Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What I Ate Wednesday #40

Hello, little gumdrops!
So sorry I haven't posted in a week! I can't believe how fast time flies during the school year!

Some updates:
  • I got a new theme and banner! Yay, spring-y colors!  What do you guys think?! Likes? Dislikes?
  • My last WIAW was my most popular post and WIAW to date! That makes me SO happy!!!!
  • A big review of Arctic Zero is coming up! They were lovely enough to send me some of their products for a simple review in return... and let me just say, WOW. Those products are mindblowing-ly AWESOME. TOTALLY worth any penny they are.
And, now, it's time for some EATS! Like last week, I'm gonna post a bunch of eats, but just highlight the extra green ones. The descriptions for the rest can always be found on my Instagram!

3/13/13 - Breakfast
3/13/13 - Dinner: actually amazed by how awesome these pancakes turned out! On-the-spot recipe super fluffy apple pie oat protein & flax pancakes topped with peanut butter + cinnamon roll-infused Greek yogurt + a drizzle of maple syrup + PB2 fudge sauce + warm cinnamon apple slices, and a spicaaay egg white protein & green scramble!
 3/13/13 - Dessert/Snack
3/14/13 - Breakfast: hey... those apples look kind of green, no? It counts, it counts! 
These look and tasted too scrumptious not to share!
Pumpkin egg white & flax oatmeal layered with clean chocolate fudge + PB2 fudge + apple & banana slices + pumpkin flax granola inside a nearly-empty cinnamon raisin granola peanut butter jar.

It ain't my OIAJ if it ain't overflowing! 
 3/14/13 - Dinner: yes, brinner two nights in a row. What could be better?!
Strawberry shortcake protein & flax pancakes topped with Biscoff + milk chocolate protein-infused Greek yogurt + chocolate PB2 fudge + banana slices + melted frozen berries with a spicaaay egg white, green & turkey scramble on the side!
3/14/13 - Dessert/Snack 
3/15/13 - Breakfast & Snack (my first cake-pop! I LOVE!)
3/15/13 - Dinner: work bento; tuna salad with lots of vegetables, two rice cakes with turkey, and some "magic munch" my manager made us... That stuff is literally like crack.
3/15/13 - Dessert/Snack ft. my first scoops of Arctic Zero!
3/16/13 - Breakfast & "Snack"
Look at those pancakes. Just. Look.

Those are peanut butter protein pancakes topped with, not only PB2 fudge sauce, but strawberry Arctic Zero protein ice cream. Ummmm... I'd like 5 more servings, please!!
3/16/13 - Dinner: homemade (by me!) cobb salads for the family!
Bacon, cucumber, hardboiled eggs, red & yellow peppers, grilled chicken (by me! On our George Foreman... hehe), corn & tomato on a bed of romaine & spinach! I also added some sweet potato to mine.
 3/16/13 - Dessert/Snack
3/17/13 - Breakfast: this was actually incredible. Even my mom loved it! (I made her her own. No food of mine gets shared!! Hehe... Kidding... Maybe.)
Homemade post-workout protein Shamrock Shake for St. Patrick's Day!
Mint chocolate chip protein-PACKED post-workout ice cream/smoothie bowl using Arctic Zero mint chocolate cookie protein ice cream... and some spinach because what's a green monster smoothie without a green!? Also, I topped it with my clean chocolate fudge + melted Biscoff + gluten-free brown rice cereal + broken up natural mini double chocolate Italian Pizzelle cookies.
 3/17/13 - Dessert/Snack
 3/18/13 - Breakfast
 3/18/13 - Dinner: another work bento! Sweet potato stuffed with leftover corned beef & cabbage (not Irish, but we still celebrate St. Patrick's Day since my grandma was born on that day), and a corn & jalapeƱo side salad topped with plain Greek yogurt + honey mustard. Plus a side of some Food Network magazine!
 3/19/13 - Breakfast & Snack

3/19/13 - Dessert/Snack/Heaven

Workout {Pictures} of the Week:

...Awkward posing, CHECK!  (I'm bending back a bit in the second picture)
But but but... Look at them baby muscles coming in!! I obviously don't look like either of these pictures ALL the time, but I'm happy I do sometimes! (When food goes into my belly, it obviously changes shape from time-to-time depending on what kind of food, how much, etc.! It's normal, I promise!)
... ALSO, I JUST NOTICED I BURNED THE SAME AMOUNT OF CALORIES BOTH DAYS! SO WEIRD! (Not really, Alissa. It's really not that weird... BUT IT IS... IN A WAY!!)

Welllllllllll, that is all for now! I hope you all are making the most of your week and your Wednesdays! Can you believe March is already nearly over?? What EVEN?!
... At least we're getting closer and closer to the holidays! 

P.S. I am TOTALLY not putting all my time into this post just so I can procrastinate on Pre-Calculus homework... DEFINITELY not the case here!


  1. That was a lot of food pictures!:D I have never made overflowing OIAJ because i don't really want to clean up! Did you like that cinnamon raisin pb?

    1. I loved it! Then again, I love basically all pb! ;)