pumpkin flax granola + cereals + banana slices + shredded coconut + maple yogurt “frosting” (using the most disgusting 2% Greek yogurt... So hard to keep down, haha. Never buying it again! I don't know if it was the brand, or the fact I've never had Greek yogurt containing fat... But, either way, it's literally disgusting) + Cinnamon Raisin Swirl peanut butter!
10/22/12 - Dessert/Snack: holy deliciousness!
I missed my lovely little clean and healthy nighttime dessert/snack! 100% clean pumpkin mini cake topped with lots of different PB with homemade almond milk “Almond Joy” ice cream, on top of a sliced Gala, banana slices, & some granola and cereals, ALL topped with healthy chocolate sauce and shredded coconut!
10/23/12 - Breakfast: this... was incredible. Omg. I can't wait to make it again soon.
Since my favorite candy bar is a Take 5, I decided to make a Take 5 oatmeal! Chocolate protein egg white oats with {peanut butter} granola + cereals + banana slices + slivered almonds (since I don’t have peanuts!) + caramel Greek yogurt + pretzel pieces + White Chocolate Wonderful + cinnamon + a splash of extra unsweetened original almond milk!!
This tasted legitimately like a deconstructed Take 5 bar. Heaven
10/24/12 - Breakfast: chocolate chip cookie dough protein egg white oatmeal with peanut butter granola + cereals + banana slices + cinnamon + Cinnamon Raisin Swirl PB & Biscoff spread + an extra splash of unsweetened original almond milk!
... I promise it looked more like a cookie before I added more milk!

I've recently fallen in love with Body Rock TV and Zuzana Light! I've been doing their workouts (along with my main man Shaun T.'s Insanity!) a lot lately, and I LOVE them! Such a challenge! {Workout diary here!}


  1. Every single picture you post looks amazing! I seriously want to eat everything you've posted here. And everything is so creative, yet so healthy. Brilliant! :)