Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What I Ate Wednesday #39

Hello, hello, and happy Wednesday! 

Since we're going extra green for March, in today's WIAW I'm gonna post some weekly eats, but I'm only gonna highlight/explain the extra green meals.

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3/06/13 - Breakfast & Snack
3/06/13 - Dinner: mmm... I really love brinner! 
  Fluffy pumpkin protein & flaxseed pancakes topped with Dark Chocolate Dreams peanut butter + clean chocolate fudge + plain Greek yogurt + banana slices + chocolate PB2, with a spicy egg white chicken & vegetable scramble alongside!
3/06/13 - Dessert/Snack
3/07/13 - Breakfast: post-workout protein & flax... froyo?!
Cookies and cream green "frozen yogurt”/smoothie bowl topped with some Fruity Pebbles + peanut butter Toast Crunch + gluten-free brown rice cereal + broken up pieces of my s'mores protein cake/bars (also had some more goodies whilst cookin’, as per usual!), then topped with melted White Chocolate Wonderful peanut butter & some clean chocolate fudge + two banana slices... all frozen for a bit!
3/07/13 - Dessert/Snack & 3/08/13 - Breakfast 
 3/08/13 - Dinner: tomato basil bagel thin stuffed with plain Greek yogurt + kale + turkey + tomato + marinated red peppers + spicy mustard, and a small tuna/chicken/almond/vegetable side salad topped with a drop of low sodium soy sauce.
3/08/13 - Dessert/Snack & 3/09/13 - Breakfast
3/09/13 - Snack
3/09/13 - Dinner: hey! Before you judge........
vegetables are vegetables, regardless where they come from! 
This was a much needed, much EARNED treat meal. (I will never refer to my indulgences as "cheats".)
Lobster fried rice (yes, this exists, and yes, it's even BETTER than it sounds!) with some boneless spare rib tips & low-sodium soy sauce, some General Pso’s chicken (had A LOT more on the side, though. We got it for free......  that's definitely a good excuse!), a pork egg roll, and steamed vegetables with hot sauce (which I finished the next day)! I definitely love my healthy food, but I also love my indulgences and treat days! They keep me on track, and keep me motivated to eat healthy next time! I crave healthy after meals/days like this.
3/09/13 - Snack/Dessert & 3/10/13 - Breakfast
3/10/13 - Lunch: mmm... been LOVING these power-bowls lately!
Steamed fresh broccoli & carrots, greens (spinach + romaine + kale) with some leftover Chinese veggies, sweet potato & baked chicken all topped with onion dip (healthy Greek yogurt style!), some honey mustard & a sprinkling of whole flaxseed! Too good!
 3/11/13 - Breakfast
 3/11/13 - Dinner: another bento at work!
Microwave-baked sweet potato stuffed with salsa, plain Greek yogurt & baked chicken with a tuna, flaxseed, almonds & vegetable side salad.

3/12/13 - Breakfast & Dessert/Snack

Workout {Pictures} of the Week:
Still loving my ZCUT more than anything! Besides Daily HIIT... Absolutely in LOVE with their workouts! Especially their combat workouts with my bag! Oh, and speaking of my punching bag...
Let's just take a moment to bask in the glory that are my new gloves.

So, that's basically all I have to say in today's WIAW! (Hey... That rhymed! ) I hope you're all making the BEST of your Wednesdays! I can't wait to go back and read all of your lovely blog posts!

P.S. You can find full descriptions of, and some other eats/workouts here, here and on my Instagram!


  1. Almost everything you eat looks like a dessert...that's my kind of eating! ;)

    1. Heck yeah, girl! You know how it goes! ;)

  2. Love those gloves! They're so cute..I definitely need those to brighten up my morning kick boxing.

    1. Thank you! :) They're definitely awesome and totally worth the money!

  3. Wow..I am seriously jealous of your eats....esp. the fruity pebbles!

  4. ALL of your food looks amazing! I love your fun sprinkling of cereal.

    1. :D Cereal is my favorite thing! I had a time when all I wanted to eat was cereal... nearly every meal of mine was just bowls of cereal, haha!

  5. Oh wow looking at your food always makes me so how your OIAJ are always overflowing mm!

    1. I wouldn't be myself if they weren't overflowing OIAJ! ;)

  6. Those are the coolest gloves ever! Also, yummy healthy grains!

  7. hey I kept seeing your tasty looking treats on instagram so i came looking for the protein muffin (dessert) and your protein pancake recipes. Maybe like your go to ones? I saw some on your recipage, but didn't know which ones you liked best. Thanks!