Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What I Ate Wednesday #41

'Ello, lovelies!

So, this post marks the last WIAW... of March 2013! (Tricked ya! Hehe.)

...Wait, what?!?!
Does this mean I'm graduating high school in less than 3 months?!

Holy guacamole... So many mixed feelings about April being literally right around the corner! Though I AM excited for the warmer weather, I would very much appreciate if time would slooooooow downnnnnn! Haha.

Okay, okay, anyways! Moving onto the POINT of this post -- all things food! Since this is the last WIAW of March and 'going green' month, I shall, again, just highlight my green-friendly meals! The descriptions for the rest can alwaaaaays be found on my Instagram!

3/20/13 - Breakfast & Dessert

3/21/13 - Breakfast & Dessert/Snack
 3/22/13 - Breakfast
 3/22/13 - Dinner: bento at work was a crab & tuna vegetable-loaded salad topped with salsa & honey mustard, and two lightly salted rice cakes!
Odd confession: I LOVE rice cakes. Even plain ones, by their crunchy lonesome.
3/22/13 - Dessert & 3/23/13 - Breakfast
 3/23/13 - Lunch: took over my boy's early Saturday morning shift at Rite Aid so he could have some relaxation time before heading back up to college... and my mommy brought me lunch at work from WaWa!
Chicken salad topped with honey mustard & hard boiled eggs.
3/23/13 - Dessert & 3/24/13 - Breakfast
 3/24/13 - Dessert & 3/25/13 - Breakfast
   3/25/13 - Dinner: omg... SO GOOD! We got Chinese food for my brother's birthday, but instead of getting my usual 9876545678 entrees, I got two quarts (I think these are considered quarts? I dunno... Either way, it was A LOT!) of steamed vegetables. Yes. Two. Quarts. I had one with lunch, and one with some baked chicken & honey mustard for dinner. Mouthgasm x10!

Honestly, I don’t know how there was ever a point where the only vegetable I ate was lettuce or the occasional cucumber. I’m beyond obsessed now! Haha. Also, I had some apple slices & a lollipop during work because I was listening to my cravings and my hunger cues. My body thanked me. (Inspired to do so by the super lovely Meg!)
3/26/13 - Breakfast & Dessert

Workout {Pictures} of the Week:

(Look at that! Again, I unintentionally picked two WOD with the same calorie burn! Haha.)

'Little Thing' of the Week:
(Something small that made me smile big)
 Meet my prom date, Vinnie! 
This kid is one of the sweetest people I've ever met. He's absolutely not like any other boy I've "talked" to, and he's FAR from immature. Though he's definitely more outgoing than I am, he's honestly the perfect person to help me break out of my shell and my comfort zone sometimes.
I've "known" him for actually nearly two years now (thanks to me being an avid Rite Aid customer! Haha), but we recently started talking since I started working where he works... aka at Rite Aid!
 I asked him to MY prom (I'm a senior in high school; he's a freshman in college), and he accepted with the most adorable answer... then told me he wanted to go as dates. Then, we began "talking", and now we're here. I thought this was cute and I wanted to share!

Outfit of the Week:

Well, that's all for now, folks!  Decided to add more personal touches to this week's WIAW... I hope you guys enjoyed it! Have a lovely Wednesday and rest of your week, and remember to always stay positive!


  1. all your eats look so yummy as always..some of your oatmeal combinations are easily the tastiest i see on instagram.
    and too cute about your prom date..he sounds like a keeper!

    1. Hehe, thank you for your lovely comment! :')