Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What I Ate Wednesday #43

Ciao, beauties! Happy Wednesday!

It's finally starting to feel like spring here in New Jersey...
Seriously, how PERFECT is this weather?! 

Okay, anyways! Today's Wednesday (obviously!), which means it's time for What I Ate Wednesday! Today, I'm gonna highlight certain foods that I really enjoyed this past week! 

Thanks, Jenn, for always hosting this delicious food partaaaay!

4/03/13 - Breakfast & Dinner
 4/03/13 - Dessert/Snack: diced apple mixed with milk chocolate protein-infused plain Chobani, then topped with some cereal + a homemade chocolate-coconut-almond protein mug cake, diced + some pretzel pieces because (pretzels, chocolate & peanut butter = my favorite thing ever ever EVER ever!!) + PB2 + melted half creamy natural peanut butter & half melted PB&Co. WCW + defrosted & mashed frozen strawberries & blueberries + banana slices!
 4/04/13 - Breakfast: chocolate protein egg white (+ some yolk… woops!) oatmeal layered with plain Greek yogurt + frozen blueberries + banana slices + my favorite cereal + PB2 sauce, all inside a nearly-empty PB&Co. White Chocolate Wonderful jar.
 4/04/13 - Dessert/Snack: powerbowls have been my go-to lately!
Base of diced apple mixed with cheesecake-infused Greek yogurt (a sprinkle of sugar/fat-free cheesecake instant pudding mix mixed in plain Greek yogurt), then topped with cereals (blueberry Toast Crunch & chocolate Fiber One… SO GOOD) + homemade fluffaayy banana mug cake, diced + warmed frozen blueberries + melted PB&Co. WCW & DCD and some plain natural creamy peanut butter + protein chocolate fudge sauce + PB2.
4/05/13 - Breakfast
4/05/13 - Dinner: bento at work was a salad topped with Boca “meat” crumbles (seriously SO good... plus 26g of protein and only 140 calories for one CUP!) + chickpeas + vegetables, and a “dressing” of salsa & honey mustard… Plus a plain rice cake because I LOVE rice cakes! 
I actually heated this entire thing up for about 30 seconds (after it was sitting in the break room fridge for hours), and it was SO SO delicious!
4/05/13 - Dessert/Snack & 4/06/13 - Breakfast
 4/06/13 - Dessert/Snack: base of diced apple mixed with cheesecake-y Greek yogurt, then topped with chocolate Fiber One + a homemade & diced half chocolate, half banana fluffaayy protein mug cake + PB2 + melted half creamy natural peanut butter/half PB&Co. WCW + frozen strawberries & blueberries + chopped banana.
 4/07/13 - Breakfast: post-workout pancake tower, anyone?!
Half chocolate, half banana homemade whole wheat protein pancakes layered with chocolate protein-infused Chobani & some chocolate Fiber One, then topped with PB2 fudge + melted half natural creamy peanut butter, half melted PB&Co. WCW + a drizzle of light maple syrup & some crushed chocolate Fiber One! Also the rest of the banana slices.

**My clean and simple whole wheat pancake recipe is on its way! I promise!!**
4/07/13 - Dessert/Snack & 4/08/13 - Breakfast

4/08/13 - Dessert/Snack: base of diced apple mixed with cheesecake-y Greek yogurt, then topped with chocolate Fiber One + homemade chocolate protein mug cake, diced + strawberry sauce + clean chocolate fudge + PB2 + melted half creamy natural peanut butter/ half PB&Co. WCW + banana slices + shredded coconut... while watching my babe Miley in Hannah Montana The Movie!
4/09/13 - Breakfast: seriously one of the best bowls of oatmeal EVER!
 Cookies & cream protein / egg white oats topped with chocolate Fiber One + chocolate protein-infused Greek yogurt + clean chocolate fudge + PB2 & numerous melted different flavored peanut butters + banana slices + shredded coconut!
Over 30g of protein, and SO MANY NUTRIENTS! So good. Calories don't matter.
4/09/13 - Dinner: bento at work was a chicken & vegetable sandwich made with 100% whole grain bread, plus carrots & broccoli. Haven’t had a sandwich in WAY too long! Too good!

Workout {Pictures} of the Week:
Okay, so, after two days of doing COMPLETELY different workouts than normal... It’s official - I like running/jogging! On Saturday, earlier in the day I went to a park/trail with one of my friends/managers at Rite Aid, and we jogged/walked while talking for awhile, and it was SO lovely!! I love love love LOVE nature, and I’m so glad I went. We’re gonna try and go every weekend now… I’m excited!

Outfit(s) of the Week:
4/03/13 & 4/04/13 - School!

4/07/13 - Home/Meeting at work!

P.S. Look at my growing booty!! I know, I know, so awkward... But, I NO LONGER LOOK LIKE A BONY CHILD WITH A PANCAKE FOR A BUTT! One of the many PROS of recovery! 

So... yeah! That was my WIAW for the week! There's only 57 days until prom, and 71 days until I graduate high school! So bittersweet, but so. awesome. So much excitement coming up for me! Not only MY prom, but also my school's special education prom... Which I'm hosting, for the second year in a row!! SO EXCITEDDDD!!


  1. If my mouth wasn't already drooling over your meals before your pancake tower, it definitely started then!! They just look absolutely divine!

  2. first your food has me drooling.

    second, i find it funny you notice your booty, because when i started REALLY recovering and actually gaining the weight, i was so happy when my boobs and booty started coming back. haha. it's the small things we took for granted ;)

    keep growing girl <3333