Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday #24 - It's Already Mid-October!?

It's October 17th already? W h a t!? It's already WIAW again?! This year is FLYING by!
On the bright side, at least the holidays are almost here!! YAY!! Can't wait to bake cookies, watch the snow fall, and watch ALL THE CHRISTMAS MOVIES!

Haha. Anyways, since today is Wednesday, that means it's time for me to post some weekly eats!
Spooky Snacks and Healthy Halloween Treats
10/10/12 - Dessert/Snack: another clean dessert/nighttime snack!
Strawberry-pumpkin mini microwave cake stuffed with chocolate and topped with all the thingssss! And some homemade caramel almond milk “ice cream” (with some not-so-healthy PUMPKIN PIE ICE CREAM) alongside! 
10/11/12 - Breakfast: ugh... I just love OIAJ so much.
 I finished this entire jar all by myself... And I’m very proud! Hahahaha.
The most perfect and fluffy pumpkin pie egg white oatmeal with a sprinkle of granolas (plain, peanut butter & oatmeal raisin!) + a few Cinnamon Toast Crunch squares + banana slices + plain Greek yogurt + cinnamon + Dark Chocolate Dreams peanut butter... All inside a nearly-empty Cinnamon Raisin Swirl jar!
10/11/12 - Snack/Dessert: probably my absolute FAVORITE single-serving dessert yet!
"Reese's" protein muffin with my usual sides!
10/12/12 - Breakfast: this came out SO good, omg. My oatmeals have been so greatly plump lately!
Let's call this my ‘Friday favorites’ oatmeal! Haha. The FLUFFIEST chocolate protein egg white oats with granola (plain & peanut butter) + a sprinkle of my favorite cereals (Cinnamon Toast Crunch & peanut butter Cheerios) + banana slices + some plain Greek yogurt + cinnamon + White Chocolate Wonderful & Biscoff spread!
10/13/12 - Breakfast:  a super cold fall morning called for (PROTEIN!) PANCAKES!
I decided to try out some clean pumpkin "powercakes"... I mean, they took nearly an hour to finish and perfect, but they seriously turned out to be some of the BEST pancakes I've EVER had! Plus, this is ONE SERVING! 5 BIG PANCAKES! Without the toppings, the calorie count is only about 180-200 with loads of protein! Thank you, Kacey!
I topped them with healthy chocolate sauce & maple Greek yogurt frosting, along with banana & granolas and what not! This looks like the un-healthiest thing ever, when it was actually the COMPLETE opposite!
{Let me know if you guys want the recipe for all of this!}
10/13/12 - Dinner: eh... Treated myself to my favorites from KFC with absolutely no regrets... until afterward! I've felt nauseous with a sour stomach, on and off, for days after eating this. Bleh. The mashed potatoes, fries and popcorn chicken were worth it, though! Haha. Oh, and the biscuit... Mmmmmmm!!
But, anyways, even though I had treated myself to cheese-y bread the night prior, I decided to go ahead and eat this for dinner anyway because I really wanted it. I got my old absolute favorite meal — the "laptop"... Except it's now apparently 10x smaller and comes in a weird box, haha. I also had some of the best fries and mashed potatoes, and the best biscuit, evaaaah! The grilled chicken was alright... I think it's what made me kinda sick, though. My mom has felt kinda sick after eating from there, too... Bleeeh!!
10/14/12 - Breakfast: this smelled like pure fall in a dish/bowl!!
Perfect post-workout power-breakfast! The best pumpkin pie protein egg white oatmeal with some granola + some cereals + banana slices + a spoonful of pumpkin pie yogurt + a spoonful of plain Greek yogurt + cinnamon + shredded coconut + clean chocolate sauce + maple yogurt frosting + a drizzle of light maple syrup + some of my favorite nut butters!
10/14/12 - Lunch: I love me some food.
Don't judge, don't judge... Haha. I found pumpkin spice bagel thins, and naturally HAD to buy and try them IMMEDIATELY! 110 calories, 3g of sugar and 5g protein? PLUS IT’S PUMPKIN?! Yessss!! Perfect!!
