Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday #20 - Goal Accomplished!

I bet you're all wondering why this week's WIAW title has "goal accomplished!" in the title...
Well, that's because I accomplished my goal of changing up some of my meals! I even experimented a lot, which was also something I really wanted to do!

9/12/12 - Dinner: made breakfast for dinner for my family!    I made them chocolate chip pancakes with cheesy eggs, then made myself "brownie" batter protein pancakes topped with Biscoff spread & White Chocolate Wonderful, banana & strawberry slices, pumpkin flax granola, a drizzle of maple syrup & cinnamon, and an egg white (with some yolk)! Oh, and some DELICIOUS cinnamon apple spice tea with almond milk & extra cinnamon on the side!
This was incredible... I can't wait to make breakfast for dinner again this week! 
9/13/12 - Breakfast: used a full serving of oatmeal for breakfast again! Yay!
Chocolate protein egg white oats with pumpkin flax granola + a few Cinnamon Toast Crunch squares (as usual!) + banana slices + a spoonful or two of plain Greek yogurt + cinnamon + Biscoff spread.
9/13/12 - Lunch: literally one of the best sandwiches I've had in my entire life.
I'm honestly really proud of myself for this quick and delicious lunch. I've been SO wanting and craving this sandwich, but the... calorie content... has stopped me from having it. But, I realize how dumb that is, and how I really need to recover from my old habits... So, I challenged myself and had exactly what I wanted!
Warm pumpkin spice bread with Biscoff spread & White Chocolate Wonderful, banana slices, cinnamon and plain Greek yogurt, with an odd side of exactly what I was craving -- some grilled chicken & apple slices!
If you've never purchased Pepperidge Farm's limited edition pumpkin spice bread... Go get it. Now.
9/14/12 - Breakfast: pumpkin spice protein egg white oatmeal (a full serving again! AND with lots of pumpkin! ☺) with pumpkin flax granola + Cinnamon Toast Crunch squares + banana slices + plain Greek yogurt + cinnamon + Omega-3 creamy peanut butter & Dark Chocolate Dreams peanut butter.
9/15/12 - Breakfast: this was 'effin scrumptious.
Pumpkin spice & banana omelet with a mini "baked" sweet potato! All topped with banana slices + pumpkin flax granola + cinnamon & a dash of pumpkin pie spice + White Chocolate Wonderful & Biscoff spread + chocolate protein "sauce" + a few slivered almonds... Exactly what I wanted, full of nutrients & completely clean, filling, and a perfect rest day breakfast!
Another look at Saturday's morning beauty.
9/15/12 - Dinner: yep. This was dinner on Saturday!  Exactly what I've been wanting forever, too.
My McDonald's favorites -- chicken selects & grilled chicken and bacon ranch salad (with my own homemade plain Greek yogurt + ranch powder instead of their nasty greasy kind, haha).
'Eff you, disordered thoughts and habits! Moderation > deprivation... forever! 
Since I'm trying to stray away from my old habits (like you all know), I decided to use a normal serving of oats with pumpkin and egg whites mixed in... And it made so much that I couldn't fit it all in the jar. Haha. I ate some of the extra, but gave my dad some too (and he loved it!! Yay for getting him to eat healthy! Haha). I tried, though! I promise!! 
But, anyways, this is pumpkin spice protein egg white oatmeal with the best oatmeal raisin granola (180 calories per 1/2 cup... AND all natural? Yes please!!) & some pumpkin flax granola + banana slices + plain Greek yogurt + cinnamon + some melted peanut buttahssss... All inside a nearly-empty and completely delicious Biscoff spread jar!
Freakin' perfect!
9/16/12 - Dinner:  (I couldn't quite finish every bit of this, but I got most of it down!)
