Tuesday, October 9, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday #23

Hiya and happy hump day, lovelies! 
I've been changing up my meals more and more, and I could not be happier about that!

10/3/12 - Dessert/Snack: microwaved low calorie, high nutrient protein brownie! This time, it was an “Almond Joy” flavored brownie, topped with more homemade pumpkin spice almond milk "ice cream" (and lots of other things)!
10/4/12 - Breakfast: OIAJ two days in a row?! Hey, I was NOT complaining! Hehe. My mom finished off the majority of this jar the night before, and I could NOT let the remainder go to waste!
Strawberry banana protein egg white oatmeal with granola + some Cinnamon Toast Crunch + banana slices + a bit of plain Greek yogurt + cinnamon + shredded coconut + a little bit of Cinnamon Raisin Swirl peanut butter, all inside a nearly-empty White Chocolate Wonderful jar!
10/4/12 - Dessert/Snack: I know my protein brownie dessert/nighttime snack posts may be getting old and annoying, but this one came out INCREDIBLY good and I HAD to photograph it!   I made my microwaved “Almond Joy” protein brownie, and topped it with homemade mint chocolate almond milk “ice cream” (and obviously lots of other things, including a slather of 4 different peanut butters!! Hehe), and it was AMAZING!! I just added a sprinkle of both unsweetened natural cocoa powder & mint chocolate flavored Duncan Hines Frosting Creations to my almond milk ice cream recipe. I never liked mint chocolate before tonight! 
10/5/12 - Breakfast: one of my weirdest, yet most delicious oatmeal concoctions to date~
Pumpkin pie egg white oats with different granolas + cinnamon cereals + banana slices + plain Greek yogurt + cinnamon + defrosted frozen blueberries + shredded coconut + a nice spoonful of Cinnamon Raisin Swirl peanut butter.
10/5/12 - Dinner: guess who treated herself to EXACTLY WHAT SHE WANTED for dinner on her REST DAY!? That’s right, MEEEE!  I was CRAVING Chinese food for SO long, but I kept convincing my mom not to get it... Until Friday!!  I’m SO proud of myself, and I'm incredibly glad I ordered what I wanted! It WAS a lot of food, but nobody said I had to eat it all! I ate almost all of it... I had some leftovers (barely any, hehe) for the next day, but it doesn’t matter anyway because I don’t do things like this everyday!
The biggest dish is my favorite steamed veggies & shrimp, and the smaller dish is chicken & broccoli with a few spare rib tips! Oh, and I had an egg roll too because I wanted it quite bad, and I was NOT letting myself deprive myself any longer.
I love little victories like this.
10/5/12 - Snack/Dessert: another day, another sinfully healthy and INCREDIBLY delicious clean dessert/nighttime snack! I couldn’t decide between a pumpkin muffin or protein brownie, so I created a super clean pumpkin and banana microwave brownie/cake, with a few mini marshmallows for fun! I topped it with my homemade mint chocolate almond milk "ice cream", and lots of other things, of course. One of my favorite easy recipes yet!
{Recipe coming soon!}
10/6/12 - Breakfast: I woke up wanting this, and I am very glad I "allowed" myself to have it with absolutely no regrets. (This is a big step for me, haha.)
A fallen apart pumpkin & banana “omelet” stuffed with granola + banana slices + some Dark Chocolate Dreams peanut butter + shredded coconut, and the best parts — one slice of PUMPKIN SWIRL bread topped with Biscoff spread + banana + granola + cinnamon, and one slice of 100% whole wheat cinnamon raisin bread topped with White Chocolate Wonderful + banana + granola + cinnamon. 
10/5/12 - Lunch: such a beautiful colorful and healthy lunch!
Veggie & spicy mustard sandwich on light soft wheat bread, leftover steamed shrimp & baked chicken, and lots and lots of vegetables with plain Greek yogurt + ranch powder.
10/5/12 - Dinner: after having loads of yummy Chinese food the night before, I decided to treat my family to a lovely homemade healthy dinner tonight (Saturday)!
Baked chicken seasoned & wrapped in bacon, mashed garlic & onion cauliflower “mashed potatoes”, and lots of corn & peas! I also had a mini “baked” sweet potato with salsa & plain Greek yogurt and a few pickle slices myself. Oh, and I put my chicken over fresh baby spinach!
I was SO happy with the result of all of this!! My mom, who's a cauliflower hater, LOVED the cauliflower “mashed potatoes”! YAY! Success!
10/6/12 - Breakfast: the best and fluffiest "pumpkin pie" egg white oatmeal with plain & PEANUT BUTTER (aka the freaking greatest, completely natural) granola + a few squares of Cinnamon Toast Crunch + banana slices + maple protein “frosting” + shredded coconut + Cinnamon Raisin Swirl & Dark Chocolate Dreams peanut butter + cinnamon + a drizzle of maple syrup... Inside a fall-themed dish!
This was probably the best bowl of oatmeal I've ever had. And I've had a lot of oatmeal. (Let me know if you want the recipe!)
10/7/12 - Breakfast: overflowing OIAJ for my post-workout breakfast on Sunday!
"Almond Joy" protein egg white oatmeal with plain & peanut butter granola + a sprinkle of my two favorite cereals (Cinnamon Toast Crunch & peanut butter Cheerios!) + banana slices + plain Greek yogurt + cinnamon + slivered almonds + shredded coconut, all inside a nearly-empty delicious Biscoff spread jar!