Haha. This lunch consisted of a pumpkin spice bagel thin (half with Dark Chocolate Dreams, banana & coconut, and half with Biscoff spread & granola), a Boca original vegan veggie burger (70 calories and 13g of DELICIOUS protein!), some baked chicken, a pickle & a plate of fresh vegetables with plain Greek yogurt + ranch powder to dip! I've had this a few times lately... Too goooood.
10/14/12 - Dessert/Snack: microwave protein cinnamon roll with maple Greek yogurt frosting & homemade almond milk pumpkin pie ice cream! I also had my usual side of a sliced apple and pear.
{Recipe coming soon!}
10/15/12 - Breakfast: this peanut butter took me/my family quite a bit to finish, even though it was a small jar... It was too salty for my liking, but otherwise, it was good! The granola gave it really nice texture and made it extra filling.
This OIAJ consisted of brownie batter protein egg white oatmeal with granolas + cereals + banana slices + a bit of plain Greek yogurt + cinnamon + a mini dollop of Biscoff spread, all inside a nearly-empty jar of banana granola nut Planters peanut butter!
10/15/12 - Dinner: calories shmalories... This was PACKED with SO many nutrients, I don't/didn't even care if it's "high in calories". Forrealsies.
2 WHOLE hard boiled eggs (team yolk forever!), some lean deli turkey, chickpeas, vegetables, and a medium-sized microwaved “baked” sweet potato all over baby spinach, artisan & iceberg lettuce. Dressing is plain Greek yogurt + salsa, with a drizzle of hot sauce and grated Parmesan.
10/15/12 - Dessert/Snack: this microwaved clean dessert was VERY successful!
Banana bread FUNFETTI "cupcake" with maple yogurt Frosting!
My brother saw me make this and really wanted to try one, so he tried my "Reese's" cake (with even more peanut butter), and he loved it!! I'm so happy and proud, haha.
{Recipe is coming!}
10/16/12 - Breakfast: strawberry shortcake (it was actually pink-ish in person, haha. Promise!) & melted banana egg white oatmeal with granolas + cereals + banana slices + plain Greek yogurt + cinnamon + White Chocolate Wonderful & Biscoff spread! Oh, and a splash of extra almond milk.
This was absolutely delicious!
10/16/12 - Dessert/Snack: essentially, this is basically my "Reese's" mini cake/muffin with a bit of tweaking. I wish I got better pictures of it before devouring it, but I really didn’t expect it to be good enough to take pictures of, though! Haha. I expected it to be just like the original... But it was even BETTER!
It turned out to be bigger than my usual ones, and SO. SUPER. MOIST. AND. PERFECT. I don’t know WHAT I did so differently... Maybe it was the addition of baking soda, but I can’t even describe how good this was. It tasted like one of those “lava cakes” from Applebees/Chilis/Dominos, except 100% clean and healthy... AND stuffed with peanut butter goodness!
I know the measurements are weird, as are some ingredients, but it was an experimental on-the-spot thing that turned into something worth sharing immediately! Hehe. (Btw, you can always sub ingredients and add more/less as you please. I just add what I want!)
10/17/12 - Breakfast: I didn't have testing today, so I only had a 2 hour school day... Which means I obviously stayed home instead of going! Hehe.
Woke up early, had an amazing workout session, then got to have this beauty! (Currently eating, btw.)
The fluffiest pumpkin pie egg white oatmeal with granolas + some of my favorite cereals + banana slices + pumpkin pie yogurt & plain Greek yogurt (a dollop of both!) + shredded coconut + cinnamon + some Dark Chocolate Dreams, all inside a nearly-empty White Chocolate Wonderful jar!
Smells incredible!!

My workouts and awkward flexing poses are right here!

Happy WIAW, lovelies! Have a great day, and remember to stay positive and keep pushing.


  1. Seriously - where is October going? This month is flying!!

    I still haven't tried White Chocolate Wonderland. Every time I go to the store I think "I've GOT to try that!" and then I don't buy it.... Nutella calls my name instead! I feel guilty buying two sweet "butters" !

    1. Don't feel guilty buying sweet "butters", girl! They're FABULOUS! And PB&Co. is a healthy brand... Nothing to feel guilty about ;)