Saturday, September 1, 2012

September Goals

Mornin', everyone!

Today's September 1st, and I've suddenly become inspired to set some goals for myself this month! At the end of the month, I'll check off everything I completed! 

  1. Snack less/not at all when cooking. -- This is a very, very bad habit for me. This summer, I've been snacking while cooking NONSTOP! Sometimes I forget what I eat while cooking adds up, too... Oopsies! The only exception is watermelon!
  2. Practice intuitive eating. No more worrying about every single thing that goes into my body. No more worrying about calories.
  3. Work hard at Aeropostale! (AKA don't get fired! Haha.)
  4. Be more outgoing and talk more. Make new friends (or enhance old friendships)!
  5. Cook/bake more... Come up with a new recipe or two!
  6. Blog more, and blog more informative things!
  7. Change up meals at least weekly. Try new things!
  8. Don't be scared to snack in between meals when hungry. (Must listen to my body!)
  9. Have one or more "cheat" days/meals. Live life.
  10. Stay positive no matter what happens. The only way to recognize good days, is to experience some bad ones, as well. Remember that things happen, but life will always go on and eventually get better!
Seems easy enough... Let's hope all goes well!  Happy September!

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