Huuuuge salad (because the soup is SUPER low on calories) and lots of homemade chicken soup... In our old fall dishes! Hehe. The salad contained a fresh spinach, artisan lettuce and iceberg lettuce mixture, with corn, carrots, peas, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, chickpeas, some leftover baked chicken, yellow peppers, pickles, and a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese with a dressing of (a drizzle of) hot sauce and salsa + plain Greek yogurt. Deeeeeeee-licious!
One of the best parts of fall & winter: momma's homemade chicken soup! She even made me my own pot since I didn't want too many macaronis.  She's so lovely!
9/17/12 - Breakfast: I had another post-workout breakfast of OIAJ! The best.
Chocolate almond protein egg white oatmeal with oatmeal raisin & pumpkin flax granola + banana slices + plain Greek yogurt + cinnamon + a few slivered almonds + melted Biscoff spread inside a nearly-empty White Chocolate Wonderful jar.
 (OIAJ are such a common occurrence for me because I'm lucky enough to have a family that loves peanut butter as much as I do!)
9/17/12 - Lunch: this lunch was way too pretty too not take a picture of!
I also had a small bowl of corn and peas on the side... I'm veggie-obsessed.
Baked chicken (and some lean turkey slices), microwaved "baked" sweet potato with salsa & plain Greek yogurt, pickle slices, tomatoes & broccoli & carrots! Plain Greek yogurt mixed with ranch powder for dippin' on the side, of course.
9/17/12 - Snack: in honor of National Cupcake Week, I decided to get bakin'! Andddd I made (from scratch/my own recipe!) healthified pumpkin spice cupcakes! Without their (healthy) frosting, they’re about 45 calories each, and they’re about 60-80 each with. They came out delicious, and both of my parents LOVED them!
I love experimenting, I love food, and I love successful recipes!
(Recipe should be comin' soon!)
9/17/12 - Snack: aside from my pumpkin muffin, this was my evening/nighttime snack, instead of  a gigantic bowl of popcorn and Chex Mix! As much as I love that combination, I've had it nearly every. single. night for months, and I definitely feel like I've been eating WAY too much of it. It's hindering some progress for sure, and I know for a fact I rely on it too much. (I also know it's a big reason to why I eat less throughout the day (to mentally "save calories" for nighttime). So, I decided to only have it a few days a week, or at least every other day! (... Yay for changing things up even more)
This snack consists of a ginger gold apple, sliced with melted Biscoff spread and White Chocolate Wonderful peanut butter, and a pear sliced, with some steamed fresh broccoli and carrots with butter spray and seasoned & garlic salt!
9/18/12 - Breakfast: this... was freakin' Heaven. PERFECT start to my school week!
Out of a basically empty Marshmallow Fluff/Creme jar: pumpkin spice protein egg white oatmeal with oatmeal raisin & pumpkin flax granolas + banana slices + plain Greek yogurt + cinnamon + one of my pumpkin cupcakes + melted Biscoff spread.
9/19/12 - Breakfast: first time doing tea-infused oatmeal... DEFINITELY doing again soon!
Chocolate peppermint protein egg white oatmeal with pumpkin flax granola + banana slices + plain Greek yogurt + melted White Chocolate Wonderful + a leftover healthy pumpkin cupcake + a sprinkle of cinnamon & Stevia! (Oh, and a sprinkle of a broken peppermint just for looks and to represent the peppermint in the oatmeal. Hehe.) All inside my new mason jar!

P.S. Sorry for going MIA for the week! I haven't worked (apparently Aeropostale doesn't get much business off-season...), but I've still been quite busy with workouts, school and homework, and just life in general! Not too much has happened, but I did go driving with my favorite teacher/my driving teacher again on Thursday! I did really good (well, he said I did, at least!), and I'm proud of myself because I've been too "scared" to drive lately, and I did it for almost two hours! It felt great. 


  1. You ALWAYS have such delicious sounding meals! I can hardly wait for the pumpkin muffin recipe!

    1. Thank you so much love!
      It's up now! I really hope, if you do try it, you like it! :')