Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I'm A... Senior?!

Today, September 5, 2012, marks my first day of my last year in high school.

... Wait, what? My last year in high school? I'm going to COLLEGE next year?! When did I turn old enough for this to happen?! I was 7, like... yesterday! 

Okay, but really! Time FLEW by... I seriously remember certain days in middle school and elementary school like they were literally yesterday! I remember so many clear moments, and I remember telling myself "only 6 years until I graduate!" back in sixth grade... It's so bittersweet it's not even funny! It felt like it was SO long back then, and now, it's here... My last year in high school. I can't believe it's true, but it is. I'm officially a senior! 

My day began at 5:40 am when my alarm went off. I woke up, brushed my teeth, and then proceeded to get ready! I normally would sleep in till 6:00 am, but I decided to not push limits this year and to give myself more time... (I have to leave by 6:50/7:00 am!) 

This was my outfit today! (... Which I also wore on my birthday back in July, aside from some accessories and my shoes.  Hehe.)
Shirt - Forever 21 (on sale!)
Shorts - Target
Shoes - Converse online... Momma got 'em for my birthday for me! 
Rings - thumb and pointer; Target
(The other one is from my mommy! It was given to her by my grandparents/her parents on her 16th birthday.)
Bracelets - saints; Ebay and skulls; Claire's
Polar Heart Rate Monitor FT4 watch; n/a (got it for mah birthday!) and wishbone; Disney store! (It has Jessie from Toy Story dangling off, haha.)

After I finished getting ready, I made myself breakfast! I was forced to use the microwave to make my oatmeal instead of using the stovetop, but it still came out super delicious!
Banana cinnamon raisin protein egg white oatmeal with pumpkin flax granola + some Cinnamon Toast Crunch squares + banana slices + a bit of plain Greek yogurt + cinnamon + a dollop of Cinnamon Raisin Swirl peanut butter! 
Then, after finishing eating, I finished up my hair, and then head to school! My momma took me, which was nice... Though, I wish I had my license and a car so I could drive myself like pretty much everyone else! Haha. (January 31, 2013 is when I go for my license!)

The day started off alright... They didn't let us go inside until the first bell rang, which is absolutely ridiculous! It had just down-poured for two days straight, making it gloomy with about 98% humidity... AKA my hair's worst nightmare! So, I had to wait in that, by myself... Until I found my friends Christian and Kylie! I waited with them for a few minutes, and then head to class once the bell rang.

My homeroom/first period class is anatomy and physiology first semester, and then biochemistry and nutrition second semester! I've been excited for this class for a looooooong time... But, of course I get the teacher who is so strict that she basically warned us about herself and her class as soon as we got to class this morning... But, oh well! I can deal with it, as long as the class is as good as I'm expecting it to be! Haha. And I like the majority of my classmates, which is good!

Second period was English 4/British Literature... And I love my English teacher so far! She's hilarious, but I don't think she's gonna be able to handle my class for too long... Most of them are those kids... (You know, the "popular" kids.) Her room is disgustingly humid, though... I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY MY SCHOOL DOESN'T PUT THE AIR CONDITIONING ON! We have no windows to open to begin with!

Third period is psychology/human growth and socialization! I absolutely love this class because my preschool best friend is in there with me, along with my old best friend from first grade! My teacher is hilarious and quite lovely, too, which is great! I spent some of the class discussing the cutest member(s) of One Direction with my preschool best friend, haha. I love him to deathhh!! And we haven't had a class together since preschool, so, basically, we started together, and now we're ending together! 

Fourth period is gym/health. I got the teacher I was praying not to get... (He was super rude and disrespectful to me in the past... WHEN I DIDN'T EVEN HAVE HIM AS A TEACHER!) But, at least my best friend, Emily, is in the class with me! I'm seriously excited for gym now that she's in there with me, haha. The rest of my class isn't too bad either, which is good! I'm just not excited to actually socialize or be around my teacher. Bleh... (And I'm also not excited about the disgusting amount of heat and humidity circulating around that gym... I felt like I had just showered when just sitting there talking to Emily because of how humid it was! It's safe to say my hair looked the opposite of straight by the time I got home...)

Fifth period is pre-calculus! I've been warned thousands of times by a few different people about how hard it is, but I really wanted to just get a FEEL of it before heading to college and diving right in, you know? I was planning on dropping the class, but two of my good friends are in there, along with a few other good people! And my teacher seems nice, too, so we shall see how the class is overall! (Oh, and this class was completely air conditioned somehow, and it felt beautiful! Haha.)

Sixth period is CAP program! I get to work with the special education/Autistic kids, and I absolutely love it. I love the teacher to death, and I love the kids. And I also get to work with one of my best friends, which is awesome!  I got to "watch" one of the kids do his job in the cafeteria today (he actually gets paid to help clean the trays... How awesome is that!? Haha), and I had some lovely little conversations with him that brightened my day a bit. 

After sixth period, which is around 12:00 pm, I get to leave school and go home! I only have six periods this year, and it's awesome! When I got home today, I had a pre-workout snack, and then immediately did an amazing strength and cardio workout!
This is also the 80th picture I have of workouts I've done! Pretty awesome, haha.
I did Insanity Cardio Power & Resistance's warm up followed by 4 Blogilates videos and a 6:03 plank! Then, I cut up some watermelon, and made me and my mom lunch! I was very happy to finally have a meal in me since I hadn't eaten anything (besides my small pre-workout snack) since 6:40 am! Aside from the watermelon I (un)consciously inhaled, I had a low carb, high fiber whole wheat wrap with grilled chicken, veggies and mustard on the inside, along with a extra little bit of grilled chicken, steamed fresh broccoli and carrots with plain Greek yogurt + ranch powder to dip in, and a mini bowl (maybe about 1/4-1/2 cup?) of seasoned corn, peas and mushrooms! It was all scrumptious!

So, yes, I had a pretty dang fabulous first-last-day-of-high-school overall, and I'm pretty happy with my schedules and classes! I'm excited for a new year and a fresh start. I'm gonna make it a good one.


  1. I can empathise with you so much! I am also 17, and in my last year of school, however as I'm in Australia I started in February, so only 2 months to go! Im taking psychology, English literature, Business Studies, and French. You have to way up so early! That must be hard! I would love to go to an American school and see what it's like (I can only really base it on what Ive seen in movies...), but it's a bit late now ):

    1. 2 months?! Whoa... I hope your senior year has been amazing, though! :)
      I took French in my freshman and sophomore year in high school, and I loved it... Despite my teacher, haha. :P
      American schools aren't too fun, so you're not missing out on much! The early time is quite painful, I must say...