Tip: stir in egg whites (or a whole egg) and a spoonful of pure pumpkin purée to your oats VERY well when cooking — it plumps them up without added flavor!
10/7/12 - "Snack": homemade healthy protein hot chocolate for a nice afternoon pick-me-up on this lovely cold evening! With some not-so-healthy, but still good for the soul, mini marshmallows! 
I actually NEVER liked hot chocolate until this moment... Homemade over packaged any day!!
(Plus, mine had added protein & nutrients... Totes a win-win! Hehe.)
P.S. Caloric drinks, including protein shakes, were kind of a “fear food/drink” for me... But psh, effff that!
10/8/12 - Breakfast: not to toot my own horn or anything, but I've seriously been making the best and fluffiest oats lately! I don't know what I've done so differently, but I LIKE IT!
~Banana bread egg white oatmeal with granola (plain & peanut butter) + my favorite cereals + banana slices + plain Greek yogurt + cinnamon + defrosted frozen blueberries + White Chocolate Wonderful (I only put a little because I always add more as I eat... Hehe.)
10/9/12 - Dessert/Snack: I'm becoming a pro at my quick, easy, and 100% clean & healthy dessert/nighttime snack!
This came out looking odd because I mixed in the baking powder last minute, and because I didn't fully mix in the little bit of banana, but it literally tasted JUST like a#sugar cookie... EXCEPT IT WAS MICROWAVED! And HEALTHY! Hehe. I topped it with some healthy... and some not-so-healthy (hehe)... ice creamz, and lots of other things! I always have my nighttime dessert/snack with a side of either just sliced apples, or a sliced apple and slice pear.
{Recipe coming soon!}
10/10/12 - Breakfast: before anyone tells me how "unhealthy" Marshmallow Fluff is... I don’t currrrr!! Hehe.
Perfect pumpkin egg white oatmeal with plain & peanut butter granola + Cinnamon Toast Crunch squares + banana slices + some plain Greek yogurt + cinnamon + shredded coconut + Cinnamon Raisin Swirl PB (which I'm almost out of... You know what that means!), in a nearly-empty fat-free Marshmallow Fluff jar! 90% clean and that is 100% okay with me!

My workout diary, including awkward pictures of me flexing, can be found here!

So, aside from the delicious food I've been eating recently, life has been pretty good overall. Of course it still has its ups and downs, but when will it not, ya know? It's all about staying positive at this point! Oh, and I didn't mention that I WON 'MOST CHANGED' FOR MY CLASS' SENIOR SUPERLATIVES!  Seeing I had lost 60-70 lbs since sophomore year, it made me feel really proud and happy that so many other people acknowledged that and voted me for 'most changed'. I know that winning a school senior superlative doesn't seem like an actual accomplishment, but it feels like one and I'm so happy about it. It's a really lovely memory to look back on.

Hard work always pays off, no matter what. The key is to never give up.

P.S. I got my mom addicted to everything pumpkin.
I have no regrets.


  1. I just found your blog and I have to say I totally love it! Your pictures are just gorgeous and you've inspired me to try having a sweet omelette. I went searching for the recipe on your blog and am definitely going to make it is weekend :) And congrats on the senior superlative!!! I wish my school had done those! :)

    1. Aw, thank you SO much! This message was so sweet and it means the world to me :)
      I hope you do end up making (and hopefully liking!) some of my recipes! :D Xo

  2. I love your pumpkin collection! You can never have too much;) Your OIAJ looks amazing!

    1. Hehe, thank you! I agree ;) They were AWE-SOME!!

  3. Congrats! I love the fall theme of your blog as well!