Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What I Ate Wednesday #38 - Greens Galore!

Ello, loves! Happy MARCH! Can you believe we're already into March of 2013?!
Seriously, someone please tell me where time is going and why it's FLYING by?!!


Today is Wednesday, which means it's also WIAW! This month's theme is "going green", and I'm quite happy about that considering I eat more broccoli, spinach and lettuce than the average human! ...Or bunny! 

Thanks to Jenn for always hosting this lovely web partay! Make sure to head back over there to check out some more foodies goin' green and sharing some fabulous foods and recipes!

Since it's a month all about da greenz, I guess I'll share some of my green-friendly foods from the week with you all today! 

2/27/13 - Lunch: hey... salads of all kinds count as "greens", right? 
I was fortunate enough to leave school early & go on a field trip today with the special education class that I work with. We went to BJ’s Wholesale for them to do some shopping and get some social interaction… And I left with my first bag of kale and 2 dozen eggs for less than $7... (hashtag foodie problems?! )... Then we went to McDonalds, and instead of watching everybody eat and enjoy themselves while I sat there hungry, I treated myself to a semi-healthy & quite delicious lunch! I mean, obviously the salad could've been better, but it was still good for MDs! I had a grilled chicken & bacon salad (brought my own vinegar-low sodium soy sauce mixture for a dressing) & literally the most scrumptious yogurt, fruit & granola parfait! I'm very grateful to work with these kids and the amazing teachers, and I was very happy to enjoy myself with them.
2/27/13 - Dinner: peanut butter-almond protein & flaxseed pancakes topped with cookies and cream-infused Greek yogurt + PB2 “fudge” + melted WCW & creamy PB + banana slices + a dash of maple syrup + cinnamon, with a veggie & protein-packed spicy egg white scramble on the side.
 2/28/13 - Breakfast: peanut butter protein, egg white & flaxseed fluffy oatmeal with whisked/fluffy chocolate PB2 fudge sauce + organic cinnamon crunch cereal + cinnamon spice diced apple + banana slices + one big ol’ spoonful of WCW & cinnamon raisin granola peanut butter.
 3/01/13 - Dinner: tomato basil bagel thin with cottage cheese & plain Greek yogurt + kale & spinach + turkey + tomato slices + banana peppers + spicy mustard with a tuna, flaxseed & feta side salad with a pickle.
3/01/13 - Dessert/Snack: mint chocolate (secret ingredients? Spinach and kale!) protein & flaxseed mug cake topped with peanut butter + banana-infused plain Greek yogurt frosting + PB2 fudge + chocolate PB2 sauce + banana slices + shredded coconut + a mint green mini marshmallow bunny, on top of a diced apple mixed with some healthy/organic cereal, with homemade chocolate peanut butter Greek frozen yogurt topped with rainbow sprinkles & chia fruit clusters.
3/04/13 - Dinner: bento dinner at work! Small microwave-baked sweet potato stuffed with ground beef & almonds, and a small kale & lettuce side salad topped with chickpeas, corn & flaxseed! Also cottage cheese mixed with plain Greek yogurt with cayenne pepper as a dip, and a small pickle... Actually an incredible combination!

*PSSSST! Don't fret! Those aren't ALL the greens I've had this week... Trust me! I've had LOADS of un-pictured glorious green salads and steamed vegetables... Enough to feed a family of 4!*

Other meals of mine can always be found on here and of course, my Instagram!

Workout {Picture} of the Week:
I've been following Zuzka Light's new working series, ZCUT Power Cardio, for almost two weeks now... and I can't say this enough, but those workouts are INSANE! They're harder than some Insanity workouts, honestly, and I freakin' LOVE them! I'm already seeing/feeling progress... and you get three DVDs worth of workouts for only $15. (P.S. Not sponsored... but wish I was! ) Oh, did I mention that the workouts are only 10-15 minutes long?? NO EXCUSES! 

Well, I guess that's all for today's WIAW! My only "goal" for the week is to be more creative with my meals, and include more greenery in them... which sounds easy enough, right?  I hope you're all have a great week and great start to the month of March! Spring is on its way... and I'm sooooooo ready! (I'm more ready for fall again, but in order to get there, we must get through spring and summer first!)


  1. Oh yum all looks delicious as always - your mug cake is hugeee :D yum!